DEFY Doomsayer
September 27, 2019
Seattle Washington

Steve Migs photo / West Smith

The end of summer and the ushering in of autumn was more than evident on September 27, as torrential rainfall fell on the city. There was a mood of anticipation, excitement and even a touch of bittersweet sorrow. Tonight, three people will be making what is likely to be their last appearance at Washington Hall… at least for a while. Joey Janela, Darby Allin and Referee Aubrey Edwards will all be under exclusive contracts with AEW. While it is sad to see them move onto bigger and better things, it is a wonderful thing to witness people seeing their dream come true, and thus it is worthy of celebration!

As we nestled in our seats, Steve Migs comes out to stir the crowd into the industry famous fans of Washington hall. Right before our master of ceremonies is about to announce the first match the fire alarm went off. The entire building had to be cleared and the fine men and women of the Seattle Fire Department came to save the day.

We had a fan who decided to smoke pot in the bathroom and set off the alarms. Marijuana is legal in the State of Washington so no big deal there. However, if you are unable to refrain from smoking through the duration of the show, please do us a favor and bring edibles with you, thank you very much!

Match 1: Tag Team
KO Crazy (Super Crazy and Guillermo Rosas)
Amerikan Gunz (Ethan HD and Mike Santiago)

Ethan HD and Super Crazy photo / West Smith

Guillermo Rosas has very much become a fan favorite with the DEFYance. When “Old Town Road” blasts over the speakers the entire audience sings along. He is unquestionably one of DEFY’s favorites, however this status is equaled by his partner, Super “Fucking” Crazy. This wrestling luminary is known the world over and is undoubtedly one of the greatest wrestlers of our time.

Death by Santiago photo / West Smith

As the Amerikan Gunz entered the ring, they were received with far more warmth than they’ve had in the past. Both Mike Santiago and Ethan HD are proving they are determined to rise back to the top and put those tag team belts back around their waists. With the work they have been putting forth it would come as no surprise to this writer if they didn’t make that happen.

Amerikan Gunz win! photo / West Smith

When this match started, we saw Rosas and Santiago go at it so aggressively you could tell this was personal. Rosas got the upper hand and pummeled Santiago. When Ethan and Super Crazy came out, our luminary performed a back breaker on Mr. HD. At one point the Gunz were outside the ring when Rosas and Super Crazy dived out onto their opponents… twice!

This was a tough competition with opponents who were well matched. Both teams were in top form and executed several complex coordinated moves. There were a number of near falls and this could have been anyone’s match.

It came to an end when Rosas dived from the top rope. Mike Santiago was ready for him. Mike Rolled up Rosas and got the three count!

The Amerikan Gunz win!

Post-match Ethan HD brutally attacked Super Crazy. We’ve got some bad blood here and there may be more of this to come.

Match 2: Eight Man Tag Team
Team 1                                    vs                                 Team 2
Jordan Oasis                                                           “Golden Boy” Travis Williams
Judas Icarus                                                            La Migra
Hero                                                                             Vinnie Massaro
Viento                                                                         Cucuy

Jordan Oasis flying! photo / West Smith

This was the Washington Hall debut for many of the men in this match. We’ve seen Jordan Oasis, Judas Icarus and Travis Williams here before but the other five are making debut. Hero was one of the most exciting entrants in this affair and when he came out into the ring the audience cheered with great excitement. Hero has been working behind the scenes at DEFY for quite some time now, and we are sending him off as he moves back east to pursue new opportunities.

Lucha square off! photo / West Smith

There was a lot going on in this match. We saw Jordan Oasis fly and “Golden Boy” Travis Williams engage in his below the belt tactics. At one point La Migra and Hero go at it with Hero getting the upper hand by delivering a devastating body slam. Then Vinnie Massaro and Cucuy join in with La Migra and beat Hero down. Shortly after Viento and Judas Icarus fly into the ring to help their fallen comrade. There were a few moments of mayhem as this match exploded into a frenzy!

Hero to the rescue! photo / West Smith

Once the match came under control, we saw Travis and Judas go at it in the ring. Travis slams the Judas Icarus against the mat. He turned fell into the clutches of Hero who slammed him and rolled him up for a pin and the three count!

Hero wins!




Match 3: Four Corners Women’s Competition
Danika Della Rouge vs. Riea Von Slasher vs. Sloan vs. Rebel Kel

Danika Della Rouge going after Sloan photo / West Smith

Right out of the gate Danika and Rebel go at one another as Riea and Sloan squared off. These fantastic wrestlers put on one of the most impressive matches of the evening.

Danika dives onto Sloan and Riea Von Slasher! photo / West Smith

Riea Von Slasher has some of the best ring banter in the business. Danika is tenacious and has no fear. Sloan is cool and smooth while Rebel has a graceful deadliness to her approach in the ring.

At one point the action ended up on the stage. Sloan and Danika exchanged blows as Riea lay prone next to the ring. Sloan took the opportunity to dive off the stage onto Riea devastating her opponent. As Danika recovered, she got a running start and dove off the stage and took out Sloan and Riea.

Rebel Kel for the win! photo / West Smith

With three of the four reeling in pain on the floor, Rebel Kel took the opportunity to move in. With all four opponents back in the ring there were a few moments of mayhem. After several near falls Rebel slams Sloan against the mat and got the three count!

Rebel Kel wins!



Match 4: Singles Competition
“Iron Heart” Douglas James vs. Killer Kross

Killer Kross basking in his welcome! photo / West Smith
‘Iron Heart’ Douglas James taking down the giant! photo / West Smith

These two started off with some impressive mat work. Douglas James managed to get Killer Kross in a choke hold. Douglas’ larger opponent pulled out. Proving his fearless tenacity Mr. James reasserted the choke hold on Killer Kross from behind.

Killer Kross trying to break Douglas James’ choke hold! photo / West Smith

After breaking free, Mr. Kross goes to work on Iron Hearts ankle. Douglas James gets a reversal and gets Killer Kross into an arm bar. There was a struggle and just when it looked like this was going to be a short match, Killer Kross pulled through and executed a devastating German Suplex on Mr. James.

As Douglas lay on the mat, Killer Kross turned his attention to unpopular referee Benjamin Roberts. The DEFYance still hasn’t forgiven this young man for a bad call he made nearly two years ago. To say this crowd can hold a grudge for a long time, might be an understatement. Killer Kross gets into the ref’s face and intimidated him to the point our officiant fled the ring.

Killer Kross wins the match but pays his respects to his opponent Douglas James! photo / West Smith

Douglas James recovered and cut loose on his opponent. He then climbed the ropes and dived down slamming Mr. Kross. Then Killer Kross turned the tables on Douglas and gets him in a choke hold. There was a hard-fought struggle as Mr. James attempted to break free from the hold. Then the struggling stopped. Referee Benjamin Roberts moved in and after assessing the situation called the match after verifying Douglas James was unconscious.

Killer Kross wins!

After Douglas James regained consciousness, these two men showed their respect to one another, in an impressive display of good sportsmanship.

Match 5: Lucha Libra
Bestia 666 vs. Rey Horus

Rey Horus uncertain if he should shake Bestia 666 hand! photo / West Smith
Bestia 666 and Rey Horus fly into one another’s arms! photo / West Smith

If you ever wondered what happened to Rosemary’s Baby, look no further! Bestia 666 has entered the building. Despite his menacing countenance and the unholy aura, the audience gave this devilish wrestler a warm welcome.

Rey Horus is making his return to Washington Hall and it’s clear the crowd is ecstatic this talented luchador has returned.

Only a two count Satan! Referee Aubrey Edwards knows what she’s doing! photo / West Smith

Like lucha matches do, we saw some spectacular high flying. These two dived out onto one another and we even saw Bestia 666 execute a good old-fashioned eye poke. Rey Horus got his revenge by ducking out of the way at the very last minute when Bestia 666 went for a devastating chop causing the infernal luchador to smash his hand against the turnbuckle.

There were a couple of near falls for both these spectacular talents but in the end after a devastating slam, Rey Horus pins his opponent Bestia 666 for the three count.

Rey Horus wins!

Match 6: Singles Competition
Darby Allin vs. Cody Chhun

Cody Chhun and Darby Allin in a hard fought battle! photo / West Smith
Darby Allin defying gravity! photo / West Smith

Wow! This was an incredible match. Darby went after Cody like you wouldn’t believe. Darby has always been a fierce aggressive competitor but when he went after Cody, he demonstrated there was no way in the world he was holding back against his former training partner. Near the beginning of the match Darby throws his opponent out of the ring and dives out on him three times with such swiftness one might question how Mr. Allin could possibly reach such speeds.

Isaac Newton would be shaking his head right now if he were alive… photo / West Smith

Darby then begins savagely working Cody’s leg. It was apparent Cody was struggling to function on his leg. The focused attacks continued until he was reeling on the mat in pain. The referee and several members of security moved in and pulled Cody back into the locker room for medical attention.

After Cody was removed from the auditorium Darby reached for the mic and showed no mercy. “There is a reason you’ll be wrestling in the Pacific North West your whole career.” His words were filled with spite and venom. “Your career won’t amount to shit!” He continued.

This is going to hurt! photo / West Smith

Moments later Cody returned to the ring with a limp. It was as if something broke inside Cody “Fucking” Chhun. He went after Darby with such fervor it was uncertain his opponent would come out of the ring alive. This is when the two took this match to the next level.

These two execute a series of moves against one another. There were several near falls. At one-point Darby was on the floor outside the ring and Referee Benjamin Roberts began a count out. Cody got momentum off the ropes and dived out on his opponent. Then Cody reenters the ring with a war cry!

Darby went back to work on Cody’s leg. As Chhun lay prone on the mat Darby climbed to the top rope and dived down on his opponent. Cody brought up his knees devastating Darby on his landing. Cody moves in for the pin and gets the three count!

Cody Chhun wins!

After the match Darby took the mic and payed homage to Cody Chhun his former training partner. “Wouldn’t you want the world to love Cody? Show the whole fucking world what you’re made of.”

Cody took the mic, “You got my back?” The DEFYance responded with resounding support. We then learn Cody Chhun will be making his debut at PCW Ultra! Cody has conquered Seattle, now it’s time to conquer Los Angeles.

Match 7: Main Event, Championship Challenge
DEFY Champion Schaff vs. “Bad Boy” Joey Janela

Joey Janela tries to get a submission from Schaff! photo / West Smith
Deliverer of pain! photo / West Smith

This audience loves Joey Janela and he clearly loves the DEFYance! The emotional response he is able to evoke from the fans has few equals in this profession. Schaff is unquestionably one of the most popular champions at DEFY and on September 27, these two incredibly talented young men had this audience cheering for both.

Stay in the corner! photo / West Smith

Before the match begins Joey treats the audience to an impromptu break dance. Schaff wasn’t interested in a dance off and the second the bell rang these two lock up. It didn’t take more than a few seconds before Schaff literally threw Joey Janela across the ring. Joey quickly recovers and tried to bump Schaff who stood unphased. Then Schaff throws Janela out of the ring.

These two engaged in a fierce battle to destroy one another. We saw this match go outside the ring, into the first few rows, and back into the ring again. Schaff worked Joey’s leg while Mr. Janela attempted several submission holds.

There were body slams, frog splash’s, cutters and all manner of devastating moves. Both Schaff and Joey performed every move in their vast arsenal, trying to put the other away. We saw several near falls. The match came to an end when Schaff got Joey into a choke hold. Joey managed to roll out only to find himself pinned by his larger opponent. The three count came and…

Schaff wins and remains the DEFY Champion!


At the very end of the match the audience began chanting “Thank you Aubrey!” This was her last match at DEFY. Joey Janela joined her, and Darby Allin emerged from the locker room. These three incredible talents stood together giving their final farewell to the DEFYance as they make their way to AEW!

In a few weeks we have DEFY Fight For This on October 19th. Then we head into the stretch towards Wrestle Summit II when DEFY plays host to Progress Wrestling from England and PCW Ultra from Los Angeles, when all three promotions put forward their very best to compete in what will undoubtedly be some of the best wrestling we’re likely to ever see!