Review Without A Cause It’s Getting Hot in Here!

Without A Cause
It’s Getting Hot in Here
August 18, 2019
Everett Washington

It was a hot day in Everett Washington, although not has hot as it had been the month before. The weather gods took mercy on the WACers this time. Everyone filtered into the VFW Hall and found their seat. You could feel the anticipation. Without A Cause has gone out of their way to bring in some particularly spectacular talent for this show. Kimber Lee, Priscilla Kelly and Erick Stevens just to name a few. Not to mention we had a contentious Championship match scheduled in the main event. There wasn’t a soul in the building who wasn’t anticipating one of the best shows in Without A Cause’s short history.

First up!

1st Match
Singles Competition
Erick Stevens vs. Daniel Makabe

If you haven’t seen Erick Stevens perform, I recommend you do your best to make that happen. While he may not have been the crowd favorite when he came out into the ring, he certainly left with a multitude of new fans. In this match he faced off against a local favorite Daniel Makabe.

Erick came into this match strong. You could see Daniel struggling to keep up. While this continued only briefly after the bell rang Daniel hit his stride and managed a cross face submission on Erick. Steven pulled through and the two engaged in some rather fancy technical work on the mat. There is clearly a great deal of talent here.

We saw several submission attempts by Makabe who specializes in these impressive moves. He has an uncanny knack for twisting his opponents’ bodies up into pretzels and various other… painful contorted positions. Steven put up a good fight. At one point he dove out onto Makabe who had retreated outside the ring.

Makabe managed his Octopus submission to no avail and Erick treated him to a knee slam. There was a lot of back and forth in this match and no one dominated the competition for long before pulling off a reversal.

Shortly after Erick managed to get a two count on Makabe, our local wrestling genius turned the tables and got the three count on Erick Stevens!

Daniel Makabe wins!


2nd Match
Tag Team Competition
The Strays – Judas Icarus & Tyler Elliot
Young Muscles – Jaiden & Nick Wayne

This match was a spectacle of adept high flying and masterful ring work. When the Strays came out the receive an impressive ovation. Young Muscles received a welcome just as impressive as their opponents. There is little doubt both these teams are loved, and this audience was highly conflicted about who they wanted to have win this match!

The competition had a rather unorthodox start. They had a Cartwheel competition! While each wrestler performed their cartwheel admirably the true winner of this competition was none other than the Referee, Jimmy Jamison.

After their cartwheel competition Judas Icarus and Nick Wayne went into the ring and performed some of the best mat work we’ve seen at Without A Cause. Then Jaiden and Tyler Elliot go out and manage to demonstrate their own impressive skills on the mat and off the ropes.

There were chants from the audience. “Fight Forever!” At one point all four of the competitors were on the mat beaten so severely they lay motionless. The ref began the count. It appeared this was going to be a count out. Just as Referee Jimmy Jamison reached the count of nine all four of them sat up immediately.

Shortly after Nick Wayne executed one of his signature cutters on Judas Icarus. Jaiden moves in for the pin and gets the three count!

Young Muscles wins!


3rd Match
Singles Competition
Jet Knight vs. “Golden Boy” Travis Williams

Making his WAC debut, Jet Knight came out into the ring and the audience clearly responded well to this young man. They didn’t however give Travis Williams such a warm reception. Jet Knight is without a doubt this audience’s favorite.

While Jet Knight was able to put his well-muscled frame on display it was rather obvious Travis Williams hadn’t hit the gym quite as hard as his opponent. When Jet made a sudden move, Travis made what could only be described as an expeditious retreat out of the ring.

“You might want to lift a little more,” Jet Knight said to his opponent.

Travis knew he couldn’t face Jet Knight based on strength alone. While he made several attempts, he ended up in a comedy of errors running into the turnbuckle and having to slide out of the ring to avoid his opponents’ attacks.

After some impressive mat work Travis Williams managed to get a two count on his opponent only to have Jet Knight turn the tables and get a two count of his own. After some rather dubious moves Travis Williams manages to get a three count on Jet Knight!

Travis Williams wins!


4th Match
First Half Main Event
Singles Competition
Priscilla Kelly vs. Kimber Lee

We’ve seen Priscilla Kelly at WAC several times before. She’s become quite a popular figure in Everett. She’s been in the ring giving the Strays an assist, faced Thunder Rosa and proven her worth time and time again. Her opponent, Kimber Lee, is making her WAC debut. She isn’t without her fans in the audience. She’s a local girl who is returning home after moving east to follow her dreams.

This match quickly took some sharp turns into some rather… interesting territory. Kimber Lee offered up her hand for a test of strength. Priscilla Kelly regarded the offering with hesitation, then suddenly her hand went down into the undercarriage and brought back up to lock hands with her opponent. Kimber Lee was rather disgusted and pulled away, then she decided to return the favor… and thus this spectacular match began!

Kimber Lee manages to get Priscilla Kelly into a submission hold twisting and bending her ankle in horrifying ways. Priscilla managed to reach the ropes. This contentious battle continued with Kimber Lee performing three German Suplex’s in a row on her opponent.

Priscilla managed to pull a reversal and got a two count on Kimber Lee. After executing several of her signature moves Priscilla gets Kimber on the mat and moves in for a submission hold. Kimber taps out!

Priscilla Kelly wins!

5th Match
Singles Match
“Local Celebrity” Twitter Verified Champion Steve Migs
“Sad Dad” Chris Ross

Someone who is quite possibly the greatest performer ever to grace the promotion of Without A Cause, Steve Migs, came out to remind the ungrateful WACer’s he’s still here. He posed for pictures with his Twitter Verified Championship belt. He greeted children demonstrating the role model he is! People wept with joy to have their champion before them!

It did seem, however, there was no opponent. Then “Sad Dad” Chris Ross came out in a robe and slippers. He agreed to face the Twitter Verified Champion and retreated to the locker room to change only to reappear in a t shirt and his vino underwear.

When the match began it was obvious Steve was a bit hesitant to touch the “Sad Dad.” Underwear after all, isn’t your typical ring outer gear. We saw Steve move like a gazelle while Chris Ross struggled to execute his moves. It is clear since the fall of Daddy’s Money, Chris is off his game.

Steve Migs begrudgingly engaged and put Chris Ross away with the three count! Steve Migs wins. However, the evil powers behind Without A Cause came out and informed Mr. Migs that they would be matching his ego with the ultimate ego, Ethan Page at next months show on September 15th!


6th Match
Tag Team Competition
4 Minutes of Heat – “Rock God” Ricky Gibson & Eddie Pearle
Gross Misconduct – The Devil Drexl & Steve West

This is perhaps the dirtiest match we’ve ever seen at Without A Cause! 4 Minutes of Heat and Gross Misconduct clearly took the rules of engagement, common decency and the concept of a fair fight and tore it up and tossed it on a burning fire!

Right from the very moment these two teams came out into the ring it got ugly. Steve West began shooting snot rockets at his opponents He managed to get a hold of Ricky Gibson pulled out the front of his pants and shot a snot rocket directly down to his nether regions! This set the tone for this particularly vicious battle.

Drexl managed to inflict paper cuts between Eddies fingers and the crook of his mouth. It was a gruesome sight to behold. While they brutalized one another these two teams engaged in some of the best ring banter you’re likely to hear.

This match saw numerous moves one might consider questionable in a straight up competition. There were eye pokes, hair pulling and a few things I’m not entirely certain what to call them. No one was playing by the rules as they brutalized one another.

The match came to an end when Ricky Gibson moved in and pinned Drexl for the three count!

4 Minutes of Heat win!

After the match Steve West was visibly upset, they lost the match. Drexl approached offering to hug it out. Steve West gave Drexl an eye poke instead. It would appear we may have seen the end of Gross Misconduct!


7th Match
Singles Competition
Eddie Osbourne vs. Owen Travers

Representing the Moonshine Mafia is none other than Eddie Osbourne. We’ve seen this… gentleman? Before. It would seem this large powerhouse has come back to prove to the audience at Without A Cause that he’s someone to be reckoned with. As he came out to the ring, the audience tormented and mocked Eddie as he shouted expletives.

Our out of town guest, Owen Travers, had the audience in his pocket the moment he emerged from behind the curtains. The WACer’s greeted him warmly and it was very clear they were looking forward to him destroying his opponent.

The moment the bell rang Eddie demonstrated one of the many dirty tricks he would perform during this match. Eye pokes, choking his opponent on the rope and many acts of ring villainy! But our favorite, Owen Travers was able to turn the tables on Eddie and get a two count.

After an impressive exchange, which left Owen on the mat, Eddie Osbourne turned to face the audience. He began a monologue about how everyone in the audience is a loser and a quitter. He then turned to Owen Travers and yelled, “Quit like them!” As he pointed at the audience.

Owen got up and went berserk! He landed one devastating move after another on his opponent. His valiant effort brought great cheers from the audience. In the end Eddie Osbourne managed to get a reversal and a three count on Owen Travers.

Eddie Osbourne wins!

8th Match
#1 Contender Competition
“The Black Sheep” Dave Turner vs. Chris Bey

The winner of this match would become the #1 contender for the Without A Cause championship. Meaning they would be the next person able to challenge the champion. The promoters and powers that be at Without A Cause recruited two very talented gentlemen to engage for the privilege of title contention.

“The Black Sheep” Dave Turner has long been a strong competitor at WAC and has been considered a favorite on the roster for belt contention. Joining him in the ring is someone we’ve seen before, Chris Bey, who appeared once before as a member of the tag team Double Platinum. On this day Chris is coming as a singles competitor and facing our nightmares personified!

The first thing you notice as this match begins is the size different between these two men. Dave is an enormous behemoth! Chris Bey on the other hand is a super fit muscular man who is not nearly as big as his opponent. This didn’t stop Mr. Bey in the least! When the bell rang, he came in strong with a series of punches and kicks.

Dave recovered quickly and the look of horror on Chris Bey’s face was priceless. Dave picked his opponent up and literally threw him across the ring! In fact, Dave picked up and threw Chris across the ring, into the ring, out of the ring… It’s quite possible Mr. Bey is eligible for frequent flier miles!

Chris started working Dave’s leg in the hopes of decreasing his mobility. He got a cutter in and then a two count on Dave. The Black Sheep made Chris Bey pay for every move he made. You guessed it; Chris went for another flight!

This match came to an end when Chris Bey managed to get the three count on Dave Turner!

Chris Bey wins! He is the next challenger for the Without A Cause Championship!


9th Match
Main Event
10 Minute, No Disqualification, Championship Title Match
Chase James © vs. Jordie Taylor “OGB”

Jordie Taylor has been making a play for the WAC Championship belt over the last couple months. Chase James has flawlessly defended his title since he won the belt back in April of this year.

No disqualifications and a ten-minute count down. Would Chase retain or would Jordie Taylor be the new Champion? You could feel the tension in this crowd and as these two wrestlers entered the ring you could see the hunger in their eyes.

When the bell rang these two went at it! We saw some impressive mat work, but it didn’t take long before this turned into a vicious competition. The match quickly ended up outside the ring. Chase devastates Jordie and then begins duct taping his hand to the turnbuckle. The champion then took a kendo stick and beat his opponent silly.

Chase was on a run; he threw a bunch of his business cards around the audience but saved one for himself. He then proceeded to inflict paper cuts between Jordie’s fingers. Then Jordie gets a reversal and goes after the champion with the kendo stick.

Jordie attacks Chase with an eye poke and these two battled it out.. and then it happened. The bell rang! The ten-minute time limit came and neither competitor was able to achieve victory. Both Chase and Jordie were hungry for more. They wanted to put their opponent away. They protested for more time. The audience began chanting “Five more minutes!”

As the powers that be declared they would allow for an additional five minutes, Chris Bey came out! He said if they are going to add more time to this match he shouldn’t have to wait until September to come back and make a title challenge. He demanded to be allowed into the match and he got the green light.

Just as the three of them were getting ready to go at it in a three-way competition Chris Bey moves into the ring and attacks Jordie Taylor. Chase was about to hop into the ring when Steve West emerged from the locker room. Steve takes Chase out by surprise while Chris Bey moves in and gets the three count on Jordie Taylor.

Chris Bey wins! He is the new Without A Cause Champion!



This was an incredible show. Excellent matches and a title change… what more could you ask for? After the show a few announcements were made next month we’ll see Chris Bey make his first title defense, were going to see Ethan Page and Jake Atlas make their WAC debut! This isn’t going to be a show anyone is going to want to miss.


All photo’s provided by the amazingly talented Lady Bell Wrestling Photography!

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