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The Audience is part of the show. The performers respond to us. Our cheers and participation motivate them. Get loud, scream, yell and cut loose! (They sell beer, vodka and bourbon if you need to loosen up.)


Anything could happen. If you want to sit back and relax, I recommend you purchase a balcony seat. Otherwise prepare to move your ass… real quick! The action doesn’t always stay in the ring. I’ve seen wrestlers thrown into the audience wiping out the first three rows. If the action ends up outside the ring and they’re coming your way, be ready to move! Sometimes the staff will help, but if the wrestlers are in your vacinity, abandon your purses and bags and get out! I never knew how quickly I could move until I saw Taya the Valkyrie throw Nicole Williams into the chair I had been sitting in mere seconds before. This is no joke folks! MOVE!

Support the talent. They spend years training to put on shows for us, this isn’t something anyone can stumble into the ring and do. They might be well known, even famous, but that doesn’t mean they’re rich. Many of them struggle. Buy their t-shirts, cough up a couple bucks to have your picture taken with them and don’t monopolize their time. There are other people waiting to buy merchandise and when you linger you are keeping paying customers away, and the performers are likely too polite to say something to you. Don’t be that person. Also don’t mess up their merchandise neatly displayed on the table, or set your food or drink on their shirts while you rummage through your purse or pockets for money. No one wants to buy a shirt with your crumbs all over it.

If you are attending a Washington Hall show, they have food! So, if you’re afraid there won’t be anything to eat, don’t worry, Lunchbox Laboratory has you covered. They have food, beverages, beer and liquor. Coming with an appetite is a perfectly good idea.


Don’t get sloppy drunk. Nobody likes it when the annoying drunk person starts shouting stupid things. I have no doubt the security team will gladly escort you out if you become super obnoxious or out of control. I’m really pleased to say I haven’t seen this at Defy thus far, it’s either a testament to the fans, or, to how well security handles these situations.

Leave your phobia’s and -isms at the door, everyone is welcome here. At least that’s been my experience.




Thank you for taking the time to read the six things you should know about attending a Defy show. If you think I missed anything, please comment below!

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