Seattle Wrestling: DEFY Club

September 8, 2018

Tonight, we have an incredible card and I have the pleasure of sitting next to Brian, the recipient of the Irish Whip Podcast’s free VIP ticket give away. His buddy Patrick won and upgraded his friend, so he could have the full glory of the DEFY experience.

The preshow was fantastic! Nearly every performer was out mingling with the fiercely loyal fans here in Seattle. Pictures were taken, merchandise was sold. Allie and Tommy were taking pictures right and left with dozens of people. Matt Cross and Puma King were seen laughing with fans, as friends gathered and caught up with one another’s lives. There is a real sense of community here that feels amazing to be a part of.

As we settled in our seats and prepared ourselves for another show, Steve Migs, our master of ceremonies, came out returning from a brief hiatus. As expected he whipped the crowd into a loud army of frenzied fans. Migs plays no small part in how the crowd responds at every DEFY event.

Match #1: Heavyweights
Schaff vs. Jeff Cobb

The Baddest Mother Fucker in Wrestling returns to face another titan who is no stranger to DEFY. Tonight, we get a special treat as two of the biggest heavyweights to perform at Washington Hall are going to rattle the rafters. Schaff has been making a name for himself here at DEFY for the last year. He’s fresh off a match with Walter, for the Progress Title, and even though he didn’t win, he proved his metal against one of the most powerful heavyweights in the business.

Jeff Cobb has been at DEFY several times. He represented the promotion at the ECCW vs. DEFY event last year. We’ve seen Jeff in numerous promotions such as New Japan Pro Wrestling, Lucha Underground and Evolve, just to name a few. With a decade of pro wrestling under his belt and foundational experience as an amateur athlete competing for Guam in the 2004 Olympics, he is a serious competitor for our local hero.

Wow! That is what I have to say about this match. These two men are beasts! They went at it and I don’t think I saw that ring shift so much in the entire time I’ve been attending DEFY shows. After a contest of strength, Jeff picked Schaff up and threw this giant of a man across the ring! Then Schaff got up and did the same thing to Jeff! Oh My God! I have to believe the Richter Needle down at the United States Geological Center jumped!

Crashes, chops, body slams, German suplexes, one brutal move after another. Schaff had a notably new, and fresh tattoo on his chest. Cobb took advantage of this and gave Schaff more than a few chops right on the mark where the tattoo was still healing! It was a ruthless and primal match. It went on for some time, both competitors getting near falls. No one held the upper hand for long. This changed when Schaff executed his brutal Frog Splash, shifting the match in his favor. It wasn’t long after when Schaff came out the victor with a pinfall. I was finally able to catch my breath!

Match #2: The Three Way
Carl Randers vs. Guillermo Rosas vs. Cody Chhun

Our second match is a three way with some of the best local talent on the DEFY roster. Carl Randers a.k.a. The Fantastic Dork, recently had a huge win against one of the greatest wrestlers on the independent scene, Colt Cabana, at DEFY LOUD. Few wrestlers can claim such an impressive win. When he came out of the locker room and into the auditorium he was met with a mixed response from the crowd. There are clearly those who love the Fantastic Dork and those who really don’t.

The second competitor was Guillermo Rosas! We haven’t seen him for a little while at DEFY and the crowd was as pleased as I was to see him coming out to remind us he is a great talent.

Rounding out the competition as the third competitor was Cody Chhun, who entered the ring amidst chants from a lively crowd. He was clearly a favorite with this audience a fact that solicited a scowl on the face of Carl Randers. I can already tell, this is going to be good!

Like most matches with more than two competitors in the ring at any given time, there was a lot going on. Guillermo and Cody quickly put a world of hurt on Carl, eventually tossing him out of the ring before turning on one another. There was a lot of foot work and impressive catch wrestling going on in this match. I am a particularly big fan of some good old-fashioned catch style!

These three went at it, and after several near falls the Fantastic Dork, brutalized Guillermo leaving him laying in the corner and went after Cody. They struggled briefly, and Carl got outside the ring, tripped Cody pushed his legs apart and pulled him into the metal bar. Cody lay paralyzed by the devastating blow to his crotch. Carl then turned and went after Guillermo getting a pin! Carl Randers has another win at DEFY! I get the feeling this might be building up to something.

Poor Mr. Roberts

I’m shaking my head. Still the Defiance boo’s and heckles Referee Benjamin Roberts, every time he comes out to perform his official duties. Will he ever achieve redemption? It is clear the Defiance does not easily forgive. I hope security escorted him to his car after the show…


Match #3: No Rules Tag Team
Violence Unlimited (Brody King & Tyler Bateman) vs. Tommy Dreamer & Randy Myers

Brody King has been a regular at DEFY and Seattle has adopted him as one of our own. This evening we’ll see him joining Violence Unlimited, namely, Tyler Bateman! This is the Butchers debut at DEFY. He comes to us with nearly twenty years of experience in the ring at numerous promotions, notably Bar Wrestling in LA. When Brody and Satan himself, came out, the audience loved them.

For many, seeing Tommy Dreamer was a dream come true. A luminary in the world of wrestling, Tommy returns to us for another fantastic DEFY show! Tonight, his partner is none other than the Ravenous One, The Weirdo Hero, Randy Myers! He saunters into the ring as usual, bashfully and playfully kissing a random fan. When he sought a kiss from his partner, Tommy Dreamer wasn’t having any of that!

The No Rules Tag match started with chairs, garbage cans and mysterious Amazon delivery packages, eventually a road sign and a traffic cone, made its way into the ring… more on that later. Randy’s shenanigans came into play right from the start. The Weirdo Hero likes to throw his opponents off with his antics, a strategy that has played well for him over the years.

When Dreamer got tapped into the ring he used a mop to devastate both King and Bateman with judicious prodding to their groin. Believe me folks this was a cringe worthy moment! While Violence Unlimited lay reeling from the Dreamers vicious attacks, Randy started digging in those boxes and pulled out a small bag of something. The audience anxiously watched as he tore open the bag and dumped an enormous amount of… Gummy Bears into the ring. Almost immediately Randy and Tommy began shoving the rainbow-colored candies into the mouths of Bateman and King!

When Brody started to choke on candy, Randy moved in to perform the Heimlich Maneuver causing King to spew rainbows all over Bateman. But Violence Unlimited was able to get their acts of gratuitous violence in. At one point, King began strangling Tommy with his own shirt. The mop returned and Violence Unlimited paid the Ravenous One and the Dreamer back for every indignant thing they had done to them.

Then Tommy brought out the traffic cone… If you are squeamish, you should skip to the next match now! Tommy set the cone in the center of the ring and Randy lined Bateman up… and folks, that cone went to a place… well I think you can imagine. As Bateman lay traumatized in the corner Brody picked up the Weirdo Hero and introduced his anal cavity to the traffic cone. Now this isn’t likely to come as much of a surprise to anyone, I think Randy thoroughly enjoyed his traffic cone experience!

Moments later the ring was filled with Hershey Kisses, another surprise hidden away in one of the delivery boxes. The candy carnage in the ring was unbelievable! These men threw one another into garbage cans, used metal chairs to beat one another mercilessly, as candy flew everywhere. At one point, Violence Unlimited looked as though they had a pin on Randy, but he pulled out with a middle finger!

The match continued. You could see the toll taken on these men’s bodies. Randy’s chest was bleeding from the chops he had taken. I thought someone was going to pass out from exhaustion! Finally, the Dreamer and the Weirdo Hero pulled out a win with a pinfall. At the end of the match Tommy Dreamer placed a Hershey Kiss in Randy’s mouth and gave him the kiss he had been begging for from the beginning! It was so sweet!

The Unfortunate News

After intermission, Steve Migs came out and gave the audience some unfortunate news. Our Canadian friends and DEFY regulars, Nicole Matthews, Artemis Spencer and Billy Suede were not going to be able to make the event despite their best efforts. I learned later there were some unfortunate circumstances surrounding the situation. To honor their privacy, I did not pursue any details.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances, the people behind the curtain, being outstanding professionals, were prepared. The show moved on. Despite the absence of these three beloved performers, we still had a stellar event. I for one felt my excitement about the show was undiminished.

Match #4: Lucha Battle
Puma King vs. Matt Cross

Matt Cross makes his return to DEFY. One of the most respected and beloved wrestlers on the independent scene, it is a pleasure to have him here once again. Also known as the Son of Havoc, he has done extensive work in promotions such as Chikara, CZW and Ring of Honor. Few of our out of town guests are better known than this incredible competitor.

Tonight, Matt Cross faces, the Puma King in his DEFY debute! A member of the Casas wrestling family, Puma King, has made a name for himself at Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre, CMLL and the Lucha Libra AAA Worldwide. He has faced some of the greatest Luchador’s in the business, and he is in the process of carving his name on the wall of Lucha greatness!

This match started with the Puma King performing some acrobatic feats on the ropes slinking along like the feline he embodies. Matt Cross mocked his opponent with his own demonstration of agility on the ropes. After a couple minutes of one upmanship, these two men went at it. There isn’t any doubt these two are both top notch athletes in peek physical condition.

They started out the match with a string of complex moves and impressive acrobatic feats. These men climbed the ropes, flew at each other, threw one another into the crowd, it was an impressive back and forth the entire match. Each opponent got several near falls. All the way until the end, it was close. No one held the upper hand for long. It finally came to an end with Matt Cross getting a pinfall on Puma King! This was a fantastic technical match, these two men are truly impressive to watch and their wasn’t a lull or yawn through the entire thing. I hope to see these two again!


One of DEFY’s regulars, King Khash came out while Matt Cross was still basking in the afterglow of his victory. This was an interesting surprise since King Khash wasn’t on the card this evening. But these two men have a history. They faced one another in the inaugural DEFY event back in 2017. Even though Cross was victorious, he barely won, and the Persian Prodigy broke Matt’s leg. Khash came out dressed in a dark blue suit looking like a million bucks and got right in Matt’s face. The two stared off, and then Khash dropped to one knee and patted Matt’s leg, right where he had broken it over a year ago. He then stood and said something very abruptly in Persian before leaving. There is bad blood here, and I think there is more blood to be spilled… I guess we’ll see.

Match #5: Woman’s War
Allie vs. Danika Della Rouge

When we learned Chelsea Green would be unable to appear on September 8th, everyone was waiting to see who her replacement would be. The folks at DEFY did not disappoint. When they recruited Allie to join us for the evening, there was a collective sigh of relief. They got a winner! Allie has been a fan favorite and a beloved competitor on Impact. No one will forget the infamous wedding in which Allie and Braxton Sutter (Pepper Parks) declared their love for one another, shattering Laural Van Ness’ mind (Chelsea Green); creating the infamous Hot Mess.

Filling in for Nicole Matthews, a new comer to me, Dankia Della Rouge. As a person who keeps a relatively close eye on the local wrestling scene, I will say Danika has been on the periphery of my awareness as a rising star. She has done work for BLW&LL (Big League Wrestling and Lucha Libre) as well as several other promotions in the region. When I learned Danika would be performing tonight, I was very excited to see a new talent for the first time. She came out with a fantastic cape, great gear and bright pink hair! I’m already a fan!

Allie took control of the match right out of the gate. She subjected Danika to several chops, body slams and threw her around the ring so viciously it invoked the ire of the referee. There was a brief moment when it looked as though Allie was going to take on referee Aubrey Edwards. Aubrey has never shied away from holding her own against a wrestler.

Danika showed her fortitude by kicking out of several pin attempts and managed to get more than her fair share of chops in, even getting a near fall herself. Allie wasn’t afraid to allow her mischievous side out, breaking away momentarily from her sweet public façade. Ultimately it was her not so sweet side that won her the match against Danika with a pinfall.

These two women did an exceptional job, especially Danika who stepped in at the last minute and managed to prove she is a worthy competitor. Hopefully we will see more of both Danika Della Rouge and Allie Impact! Great job!

Main Event: 8X GP Finals
Amerikan Gunz (Mike Santiago and Ethan HD)
Violence Unlimited (Brody King and Tyler Bateman)

Ladies and gentlemen, we have finally made it! We have come to the moment when DEFY will declare their first Tag Team Champions! The Amerikan Gunz, have regrouped since their recent loss against Moustache Mountain. Mike Santiago and Ethan HD, have shown they are willing to do whatever it takes to win. Their ring ethics are as dubious as their ability to spell their own tag name properly! There is no doubt a win for the Amerikan Gunz will only come with a recipe of chicanery, skullduggery and good old-fashioned cheating! Little more can be expected from denizens of the 253.

Taking the place of Artemis Spencer & Billy Suede, will be Violence Unlimited! After a grueling match little more than an hour earlier these two men, Tyler Bateman and Brody King, came out to face one of the best tag teams in the industry. I tip my hat to these two gentlemen for being willing to step into the ring for a second time that evening and prove they are truly professionals who want nothing more than to show their love of wrestling and their fans.

Brody King and Ethan HD went at it first, tearing one another up with chops and vicious attacks. Their bodies were vessels of destruction, hurled around the ring like objects. When Mike Santiago and Tyler Bateman tapped in they continued the match with the same tenacity and vigor.

There was blood and sweat. Body slams, dives from the top ropes, painful holds and ferocious strikes. The onslaught was a never-ending parade of brutality. Ethan HD and Mike Santiago used some of the best moves in their arsenal and Violence Unlimited held their own in this grueling match. The back and forth continued with neither team getting an edge over the other. We saw several one and two counts, and no matter how beaten down they were, these men managed to kick out. The stamina they all demonstrated was impressive.

In a tag match with neither team holding the upper hand for long, it was difficult to say with any certainty who would be taking home the trophy. Interestingly enough, I caught myself glancing over to see if the EMT people were still waiting on the sidelines. I was certain someone would be leaving in an ambulance. The Gunz, worked like a well-oiled machine. Mike Santiago would set Violence Unlimited up and Ethan HD would execute his move off the rope with stellar precision. The match came to an end shortly after, with the Amerikan Gunz taking the win!

As much crap as I like to fling at Ethan HD and Mike Santiago (they deserve it!), there isn’t any doubt in my mind these two men make an incredible team. They prove it every time they step into the ring whether they win or lose the Amerikan Gunz consistently perform flawlessly. There isn’t any doubt they are deserving of this championship and I look forward to watching them defend their title in the nights to come!

In conclusion

A true test of the professionalism and skill of any promotions team isn’t shown when everything goes the way it should. We see it when plans crumble due to circumstance out of our control, and they are forced to adapt and demonstrate resourcefulness with little notice. On September 8, 2018 the team behind DEFY showed they are exceptional professionals, and even if it wasn’t the show they planned, it was a show worthy of their fans. Thank you for what you do!

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