Serpentico SIGNED!


AEW has officially signed Serpentico to a contract. This comes from Serpentico himself, who announced this to Inside The Ropes.

"SNAKEMAN is ALL ELITE! I’ve been under a deal for a few months now. This is going to sound like I’m playing favorites because I work for the company now but I’m beyond grateful to work for a company that cares so much for the people that work for them. Before signing I was already made to feel at home."

"Everyone has been very welcoming and you can practically go to anyone for advice/pointers/critiques and they all have been so helpful. It never comes from a negative place. They really want the company to grow and I’m glad to be part of the team."

Without A Cause Daddy’s Home Review!

Without A Cause
Daddy’s Home Review
November 30, 2019
Everett Washington

In Everett Washington at 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon, Without A Cause kicked off the festivities of the day. A departure from their normal day and time, the folks at Without A Cause moved the event to accommodate fans who wanted to attend both this fantastic event and Wrestle Summit happening a few miles south on I-5.

The energy was high even though it was bitter cold outside. Fans descended on the VFW Hall! There was excitement in the air. People were excited to see their favorite professional wrestlers come together and put on a spectacular show… and that is exactly what they got!

Match #1
Tag Team
Young Muscle (Jaiden & Nick Wayne) vs. Logan Stunt & “Golden Boy” Travis Williams

Photo / Lady Bell

What a match this turned out to be. Young Muscle did not disappoint. Jaiden spent more time in the air than he did on the mat and Nick Wayne proved that a fourteen-year-old wrestling wonder massacred his opponents every time he got in the ring. This duo is truly something to behold.

However, Logan Stunt showed us you don’t have to be the biggest guy in the ring to deliver devastation upon his opponents. Logan is fast and he managed to pull off some impressive moves at a speed that made him a virtual blur in the ring. Travis Williams demonstrated the cocky arrogance we have come accustomed from the Golden Boy. He didn’t hold back, there were eye pokes and he enjoyed flipping off his fans.

The name of the game in this match was speed. All four of these young men are fast and kept the pace of this competition at a level that was nail biting. In the end Travis Williams ended up on the mat and both Jaiden and Nick moved in and pinned Travis Williams and got the three count!

You Muscle Wins!


Match #2
Singles Competition
Eddie Andrews vs. Daniel Makabe

These two talented men put on quite a display for the crowd at Without A Cause. Eddie Andrews is slightly larger and had a strength advantage over his opponent. He spent a lot of his time delivering devastating blows to his opponent Daniel Makabe. These two put on an impressive technical display. It was a truly glorious thing to watch two such talented and experienced wrestlers engaged in an acrimonious battle for supremacy.

Photo / Vitz

Daniels technical skills helped him perform numerous reversals against Eddie and he managed to get his opponent in several submission holds including the cross-face stretch. Eddie proved himself to be a durable opponent as he managed to pull through every submission attempted Daniel had to throw at him.

This was an intense match and there was no clear person who dominated the field. Both achieved near falls and submission attempts, but they couldn’t manage to put the other away completely until Daniel Makabe managed to get the three count on Eddie Andrews.  

Makabe wins!

Post-match announcement: It was announced on January 19th, Warhorse will be making his way to Everett Washington to face Daniel Makabe!

Match #3
Tag Team, Last Team Standing
4 Minutes of Heat (Ricky Gibson & Eddie Pearl) vs. The Strays (Tyler Elliot & Judas Icarus)

Photo / Lady Bell

This isn’t the first time these two teams have faced off! With any luck it won’t be the last. 4 Minutes of Heat came out in new gear and they were ready destroy the Strays who have been taunting them over the last month. Ricky Gibson and Eddie Pearl came in strong and they didn’t give the Strays one inch. These two are well coordinated and managed to execute some of their best moves.

Photo / Lady Bell

However, the Strays had an edge of malice and venom. These good boys turned bad and they have developed quite an edge. These two brought their game and it was a relentless display of destruction and mayhem! Tyler Elliot and Judas Icarus have obviously not been receiving treatment for their rabies and this gave them the edge in this match. After reaping destruction on Ricky and Eddie…

The Stray’s win!

Match #4
Championship Match
Jorel Nelson vs. WAC Champion Chris Bey

Jorel Nelson is perhaps one of the most underrated wrestlers on the independent scene today. He proved his metal against WAC Champion Chris Bey by keeping him on defense through most of this match. He executed one brutal move after another and showed us exactly how talented Jorel really is in the ring.

Chris Bey is not however is not so easily defeated. This guy isn’t the biggest guy in the ring, but he is one of the fastest and he is undoubtedly one of the most cunning. He employed every dirty trick in the book including a dastardly eye poke on Nelson. Chris wasn’t about to surrender his championship belt to anyone! After a series of kicks and brutal attacks, Chris Bey rolled up Jorel and got the three count!

Chris Bey wins!

Following the conclusion of this contentious match Chris Bey issued an open challenge. Anyone who wants to come and face him can bring it on, because he’s ready for anyone!

Match #5
Singles Competition
The Black Sheep, Dave Turner vs. Stroke Daddy, Ricky Starks

Photo / Vitz

Anyone who has seen the Black Sheep, Dave Turner, in the ring knows he is one of the bigger guys in the business. Anyone who is unlucky enough to end up in this living embodiment of nightmares clutches is going to hate life. Sure, enough Ricky Starks got to experience this firsthand. Dave slammed Ricky against the mat so hard you could feel the building shudder!

Ricky went for the top ropes and dived down on the Black Sheep only to be caught and treated to another introduction to the mat in a rather brutal fashion! Ricky managed to get a few good moves in, however the tired turned on the Black Sheep when an interloper entered the auditorium.

Pitfall Jones made an unexpected appearance. He collected the Black Sheep’s mask. “This belongs in a museum!” he called out before disappearing out of the building. Dave Turner was obviously thrown off by this villainous theft. Ricky took advantage, rolled up the Black Sheep and got the three count!

Ricky Starks wins!

While the match against Ricky Starks is now a note in the history of Without A Cause, it seems likely the Black Sheep has unfinished business with Pitfall!

Match #6
8 Person Tag Team Elimination Match
Team Migs: Steve Migs, Rebel Kel, Johnny Flynn & MV Young
Team Cool Dad: Chris Ross, Jet Knight, JaCub Soumis and Liiza Hall

Team Migs and Team Cool Dad were divvied up at the beginning of the show, and now that they have had some time to strategize, they came out ready to win. In this match each opponent is eliminated from the match if they are pinned or they tap out.

This was a fantastic match that collapsed into utter chaos the moment the bell rang! There was a lot of back and forth and these teams brutalized one another. Once the eliminations started this match ended quickly. First Rebel Kel was eliminated, then JaCub Soumis. A minutes later we saw MV Young eliminated and then Liiza Hall. We saw Migs eliminated and then Cool Dad Chris Ross got knocked out of the game. The two remaining wrestlers were Johnny Flynn and Jet Knight! These two squared off and gave the crowd an impressive display of their talents. In the end Jet Knight got the three count on Johnny eliminating him from the match.

Jet Knight is the final man standing!

Team Cool Dad Wins!

Even though the match came to an end there was still unsettled business. Former tag partners Chris Ross and Johnny Flynn apparently have a deep personal grudge. They went at it trying to destroy the other before the ref pulled them apart. These two agreed to settle their differences next month on January 19th 2020 in a match that will undoubtedly be one of the most brutal and personal matches Without A Cause has ever seen!

Match #7
Fatal Four Way
Effy vs. Chase James vs. Drexl vs. Steve West

A former champion, the devil, the reigning monarch of sass and the master of snot rocketry enter a ring… no it really happened! These four incredible performers emerged into a single ring to put on one hell of a spectacle.

Chase James went in as a fierce opponent. He had an ax to grind and ready to deliver that ax directly into Steve West. It isn’t easy to forgive someone for costing you a championship belt. Steve didn’t simply lay down and take it. Along with his nasal missiles he delivered a series of devastating attacks on the men he shared the ring with.

Effy was the wild card, the fly in who came to town wow the audience and make sure we didn’t forget him! He held his own gracefully and kept this match somewhat civilized however this is nearly an impossible accomplishment when the Devil himself Drexl is involved. Once Drexl engaged the stapler came out and at one point there were tacks. It got ugly really fast!

This match was brutal, bloody and vicious. In the end Chase James managed to get his revenge. He moved in on Steve West and got the three count!

Chase James pins Steve West and wins!