Review: Without A Cause Volume 6: Fool’s Gold

Without A Cause Volume 6: Fool’s Gold
April 21, 2019
Everett Washington

A juggler entertains as people arrive.

There was a lot of buzz surrounding this event. This really isn’t any surprise when you consider this show will be perhaps one of the most historic in Without A Causes history. They will name their champion for the very first time! It is indeed a momentous occasion for every wrestling promotion. The person who wins the prize this evening will forever be known as the first ever WAC champion!

Entering Normanna Lodge thirty minutes before the show started you could see people were already in their seats. The bar area was filled and there was a queue of spectators lined up at concessions. There was an eagerness in the air. A tangible excitement filled the hall and it was not only because a new champion would be announced. There was a fantastic line up of incredible talent! This is WAC’s sixth show, and anyone who had been to a previous show knew, what they were going to see this evening, was going to be nothing short of magic…


Match 1: Trios Match
Mango Thugs (Shotzi Blackheart, B-Boy & DJZ)
Daddy’s Money (Chris Ross, Travis Williams & Hott Schott)

Hott Schott isn’t afraid to go up against DJZ!

Almost right out of the gate this match quickly devolved into a medley of mayhem and sheer chaos. Referee Chris Samuels had his work cut out for him with this one! Cool Dad Chris Ross went at it with B-Boy with an exchange of punches. Then Travis Williams entered the ring to the chants of “Justin Bieber!” Apparently, the audience likes to remind Travis of his resemblance to the Canadian superstar.

Shotzi Blackheart puts a world of hurt on Travis Williams!

After facing a brutal beating at the hands of B-Boy, Travis Williams tapped Hott Schott into the ring where she faced off against DJZ. She laid into DJZ and executed an improvised Victory Roll nearly devastating the WWE bound wrestler. DJZ tapped in Shotzi Blackheart who faced off against Travis Williams who returned to the ring. These two executed a series of brutal attacks.

DJZ and Shotzi execute a coordinated move on Hott Schott!

The action in this match was inside the ring and outside. At one point the Mango Thugs had each member of Daddy’s money in a chair and slammed into them. Eventually Daddy’s Money got DJZ in the corner where they worked him over. They kept him away from any chance of tapping someone else into the match. They brutalized him and achieved several one and two counts on the talented Mr. Z.

The Mango Thugs lick their wounds after a surprise defeat at the hands of Daddy’s Money!

Shotzi Blackheart and B-Boy were eventually able to get in and laid a world of hurt on Travis Williams and Hott Schott. There was a lot of back and forth in this match. Cool Dad Chris Ross pushed his ‘children’ to embarrass the Mango Thugs. Though they mostly failed at this endeavor, they did however win the match. Travis Williams pulled out a pin against DJZ in a surprise win for Daddy’s Money!

Travis Williams took the mic and said, “Hey Losers!” The audience booed and jeered him. Chris Ross handed Travis a small golden trophy. Travis then proceeded to toss the trophy to DJZ and said, “Here’s your participation trophy.”

Then Daddy’s Money retreated into the locker room and DJZ took up the mic. The young man thanked the crowd and said goodbye. Next month, he reports to work at the WWE. This will be the last time we see him in the Pacific Northwest as an independent wrestler, probably for a long time.


Match 2: Singles Match
Nick Wayne vs. Guillermo Rosas

Nick Wayne gets ready to show this audience what he’s made of!

Nick Wayne emerged from behind the curtain to an audience who are clearly love this teenage sensation. His star is on the rise and it is going to shine bright! At the beginning of his career and he already has the audience eating out of the palm of his hand like a seasoned veteran.

What’cha doing with that rope, Guillermo?

When Guillermo Rosas came out the audience seem unimpressed. They did however notice the length of rope in his hand. He strolled into the ring with an attitude and regarded his opponent with utter disdain. The grudge between these two is palpable and after Rosas slapped Nick last month, our young hero is looking for some payback.




Nick goes in for the cover and gets a two count!

These two locked up and Nick managed to work Guillermo’s arm taking him to the mat right out of the gate. They proceeded to put on an impressive technical display. Guillermo then executed a string of brutal attacks including a back breaker and worked the young man in the corner. Nick rallied and punched Guillermo and then landed a drop kick.

Guillermo Rosas getting ready to finish Nick Wayne off with an unsanctioned weapon.

Nick managed to dive onto Guillermo who rolled away reeling in pain. Then Rosas grabbed the rope in his hand and wrapped it around his fist and punched Nick Wayne. Guillermo moved in for the cover and got the three count!

Guillermo Rosas wins! Sadly, Nick Wayne crawled back to the locker room. For some reason it seems unlikely we have seen the last of these two men.




Match 3: Fatal Four Way
Christian Andes vs. Jordie Taylor vs. Ricky Gibson vs. Brian Cook

Christian Andes, Ricky Gibson, OGB and Brian Cook get ready to square off.
Apparently Christian was bribing ref Chris Samuels.

Jordie Taylor (AKA, OGB, better known as Old Greedy Bastard) was the first to come out for this match. He displayed a series of moves; one can only describe as… provocative. When Christian Andes came out, he wasn’t about to mimic his predecessor in the ring and instead regarded the audience with contempt. The next competitor was Rock God Ricky Gibson. His high energy entrance livened the audience only slightly. All three of these men were making their debut and it was clear the audience was sizing up these three competitors.

Brian Cook devastates Ricky and Christian and goes after OGB!

Brian Cook was the final combatant to enter the ring. While this was his WAC debut Brian is well known in the area for his work at Project42 and DEFY. With the response he received from the audience his three opponents quickly decided to gang up on Brian!

OGB gets the pin on Brian Cook and wins the match!

At first, they brutalized Brian in the corner and continued with a string of devastating moves. Brian then rallied and threw each opponent out of the ring and proceeded to dive out onto them. Ricky Gibson then turned the tables on Brian and beat Cook into the corner with a series of strikes and chops. Christian Andes then took over and performed what can only be described as a wrestling massacre on Brian Cook. Christian moved in for the cover… 1…. 2 and Ricky Gibson moved in to break the cover.

This match was brutal. Despite being on the receiving end of the vast majority of attacks Brian Cook proved his resilience and managed to hold his own against three opponents who targeted him. Brian rallied once again and performed back breakers on each of his opponents. In the end Jordie pulled through and got the pin on Brian!

Jordie Taylor, the Old Greedy Bastard (OGB) wins!


Match 4: Tag Team Match
Double Platinum (Suede Thomas & Chris Bey)
The Strays (Judas Icarus & Tyler)

The Strays made it to WAC by panhandling their way from Vancouver BC to Everett Washington!

When Double Platinum came out into the auditorium these two gentlemen from Las Vegas worked the crowd with their witty banter and excellent repertoire. Almost instantly you could tell these to men were going to put on a good show.

Double Platinum come in looking for someone to beat up!

Then the Strays came out, and it became apparent these two hobos from the dumpster behind Tim Horton’s were the crowd favorite. This simple fact did not sit well with Double Platinum. They laid into the Strays and beat them so savagely these two homeless youth lay twitching on the mat as Suede Thomas and Chris Bey basked in their handiwork. The match hadn’t even started yet!


Suede Thomas yelling at the fans!

This was an incredible match and one of the highlights of the evening. Suede Thomas, Chris Bey, Judas Icarus and Tyler all had incredible ring chemistry. Double Platinum executed some truly incredible coordinated moves on the Strays. They kept Tyler in one of the corners and worked him over so brutally one of the ring pads fell off.

Double Platinum working Tyler in the corner!

Double Platinum laid it on, and it appeared the Strays were destined to lose this match… until the homeless youth turned the tables on our visitors from Vegas. Judas Icarus and Tyler executed a series of coordinated moves on Double Platinum. The Strays like to work the ropes and they delivered their trade mark moves off the top rope.

Judas Icarus getting the best of Chris Bey!

The back and forth in this match was incredible. There was a steady string of two counts on both teams. You could tell Double Platinum was frustrated with how difficult it was to put these vagabonds away with a three count. Every time they were on the cusp of winning Tyler or Judas would kick out.

Then the Strays set Chris Bey up, one performed an impressive Moon Sault while the other executed a devastating Frog Splash. Judas Icarus went in for the cover and got the three count.

It’s getting ugly in there!

Double Platinum licked their wounds and retreated to the locker room while the Strays took to the mic. They issued an open challenge to anyone who wanted to face the Strays. Moments after Ricky Gibson and Eddie Pearl, members of Four Minutes of Heat, came out. They accepted the challenge and we will see the Strays versus Four Minutes of Heat at the May event!


Nick Radford Poetry Reading

The Gloom Bunny!
Poet Laureate of Professional Wrestling, Nick Radford!

A gloomy bunny rabbit came out with a basket of treat filled eggs and hopped around the auditorium before hopping his way into the ring. The Poet Laureate of Professional Wrestling came out, Nick Radford and entered the ring regarding the gloom bunny with disgust. One should never let rodentia into the ring. Like any decent person Nick slammed the gloom bunny out of the ring causing all the eggs and candy to spill onto the floor. The WAC children rushed for the candy as Nick positioned himself on one of the turnbuckles.

Nick opened his book of poetry and began reading a delightful masterpiece to an undeserving audience. He didn’t get more than a few lines into his exquisite poem when The Black Sheep Dave Turner came out. He proceeded to attack Nick slamming him against the mat. Nick managed to get several moves in along with some punches, before Dave Turner unceremoniously threw Nick Radford out of the ring. Nick hobbled his way into the locker room and then suddenly some familiar music began playing. Someone was about to come out and defend the poetic musings of Nick Radford. Thus, we come to Match 5!


Match 5: Singles Match
Dave Turner vs. Super Crazy

The Black Sheep Dave Turner stalks Super Crazy around the ring!

Dave Turner stood in waiting for his opponent to present himself. To the surprise of everyone, Super Crazy entered the auditorium! An impromptu match was called, and Dave Turner squared off against a wrestling luminary, Super Crazy!

The end is near…

Right out of the gate Dave Turner took control of the match. He slammed Super Crazy into the mat and set the tone for this brutal competition. Dave throws several punches and gets a hold of Super Crazy’s arm. Then Super Crazy escapes and rolls out the ring. Dave Turner followed his opponent and stalked him around the ring like a predator!

Dave threw Super Crazy into the ring and backed him into the corner where he threw a series of brutal chops and brutal attacks. Super Crazy did a kick giving himself some room to execute another move only to have it countered by the Black Sheep.


A post match picture, proof Super Crazy survived Dave Turner!

Then Super Crazy went for the ropes, a territory he knows well! He executed a flying drop kick on Dave Turner and went in for the cover only to get a two count. Super Crazy managed to get another drop kick, but Dave was ready. He brutalized Super Crazy and got the three count.

The Black Sheep Dave Turner wins!



Match 6: Singles Match
Pitfall Jones vs. “Uncle Muscles” Allan Jepsen

The felonious Pitfall Jones!
Uncle Muscles Allan Jepsen comes to defend the honor of Steve Migs!

Defending the honor of Twitter Verified Champion, Steve Migs, Allan Jepsen entered the auditorium to boos. It is very clear this audience has sided with evil promoter Max Zaleski against the saintly Steve Migs.

Unlike Uncle Muscles Allan Jepsen, when Pitfall Jones entered the ring, he was given a hero’s welcome, even though he’s a grave robber and un-convicted felon for stealing the blue check mark.

This match started with Allan Jepsen putting his hand up for a contest of strength. Pitfall wasn’t about to go for it until Allen changed hands. Eventually Pitfall gives in and instantly regrets his life choices as he dropped to his knees in pain. Then Allan and Pitfall lock up and Uncle Muscles routes Doctor Jones around the ring.

A German Suplex? Nope… Not going to happen…

Pitfall escaped and got a few kicks in before moving around Allan and attempting a German Suplex. The vast size difference between these two men ultimately foiled the good doctors attempts to execute this devastating move. Instead Allan turns and slaps Pitfall away as if he were an insolent child.

At one-point Pitfall Jones was tossed out of the ring landing on my dear friend, Melinda Smith’s foot! If it had not been for the heroic work of Chase James, seated next to her the injury would have been grievous. As a result she will likely need nothing more than a new pedicure!

The moment Pitfall Jones gets the three count on Allan Jepsen!

These two men engaged in a savage battle for supremacy. Uncle Muscles had size and strength advantage, but what Pitfall lacked in these area’s he made up for with his speed and resiliency. There were cops, body slams and Pitfall even executed a Frog Splash from the top rope only to get a two count. It was beginning to look like neither competitor was going to be able to put his opponent away.

Allan got Pitfall on his shoulder ready to execute some terrifying move when Dr. Jones countered and slammed Uncle Muscles onto the mat and got the three count!

Pitfall Jones wins!



Surprise appearance by an unexpected guest!

After the match was called, Allan Jepsen lay defeated on the mat while Pitfall Jones basked in his victory. Then a tall hooded figure entered the ring with a steel chair and smashed it against Pitfall Jones’ head. The figure then pulled back his hood and revealed his true identity to the audience. It was none other than Steve Migs! Migs continued to beat Pitfall with the chair and eventually Allan Jepsen joined his protégé.

Ring announcer, Taylor Bartle, came out with the mic as the referee interceded. Taylor declared there would be a match next month between Steve Migs and Pitfall Jones. No disqualifications! Finally, Steve Migs will have the opportunity to put the upstart professor in his place… the morgue.


Match 7: Fool’s Gold Championship Tournament
Sonico vs. Jaiden vs. Alex Zayne vs. The Whisper vs. Daniel Makabe vs. Johnny Flynn vs. Max Zaleski vs. Chase James

Sonico gets Jaiden in a head lock!

The Fool’s Gold Championship Tournament would be started by two combatants with a new wrestler entering the ring every two minutes. Each person can be eliminated by pin or submission with the last person in the tournament becoming the first Without A Cause Champion.

Alex Zayne goes after Jaiden!

The first two wrestlers were Sonico and Jaiden. These two good natured young men shook hands and locked up. Sonico locked up Jaiden’s arm only to see the circumstances reversed. Then Sonico got Jaiden in a head lock only to have the tables turned. It became quickly apparent these two wrestlers were very evenly matched.

Then Alex Zayne came into the ring and he quickly broke these two apart and performed a series of devastating moves leaving both Sonico and Jaiden outside the ring on the floor. Zayne proceeded to brutalize both wrestlers until the fourth contestant came into the ring.

The Whisper goes after Alex Zayne as Jaiden tries to recover!

The Whisper entered the ring and quickly put Alex out of commission and began working Sonico and Jaiden. These two young men tried to turn the tables on The Whisper only to have every attempt countered.

It is incredible how short two minutes is in a wrestling match. Daniel Makabe entered the ring and quickly locked up with The Whisper. He got in a drop kick and proceeded to slam Sonico off the top rope. Daniel went in for the pin only to have his cover broken by Alex Zayne.

Then came King Pin Johnny Flynn! Representing Daddy’s Money, he entered the ring and went after Sonico. Mayhem broke out and it was a literal free for all in the ring and outside. It was impossible to track everything happening. Johnny Flynn was throwing chops outside the ring while Daniel Makabe battled The Whisper in the ring.

The Whisper and Daniel Makabe square off!

Two minutes of chaos passed, and Eli Surge entered the ring. People were dropping like flies as Jaiden and The Whisper were pinned and removed from championship contention. Then the unthinkable happened. Max Zaleski came out as the eighth contender entering himself into the shameful league of owner/promoters who enter themselves into championship matches to win the belt for themselves. He wore a troglodyte costume and entered the auditorium like a savage brute.

Daniel Makabe gets a hold of Alex Zayne!

Max barely entered the ring when The Black Sheep Dave Turner came out and slammed Max against the mat. Dave picked Max up and carried him out of the auditorium a broken man. With no eighth contender for the belt the tournament was incomplete. The audience then began chanting the name of a young man who has performed at Without A Cause in every show since the very beginning. A young man who had been shut out of the show by Max Zaleski and was only able to attend because Max’s mother took pity on him and bought him a ticket. The crowd began chanting the name… “Chase James!”

Wrestling carnage!

Chase stood from his chair and joined the fray!

The Elimination Breakdown!
Max Zaleski- Eliminated before even entering by the welcome intervention of Dave Turner.

Sonico- Eliminated by Eli Surge

Troglodyte Max Zaleski attempts to insert himself into contention for his own companies belt.

Jaiden- Eliminated by The Whisper

Alex Zayne- Eliminated by Eli Surge


Dave Turner intercedes and teaches Max Zaleski a lesson!

The Whisper- Eliminated by Sonico

Daniel Makabe- Eliminated by Alex Zayne

Elie Surge- Eliminated by Chase James




King Pin Johnny Flynn makes Chase James regret coming at him!
The moment Chase James won the WAC Championship!!!!







Johnny Flynn and Chase James were the final two opponents! These two battled it out, however, in the end Chase James pinned “King Pin” Johnny Flynn… Chase James is the first Without A Cause Champion!


Thus, Volume Six: Fool’s Gold wrapped up and a new champion, Chase James, collected the belt. The excitement grew as fans from the audience swarmed their new champion. Pictures were taken, friends talked about their favorite highlights of the evening and performers greeted their fans.

It was another evening of fantastic wrestling, incredible storytelling and the triumph of a young man, Chase James, targeted by an overbearing ogre of an owner/promoter, Max Zaleski. We saw new and returning talent of which there were several standouts including Hott Schott, Jordie Tayler and Nick Wayne. We had an enormous surprise as Super Crazy walked out to face Dave Turner in an unannounced match.

To say WAC Volume 6: Fool’s Gold was spectacular would be an understatement. With front row selling out within minutes and most of the second row evaporating shortly after, the ticket sales speak for themselves. Don’t sleep on Without A Cause. After only six shows it is rising to the top of a very short list of must see shows in the Pacific Northwest!

(* The photographs and gifs from this article were contributed by Tim Hinkle.)

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