The First 365 – Defining a legacy.

We’re just a few weeks away from AEW’s ALLOUT. The card will see the first AEW World Heavyweight champion crowned.
Will it be the wily veteran of twenty-nine years, Chris Jericho or will it be the young upstart stud, Adam Page?

I have no clue as to who the company is leaning towards giving this honor to – because, frankly, it’s the most
important title match in professional wrestling, in a long time.

A few things need to be done, to fully establish not only the title, but AEW, as a company, as well.

The title NEEDS to matter. So, how do you make a championship matter in a company that
has no history other than a couple of PPV’s? It’s a daunting situation.

This match MUST stand out after the show is over. People MUST talk about this match.
The company has said numerous times that wins and losses will matter. This better be bigger than a win or loss.

The winner must go on to possess this belt for a while. You can’t hot shot the belt. It must be
treated as something special, elite, if you will. It must be the goal for EVERY single wrestler on
the AEW roster, to be World Heavyweight Champion.

Don’t have it defended every week. Take a little bit of the Brock Lesnar playbook and make it your own.
The title should only be defended on PPV’s and big shows – make it THE BRAND of the business. Similar to
how the NWA has really focused on the heritage of the “ten pounds of gold” … create a lineage and heritage of
the belt by putting together solid feuds, quality matches and a consistent champion.

Who is the right pick for this belt?

If I had my choice, this wouldn’t be the title match at ALLOUT. Nothing against Page. He’s great.
He’ll be feuding with MJF for that title in years to come.

Jericho brings heritage to the belt, so he’s an obvious choice for first dibs on that belt. And Kenny
Omega is the guy that should be standing opposite corner of him – a guy that’s been NJPW champion,
regarded as one of, if not thee, best wrestler in the world today. A dude who would solidify the belts
importance quicker than any other man on the roster.

And you have him lose. You have him lose to Chris Jericho cleanly. In the middle of the ring. In an epic,
edge of your seat match that the world talks about the next day.

Because if there is one story the wrestling world loves to watch, it’s the chase of the dream. Watching Jericho
defend the belt while Omega chases him for another chance at immortality is what the company needs.