Women of the Whip – April 2018

Yeti’s Monthly 10.

Josh ‘Yeti’ Richards compiles his list of “Little Monsters“.  A monthly ranking placing his insignificant stamp of approval on the hottest product in the world.  Womens Professional Wrestling!

His top 10 Female Professional Wrestlers Worldwide.

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Professional Wrestling world from NJPW, to ROH to NXT to PWG to WWE to NECW to iMPACT to WrestleCircus to House of HardCore to Beyond Wrestling to wXw.  We span the world to give you our top 10 Professional Female Wrestlers in the world in (3) Major Categories as defined by Bret “Hitman” Hart himself, known otherwise as the “Foundation Evaluation“.

  •  Professional Wrestling Persona  

The look, presence, gimmic, image, entrance and overall showmanship of the Professional Wrestler in the ring, out of the ring, and during promos.

  • Professional Wrestling Ability

The technical ability and ability to perform at the highest level no matter the opponent, match, rules or discipline.  NO matter the competitor this is the Gold Standard that an individual regards as the best technical wrestler to judge all others.

  • Professional Promos

The ability of the Professional to sell themselves as either a Heel or a Face by the use of merchandise, slogans, sayings, and overall ability to infulence a match by the use of the microphone.

Yeti – “Humbly thank you for taking the time to read.  I spend over 25 hours per week watching and marking out like the fans of old.  No dirt.  No leaks.  No live follows.  When it airs I watch and MARK OUT!  With more than three decades of enjoying profressional wrestling and sports entertainment from black and white televisions to twitch live I am excited and dedicated to release and update monthly for my fans and followers.  All 13 of you right now!

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1. Tess F'n Blanchard

For those of you that do not watch anything other than the WWE and the product is has you are missing out big time on Tessa.  From WrestleCircus to RISE to CZW to wherever and whenever..........when the call is made you can expect Tessa and her diamonds to show up.  Just remember "Tess B ain't Nothin' to F with!"

2. Charlotte Flair

The Queen of the Ring and the best the WWE has to offer is Charlotte Flair.  Maintaining her spot at Number 2 on my list, Charlotte continues to be the bar in the E.  Asuka was a challenge at 'Mania but again Charlotte shows why she is the daughter of Ric Flair!

3. Asuka

Asuka continued to dominate an despite her efforts at Mania she still remains in my top 5.  Placing Tessa and Charlotte above Asuka tells you exactly how much I value both Flair and Blanchard.

4. Rosemary

Her verbal and visceral assaults in a "deletesque" manner plus her in ring persona and abilities propel Rosemary up three spots to number 4 on my list!

5. Ember Moon

Ember debuts at #5 on the list!  I have been fortunate to be able to see this young woman's drive and determination place her where she is now, a main roster star on RAW and with her continued dedication and being surrounded by the likes of the other women on RAW the sky is the limit for her!

6. Nia Jax

As most of our listeners will know the Yeti is a HUGE MARK for Nia and has been since she first signed with WWE.  We firmly believe if there is anyone in the Womens Division that can continue a legacy of beauty in size its Nia.  Waiting patiently for Ronda to try......

7. Kari Sane

Have you seen her from the TOP ROPE!!  Need I say more?!

8. Matsumoto

The LADY DESTROYER continues to destroy the competitoin world wide.  PERIOD!

9. Alexa Bliss

Although her title reign was taken by Nia she still remains one of the greatest little Champions we have seen. The 5 Foot Ninja fell six spots this month, however, look for her to gain momentum back towards the top as she chases the title once again.  Dropping Mickey James wouldn't hurt either.

10. Chelsea Greene

Although the HOT MESS drops a slot or two she continues to compete at a level most people wish they could!

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