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We take great pride in knowing and understanding the Female Professional Athlete in Wrestling World.  This is an ever expanding list that takes the most complete Womens Professional Athletes in the Wrestling World and crams just 10 of them into ONE LIST!

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Professional Wrestling world from NJPW, to ROH to NXT to PWG to WWE to NECW to iMPACT to WrestleCircus to House of HardCore to Beyond Wrestling to wXw.  We span the world to give you our top 10 Professional Female Wrestlers in the world in (3) Major Categories as defined by Bret “Hitman” Hart himself, known otherwise as the “Foundation Evaluation“.

  •  Professional Wrestling Persona  

The look, presence, gimmic, image, entrance and overall showmanship of the Professional Wrestler in the ring, out of the ring, and during promos.

  • Professional Wrestling Ability

The technical ability and ability to perform at the highest level no matter the opponent, match, rules or discipline.  NO matter the competitor this is the Gold Standard that an individual regards as the best technical wrestler to judge all others.

  • Professional Promos

The ability of the Professional to sell themselves as either a Heel or a Face by the use of merchandise, slogans, sayings, and overall ability to infulence a match by the use of the microphone.



1. Tessa Blanchard

Tessa F'N Blanchard

Tessa continues to dominate a womens division throughout the world that is the deepest in talent the world has ever seen.  She continues to elevate her game and for the 3rd month in a row Tessa shows the world why she is our first candidate for our "Wrestler of the Year" Award!

2. Su Yung

The UNDEAD Bride

Su Yung continues to impress the professional wrestling world with her gimmick and her improving talent.  With what she has to offer and the amazing story she is able to tell is eerily reminiscent of how 'Taker started early in his career!

3. Becky Lynch

Becky Balboa

Becky is FINALLY getting the push we have wanted for months.  With a breast injury knocking the Queen off the list entirely for the month of July as well as Asuka and other being buried for the likes of Carmella puts Becky in a prime position to skyrocket to the top.  SummerSlam could be the push she needs for number 1.  Unless of course we go right back to Flair with the belt.

4. Toni Storm

UK Womens Champ!?

With the announcement of NXTUK and other outlets Toni has again elevated her game and her persona to levels most can only dream to achieve.  Firmly believe that Toni could be the Tommy Dreamer of NXTUK always chasing the belt but yet never able to grab it. Why?  She doesn't need it. All personality through and through.

5. Alexa Bliss

Lil Miss Bliss

With her WAR against Ronda about to go down it just seems as though the belt was given to Alexa to have and to hold until Rowdy got her training in during her suspension for the month. Although she carries the title its hard to tell when or if she will get another title run after this one.......the competiton is getting thick!

6. Lo Shirai

The Rising Sun Sensation

Running through talent and holding the Stardom belt like many others before her has placed Shirai on the short list of those women to watch this year.  She is so physically gifted and coordinated at this time she rises above those around her.  Mae Young Classic fans will get a small taste of what this talent brings to the table.


7. Santanna Garrett

WOW Champion

Any talent that can take what she does to a level that is on her own level is amazing. With WOW on AXS TV as well as more and more talent joining this roster Santanna is poised to become one of the biggest names in Womens Professional Wrestling for 2018.  We anxsioulsy await the WOW shows!!

8. Chelsea Green


Another pupil and talent of Lance Storm, Chelsea uses her body and talent in ways that other girls that typically outshine those that are larger in stature.  Attains a level of in ring psychology that are rarely matched.  Again, fans of the Mae Young Classic had best be ready for this one!


The Death of Rosemary

Even though she has not been able to compete or more than likely will not compete again this year the ability of her character and mindset to transcend the ring brings so many hivlings from the hive that she is hard to leave off the list.  Even with Shayna Baszler climbing and should actually be in this slot the shear amount of dedication her followers have outweighs the ability right now.

10. Deonna Purrazzo

The Virtuosa

The dedication and shot that Deonna has right now is a tribute to the early 2018 she had trailing off of her 2017 boom.  With injuries and stars off of television the Virtuosa made the list at number 10 and we hope to see her here again and rising.  Get ready folks..........shes one BAD BAD Talent!

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