Ace Austin Interview

Duration: 57:46 - Published: July 7, 2018

iMPACT Wrestling's Ace Austin shoot interview on The Irish Whip Podcast.

JP and Yeti sat down to speak with one of the hottest rising stars of the year. Ace talked to us about his time on the road, his willingness to get in any empty seat and ride knowing he may or may not get booked as well as his mentor Sami Calihan.

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TIWMafia POPUP Interview.


The Degeneracy Cleanser?  Francis Wright

  • Banned from Twitter Multiple Times
  • Believes Barack Obama is the secret leader of Pro Wrestlings Illuminati
  • Believes the same chemicals placed in chem trails exist in Pro Wrestling Fireworks
  • Believes millennials do nothing but watch Hentai on thier phones

**Parental Advisory.  Francis does wear a tin hat, well a tinfoil hat to be exact so we aren't sure exactly what will happen.**

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