Review: Without A Cause With Love, WAC XOXO

Without A Cause
With Love, WAC XOXO
February 24, 2018
Everett Washington

It was a cold winter afternoon in Everett Washington when the doors opened to Normana Lodge. Spectators spilled into the venue with a tangible eagerness. There was a sense of excitement. With Love, WAC XOXO had an incredible card and everyone there knew this was going to be something special.

You could see the excitement on owner/promoter, Max Zaleski’s face as he came out to meet the crowd and welcome them to a show, he had spent countless hours orchestrating. When Tyler Bartle came out to kick off the show you could see him feeding on the energy coming off the crowd. There wasn’t any question this show was a landmark for a promotion still in its infancy. You could feel it in the air. Without A Cause is becoming something special.

1st Match Singles Competition
Daniel Makabe vs. Alexander Hammerstone

Making his way into the auditorium with far more attitude than anyone has the right to, Hammerstone appeared indignant as he stepped into the ring. It was as though all of this was beneath him. He happily removed his jacket to reveal his impressive physique before prancing around the ring like a peacock. Daniel Makabe came out with much less fan fair, though Hammerstone put the audience firmly in his corner with a few insults.

This match started out with Hammerstone taking control and throwing local hipster Makabe around the ring. It looked like it was going to be over rather quickly when Makabe was able to get the upper hand and work his technical skills on Hammerstone. Makabe was able to get his opponent into several stretch holds that looked quite painful.

Hammerstone took control again and got several two counts before letting into Referee Kendall Marie, claiming she didn’t know how to count. Eventually Hammerstone’s brutal attacks got the better of Daniel Makabe. Hammerstone won the match with a pinfall on the technical wizard.


2nd Match Tag Team Competition
“King Pin” Johnny Flynn & “Cool Dad” Chris Ross vs. Pitfall Jones & MV Young

Originally scheduled to be a singles match, “King Pin” Johnny Flynn came out to face Pitfall Jones with his friend “Cool Dad” Chris Ross. It would appear that Mr. Ross has become the leader of a rather large faction here at Without A Cause. Flynn and Ross came into the ring and immediately ganged up on Pitfall Jones! MV Young emerged from the locker room and expressed his displeasure at the lack of fairness in this match and presented himself to support Pitfall!

Chris Ross immediately laid on the brutal attacks performing a German Suplex on Pitfall right off the top rope. It was a devastating attack leaving our favorite professor reeling on the mat. This fight quickly broke into chaos with all four men going at it inside and outside the ring. Pitfall put Johnny Flynn’s bowling hand on a metal post and laid on an attack making certain the “King Pin” would have to take a break from bowling for a while. This happened while MV Young dumped a garbage can over Ross’ head.

Cool Dad got a cheep shot on MV Young and paid for it dearly. MV Young turned the tables and laid three devastating German Suplexes in a row and followed it up with a firm kick to the face. Cool dad appeared to be down and out. Just when you thought MV Young was going to take it for his team, Flynn snuck in and got a pinfall on Pitfall Jones! “King Pin” Johnny Flynn and “Cool Dad” Chris Ross win!

Following this match Ross and Flynn performed a series of brutal attacks on Pitfall even though they had already won. Then Steve Migs came out to collect the blue check mark Pitfall had absconded with at the previous event.


3rd Match Tag Team Competition
“Local Celebrity” Steve Migs & Uncle Muscles, Allen Jepsen vs. The Strays- Tyler Elliot & Judas Icarus

Fresh off a celebrity hockey game and raising money for children with cancer, Steve Migs took time from his celebrity duties to make an appearance at Without A Cause. The audience was truly ungrateful to have this huge star in their midst. Sometimes large groups of people can be terribly mistaken, no doubt influenced by the machinations of clandestine powers hidden behind the Without A Cause black curtains.

Joining Migs was his friend and tag partner Uncle Muscles, Allen Jepsen. This gentleman is a highly respected member of the local wrestling scene and a close associate of Mr. Migs. Facing these two fine gentlemen were the Canadian vagabonds, better known as the Strays. These two young men, Judas Icarus and Tyler Elliot, came out in their tattered clothing and panhandling around the ring as they made their entrance. Even after three WAC appearances they still don’t have any shoes.

Tyler squared off in the ring with Migs exercising a series of brutal underhanded attacks, barely giving Migs a chance to recover from these illegal moves. Migs taps Jepsen into the ring, who then faced Judas Icarus. These two squared off and Uncle Muscles quickly took control of the match and laid a series of devastating moves on Judas. Then Tyler returned to the ring and executed a hurricanrana on Jepsen.

The strays managed to get both Migs and Jepsen into submission holds and the celebrity and his partner managed to power through. There was a brief moment of mayhem as the referee attempted to officiate a tag controversy in the ring. It was at this moment Migs managed to get the pinfall on Judas Icarus! Steve Migs and Allen Jepsen win!

Following this grueling battle, Migs took the mic and revealed that he had a surprise for this ungrateful audience. He revealed his twitter verified blue check championship belt! It was a masterpiece of artistry and craftsmanship! There really isn’t a more attractive belt in the history of Professional Wrestling!


4th Match Trio’s Competition
Daddy’s Money- Travis Williams, Eli Surge & Hott Schott! Vs. Sonico, DJZ & Izzy McQueen

This match was originally going to be Daddy’s Money (Travis Williams & Eli Surge) against Sonico and DJZ. Both teams decided to bring some back up! Joining Daddy’s Money was Hott Schott! Then Izzy McQueen came out to join Sonico and DJZ!

Izzy and Eli got in the ring and we saw some impressive footwork from both of these talented wrestlers. They were evenly matched and tapped in their partners when it was apparent no one was able to get the better of the other. For Daddy’s Money, Hott Schott came in and she faced DJZ. These two postured and eventually DJZ was able to get a few arm hook slams on Hott Schott. She got out pretty quickly and tapped Travis in. Sonico came into the ring and threw Travis out onto the hard wood floor. When Eli tried to intervene, Sonico tossed him onto Travis and then dived on top of the two of them.

This match was an untamed battle and the referee had to work hard to keep these combatants in line. At one-point Eli and Sonico were so embattled with one another they began spitting in one another’s face. Then Eli tried to unmask the luchador. Sonico, DJZ and Izzy each got one of their opponents in the corner and threw ten punches on Daddy’s Money as the audience counted each blow. Then they piled up Daddy’s money in the middle of the ring and started throwing… more blows.

Daddy’s money fled out of the ring only to have Sonico, DJZ and Izzy dive onto them. There was utter chaos as each one of them threw chops, slammed one another onto the mat and delivered one devistating blow after another. This match came to an end when DJZ got a pinfall on Eli Surge!


5th Match Tag Team Competition
King Khash & Guillermo Rosas vs. “Classic” Cody Chhun & Nick Wayne

King Khash and Guillermo Rosas came out to the ring flexing and posing. Khash yelled at the audience in his native Farsi, no doubt delivering a string of insults. Cody Chhun came out obviously showing his opponents what its like to be loved by the audience. Cody’s partner was none other than Nick Wayne, making his debut at Without A Cause! Nick is the son of local wrestling legend, the late Buddy Wayne. At sixteen this young man has been training for this day since he was a small boy. Wrestling is in his blood and the audience saw this at With Love, WAC XOXO!

This match started with King Khash and Nick Wayne squaring off in an impressive technical display. These two are both excellent with their foot work and Nick got the better of Khash with an arm hook flip. Khash wasn’t eager to be shown up by a sixteen-year-old and quickly tapped his partner, Rosas into the ring. Cody hopped in and these two guys demonstrated their impressive mat skills.

This match was a brilliant technical display and the stand out performer was Nick Wayne. He may have been the smallest guy in the ring, but he more than made up for this with skill, speed and agility.

These men threw chops, managed a number of slams and executed several impressive submission attempts. At one-point Rosas and Khash end up outside the ring and Nick flung himself out and took both these wrestlers down. The match came to an end with Nick Wayne getting a pinfall on King Khash!

At the end of this impressive debut match, King Khash took the mic. He is leaving the Pacific Northwest and making his way to Japan where he will be working with Zero One. He said goodbye to the audience, but most importantly he paid homage to Nick Wayne who has been like a brother to him and expressed how much he loved his little brother. There were not many dry eyes in the house.

6th Match Singles Competition
Chase James vs. Joey Ryan

Joey Ryan came out to the song “Escape” and the audience always loves the “King of Dong Style” as he makes his entrance with a blow pop in his mouth. As per usual he bestowed his lollipop on a member of the audience. When Chase James came out, he made it abundantly clear he wasn’t interested in engaging with any of Joey Ryan’s sleazy antics.

Right out of the gate Joey Ryan attempted to get Mr. James to touch his penis. This of course didn’t happen. Instead Chase and Joey engaged in a technical dance with Joey trying to get Chase to go for it and every time Mr. James managed to pull out.

These two were well matched opponents. Joey worked Chase on the ropes before having the tables turned on him and Chase got a two count on Mr. Ryan. At one-point Chase sustained what appeared to be a minor concussion when his forehead made contact with the King of Dong Styles genitals! Joey pulled out a blow pop and shoved it in Chase’s mouth before delivering a devastating kick. Just when you thought Joey Ryan was going to pick up the win, Chase James rallied. He kicked Joey Ryan in the face and pinned him for the three count! Chase James wins!

At the end of the match “King Pin” Johnny Flynn, one of Chase’s rivals, came out and entered the ring. No doubt he had some trash talk to sling at Chase basking in his victory over Joey Ryan. When Johnny made a sudden move, Chase countered and placed Flynn’s hand on Joey Ryan’s penis. Acting on pure instinct, Joey Ryan performed his infamous Penis Suplex! Johnny Flynn lay devastated on the mat as Chase and Joey made their way back to the locker room.

7th Match Main Event Singles Competition
Shane “Swerve” Strickland vs. The Black Sheep Dave Turner

There are few things more terrifying in this world than to watch Dave Turner emerge from behind the curtains wearing his horrifying mask. This gargantuan titan of the wrestling world came out to prove his worth against one of the most distinguished wrestlers to emerge from the Pacific Northwest. Shane Strickland came out with his usual flare wearing dark tinted sunglasses and presenting himself to the audience like the champion he is. As he made his way around the ring The Black Sheep’s eyes followed him as if he was about to devour his opponent whole.

Right away Dave Turner laid into Shane so savagely it made you wonder if perhaps these two have a history we don’t now about. Dave threw Swerve around the ring so hard you could feel the building rattle. How a living human being could take a beating like Shane received… and could still function… is truly miraculous! Surely there was a body bag on hand, I thought briefly.

Eventually, Shane Strickland managed to emerge from a brutal beating that would at the very least put most people in the hospital, or, resulted in the death of most mere humans. Shane quickly retaliated with a number of elbows and kicks to the face, a German Suplex and eventually started working one of Dave’s knees.

There were several two counts on both opponents. Every time the audience held their breath waiting to see if Shane or Dave would pull out. It was hard to imagine either could possibly continue… but they did! The match ended up out side the ring and Shane managed to threw Dave off the stage and execute one of his signature moves, the Swerve Stomp. He rolled Dave into the ring and tried to put him away only to have the Black Sheep kick out.

These two men were growing frustrated as they tried to put the other away only to fail. They came to their feet and Swerve delivered three brutal kicks to Dave’s chest. The Black Sheep smiled and asked for more…

A small child in the audience began crying, her father quickly removing her from the room. This match had gone to a terrifying place! These two men threw chops, delivered devastating blows, executed some of the finest complex moves in their arsenal and yet their opponent remained standing.

Then Swerve got a hold of Dave’s arm and started working it, contorting his wrist and arm in ways they are not meant to be bent. You could see the pain in the Black Sheep’s face as he persevered through the torturous agony. Then Strickland stomped on his arm making the most sickening sound as bone cracked and the crowd gasped in horror. Shane stayed in control of the arm and forced Dave Turner to tap out!

With their fourth entry under their belt, Without A Cause, has cemented their place at the table. The venue was full of enthusiastic fans, and for the first time since the very beginning I could see and feel the sense of community developing around this promotion. That seems to be the thing that makes or breaks a promotion. When you build a community around your product, you have found success. This is a promotion to pay attention to. They have cultivated highly talented performers from the region and brought in some of the best performers from across the world.

We are very lucky in the Pacific Northwest! Professional Wrestling is thriving here, on a level we haven’t seen in a very long time. We might be late to the game, but what is being built here is becoming the envy of the industry!

Excellent work Without A Cause!

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