Review: DEFY Fight for This!

DEFY Fight For This
Washington Hall
September 19, 2019
Seattle Washington

Photo / West Smith

What an amazing night! It was electrical as everyone entered Washington Hall. A fair number of people came in costume. There was a Willie Wonka, A knight in shining armor, and a decent number of people in costumes depicting various wrestlers from Orange Cassidy to our local lucha ghoul Sonico! In addition to the fantastic costuming everyone was looking forward to the incredible card DEFY crafted for the evening. With Matt Sydal and Tom Lawler making their return to a host of debuts including the Cook Brothers, Amazing Red, Cima and Jet Knight.

The sense of community could be felt as old friends mingled with new friends. The family that surrounds wrestling here is amazing, it creates a current of goodwill that is easy to get swept up in. As people found their seats we were treated to a familiar song, Etta James’ “At Last.”

With Steve Migs absent, likely building a school for orphans in South America, the master of ceremonies would be none other than the Weirdo Hero, the Ravenous one, Randy Myers! He slinked into the auditorium bashfully batting his eyes and flirting with audience members until he found the sacred vessel upon whom he would bestow his endearing kiss.

Randy’s playful antics worked well on the DEFYance on this night. As the audience cheered Randy eased us into the first match!

Match #1: Singles Competition
Jet Knight vs. Douglas James

Photo / West Smith

Making h is DEFY debut, Jet Knight came out to the ring with an audience eager to see this exciting new talent. He already had a solid fan base as many members of the DEFYance have been watching this young man build himself up on the local scene over the last few months.

Douglas James is already a known quantity at DEFY and this audience loves him. This young man is blowing up all over the West Coast and turning heads in the east. Seeing him elevate to the highest levels of sports entertainment would not be a surprise to anyone!

Photo / West Smith

These two men go at it the moment the bell rings. At first it looks like it might be a short match when Doug rolls Jet Knight up and nearly gets an arm bar. Jet pulls out and manages to fly off the ropes devastating Mr. James from above.

We saw chops, hurricanrana’s, drop kicks and dives into the audience. This was a fast-paced match without a moment of reprieve for the wrestlers or the audience. The tenacity by which these two men went after one another was both intense and spectacular. At one-point Jet Knight dived out onto Douglas James wiping out three rows of chairs.

Photo / West Smith

There were multiple two counts, Jet Knight executed a flawless cutter on his opponent and nearly took the match. It was a true nail biter. Douglas got a German Suplex on Jet Knight and then a cross body slam only to get another two count. You could see the frustration as both competitors failed to put away their opponent.

Jet gets Douglas on the mat and climbs to the top rope. He dives down and Douglas caught him between his legs and twisted his opponent into a vicious submission hold, choking Jet Knight between his legs and contorting his arm. Jet Knight taps out!

Douglas James wins!

Following this incredible match Douglas James calls his opponent to join him and raises his arm in a gracious display of good sportsmanship. This was a top-notch match and this writer hopes we get to see these two in a rematch in the near future.

Match #2: Singles Competition
Fallen Flower Kikyo vs. Rebel Kel

Photo / West Smith

We have another Washington Hall debut with the Fallen Flower, Kikyo! She came out to the ring with the famously warm welcome only found at DEFY. She was followed into the ring moments later by a DEFY staple, Rebel Kel! This talented wrestler has been working with DEFY nearly from the very beginning. The DEFYance is always thrilled to see this incredible performer walk out from behind the black curtains!

Photo / West Smith

The moment the bell rings these two wrestlers lock up. Kikyo gets the upper hand and throws Rebel onto the mat. Then Rebel returns the favor throwing the fallen flower to the mat. Kikyo accused her opponent of pulling her hair! You could tell this was going to be a contentious match.

Photo / West Smith

These two go at it for a while with an exchange of chops and kicks. Then Kikyo picks Rebel up and throws her over the ropes! This match went in and out of the ring on multiple occasions and these two talented performers went for it.

We saw Kikyo pick Rebel Kel up over her head and slam her onto the mat so hard it was a miracle Rebel was able to kick out after Kikyo went for the cover and got a two count. There were several two counts on both competitors and just when you thought it was over for one of them, they managed to kick out.

After a series of devastating exchanges, you could see this match taking its toll on these two women, as they heaved for air and pealed themselves off the mat. After a series of kicks and punches Rebel went in, grabbed Kikyo by the throat and slams her onto the mat. Moments later Rebel got the cover and the three count on her opponent.

Rebel Kel wins!


Match #3: Singles Competition
Jacob Fatu vs. Amazing Red

Photo / West Smith

One half of the DEFY Tag Team Champions came out to an adoring audience. Jacub Fatu is unquestionably a favorite of the DEFYance. However, his opponent Amazing Red making his debut with DEFY was no less loved!

The first thing you notice about these two competitors is the vast size different between them. Jacob Fatu is clearly the larger opponent by far. What Amazing Red lacked in size and strength he made up for in speed and endurance.

Photo / West Smith

When the bell rang the two men locked up but that didn’t last long. Jacob Fatu literally throws Amazing Red across the ring. They lock up again and this time Fatu places Amazing Red over his shoulder and tosses him away like a piece of discarded rubbish.

Amazing Red retreated out of the ring. Jacob follows! As soon as Jacob got his hands-on Amazing Red, Mr. Fatu tosses his opponent over three rows of chairs!!! And this is only the beginning folks!

“Who’s amazing now?” Jacob Fatu mocked as he hovered over his opponent.

Photo / West Smith

Eventually Amazing Red rallied, and performed a hurricanrana on Fatu. He moved in and got a two count. Then the two of them climb to the ropes and struggle to knock their opponent from the top.

We saw these two men engage in a brutal contest. Neither showed their opponent an ounce of mercy. There were several near falls and impressive reversals.

Jacob Fatu kicked Amazing Red. Amazing Red countered with an arm hook flip. Then Jacob Fatu picks his opponent up and slams him so hard against the mat Amazing Red lay motionless. Fatu moves in for the cover and gets the three count!

Jacob Fatu wins!

After this incredible match, the audience chanted “Please come back!” After pulling himself off the mat, Amazing Red took the microphone and yelled, “I was supposed to retire, but with you guys, and this company? Fuck No!”

Match #4: Singles Competition
Randy Myers vs. Drexl

Photo / West Smith

After the Jacob Fatu match with Amazing Red, master of ceremonies, Randy Myers called up audience members to participate in the annual DEFY Halloween costume contest. There were some fantastic costumes! A sparkly storm trooper, Orange Cassidy and Sonico cosplay and several others. We have some fantastically talented members of the DEFYance folks! As the winner was announced one of the costumed contestants, dressed as Leatherface, chainsaw and all, stepped forward and attacks Randy! Oh no!

Photo / West Smith

This masked villain brutalized the weirdo hero, beating him from one end of the ring to the other. Our beloved ravenous one was being tortured by some anonymous audience member! Where was security? Where was the locker room? Then Randy reached out and pulled the hideous mask from his assailant’s face… Drexl!

Photo / West Smith

The bell rang and Drexl begins choking Randy with his bloody apron. Randy manages to escape and finds a random bottle of mouth wash, and poured it down Drexl’s throat, as the audience chanted “Dental Hygiene!”

Photo / West Smith

This was a vicious battle. Drexl didn’t hold back he punched Randy in the crotch and grabbed a bag of something. At first, we thought he was going to pour a bag full of tacks. Instead it was the most inherently evil of Halloween candy… Candy Corn! Drexl attempted to set Randy up to crash into the candy, but things didn’t quite go the way Drexl had intended. Instead Randy managed a reversal. He picked Drexl up and slammed him onto the pile of nasty Halloween candy! Randy moved in and got the three count!

Randy Myers wins!


Match #5: Six Man Tag Team
Team Sydal: Matt Sydal with Brian and Kevin Cook, The Cook Brothers
Team Cima: Cima with Guillermo Rosas and Cody Chhun

Photo / West Smith

This audience was cheering so loud when Cima came out it seemed as if the roof would collapse. The sound waves no doubt could be heard blocks away. The DEFYance loves Cima, and rightfully so. Joining him are two of DEFY’s most beloved regulars Guillermo Rosas and Cody Chhun.

Photo / West Smith

The DEFYance showed no less love for the other team. Matt Sydal. This gentleman is no stranger to DEFY. He’s made more than one appearance here before and his name has long lingered on the lips of many in the DEFYance as someone they wished to see return. Joining him are two very talented brothers who are making their Washington Hall debut. Kevin and Brian Cook, known collectively as the Cook Brothers joined Matt Sydal in one of the most anticipated matches of the evening. If you aren’t familiar with the Cook Brothers, start paying attention.

Photo / West Smith

When this match started there was a lot of posturing and changing of hands as to who would be the first two wrestlers to face off. Eventually Cody and Brian locked up. You could see these two talented individuals demonstrate some excellent foot work and mat wrestling. Cody began working Brian’s arm and eventually Brian got a reversal with an arm hook flip.

A bit later Rosas enters the ring and Brian taps in his brother Kevin into the ring. Rosas bumps Kevin to the mat and their exchange comes to a quick end when Matt Sydal and Cima can’t wait a moment longer to go up against one another in the ring.

Matt and Cima do some impressive mat work. Cima gets a stomp in on Matt from the top rope. Then the match breaks out into utter chaos as all six men go after one another in the ring. Cima, Rosas and Chhun manage to line up Team Sydal like a human centipede. He then executes a collective slam on all three individuals at once.

Photo / West Smith

Once the match came under control the Cook Brothers home in on Guillermo Rosas with a series of coordinated attacks. They then went after Cody. Brian managed to choke Cody in the corner with his boot. Matt and his partners then begin brutalizing Cody in the corner. They work over Cody’s legs and after Kevin Cook devastates his opponent he goes in for the cover and gets a two count only to have his pin broken by an assist from Cima.

Then Cima becomes the legal man for his team. Cima gets a German Suplex on Kevin Cook and throws Brian out of the ring. Sydal knee’s Cima, while the Cook brothers coordinate a cutter on Chhun, mayhem breaks out again. All the competitors ended up on the mat devastated.

Cody gets a cutter on Sydal off the top rope. Team Cima then moves in and brutalizes Brian Cook. After a series of devastating moves on Brian, Cima moves in for the cover and gets a three count!

Team Cima wins!


Match #6: Street Fight
Mike Santiago vs. Joseph Samael

Photo / West Smith

You can see the hunger in Mikes eyes. He wants to reap utter destruction and pain on his opponents, and he has ramped up his game to the next level. Even though he is perhaps better known as one half of the Amerikan Gunz and former tag champion, no one should underestimate Mike as a singles competitor.

Facing off against Mike is the current DEFY tag team champion Joseph Samael. Though he is also better known as one half of Warbeast, he is a talented singles competitor as well. You could feel the tension between these two men in the air. There was little doubt, going into this match, this was going to get personal.

Photo / West Smith

This became even more apparent when these two men started throwing chairs into the ring and got into one another’s face before the bell even range. The moment the bell rang they were off and it got ugly… real quick.

Joseph Samael picked up a chair and smashed it over Mike Santiago’s head. All while the audience is chanting, “Fuck him up, Joseph, Fuck him up!” Joseph set up a chair and Mike gets a reversal and slams Joseph through the chair.

Photo / West Smith

These two ended up outside the ring chasing after one another, throwing chops, kicks and punches. They battled it out up the stairs into the balcony. At one point it looked as though Mike Santiago was about to push Joseph Samael over the ledge only to see Joseph pull himself free. They made their way around the building and back down the stairs throwing one devastating punch and kick after another.

When they ended up back in the ring, Mike managed to slam Joseph’s face into some of the chairs that lay mutilated in the middle of the ring. Then Mike picks up a shovel and goes after Joseph Samael who moves out of the way just in time to avoid a strike. Joseph defends himself with a chair and managed to disarm Mike who struck the chair with the shovel so hard he grasped his hand in pain.

Joseph saw his opening. He moved in on Mike and managed to get him into a camel clutch. Mike struggled for mere seconds before tapping out to his opponent.

Joseph Samael wins!

Match #7: Main Event Championship Title Challenge
DEFY Champion Schaff vs. Tom Lawler

Photo / West Smith

You have to give it to Tom Lawler; he has reinvented himself. With new boy band entrance music and a rose in hand, he came out into the ring to much grandeur. He gave a polite nod to master of ceremonies Randy Myers who had been Tom’s opponent the last time he came to DEFY. The two shared a passionate kiss, though Tom seemed uninterested in recreating their tender moment.

When Schaff makes an entrance… he makes a hell of an entrance. The DEFYance get’s loud for the Baddest Mother Fucker in Wrestling! There is little doubt this audience loves the reign of Schaff as DEFY Champion!

Photo / West Smith

When the bell rings these two men lock up. Schaff, the powerhouse that he is, picks Lawler up and throws him into the corner of the ring. Tom gets up and the two lock up again, and Schaff picks Lawler up and throws him across the ring. Then Schaff picks up Lawler for a third time and tosses him across the ring… again. It was beginning to look like Tom was completely out classed in this match… and then the next thing happened…

Tom Lawler got pissed, no doubt done taking such abuse. He throws several kicks and manages to get Schaff in a head lock. Tom then navigates Schaff into the corner and lands a series of punches.

Photo / West Smith

Schaff wasn’t particularly keen with this turn of events and managed a reversal and began stomping Tom as he crumbled in the corner. Tom retreats outside the ring only to have Schaff dive out onto him. These two went at it outside the ring for a few moments.

The champion unceremoniously threw his opponent back into the ring and went in for the cover only to get a two count. Schaff then picks Lawler up and slams him against the mat so hard it sounded like the floorboards cracked.

Schaff then climbed to the top rope and executed a frog splash only it didn’t go exactly as he planned. Lawler had anticipated the move and captured Schaff between his legs cutting off the champions air supply. It wasn’t looking good for Schaff and then Lawler began kicking the champion in the face. Tom slammed Schaff onto the mat and moved in for the cover getting a two count. Tom then went to work on Schaff’s back and arm.

Photo / West Smith

The crowd started chanting for Schaff. These two continued performing one devastating attack after another. Just when you thought it was over their opponent kicked out. It was an incredible display of athleticism and perseverance. These two men looked like they were on the cusp of falling unconscious.

Tom Lawler slammed Schaff throwing him over his shoulder. Then Schaff managed to get his hands on his opponent. He got Tom on his shoulder and performed a devastating spinning cutter. Schaff went in for the cover and got the three count on Tom Lawler!

Schaff wins and retains the DEFY Championship!

Photo / West Smith

As the championship match came to an end and the referee held Schaff’s hand up in triumph an unexpected visitor emerged from behind the locker room curtain. Hammerstone burst into the auditorium, flew into the ring and began beating Schaff severely.

Hammerstone grabbed the championship belt and held it up as though it was his own prize. Schaff managed to recover and went after Hammerstone. These two men engaged in a terrible exchange of blows. The referee team and security came in and pulled them apart. They began dragging Hammerstone away when he escaped, and these two men went at it again. More security and staff became involved and the two were finally separated.

The audience began chanting “Start the match!”

“Fuck you, you bitch!” Schaff yelled. “It’s me and you at Wrestle Summit!”

Thus, it was cemented as a certainty, Schaff vs. Hammerstone for the DEFY Championship, on night two of Wrestle Summit on December 1st, 2019!

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