Review Without A Cause Volume 5: First Day of Springboard

Without A Cause Volume 5
First Day of Springboard
March 24, 2019
Everett Washington


It was a beautiful Spring day in Everett Washington. A partly cloudy sky and moderate temperatures that required only the lightest jacket. As people began to gather in Normanna Hall you saw talent and spectators alike gathering in the lounge and auditorium. They took pictures and bought merchandise from their favorite performers. Joey Ryan greeted one fan after another while Steve Migs graciously took pictures with children.

It was a full house and there were people everywhere! The excitement was electrical. Spectators made their way to their seats and stood in line at concessions. This was going to be something special. You could feel it.

The cruelty Steve Migs suffers at WAC!

Max Zaleski came out and greeted the fans, welcoming everyone to First Day of Springboard! He introduced ring announcer Taylor Bartle who came out and made his way around the ring giving high fives to the adoring fans. He entered the ring and took the mic in preparation of announcing the first match.

Taylor Bartle got in the way of Local Celebrity Steve Migs.

Just as Taylor was getting his groove on, Steve Migs came out. He was rather displeased he didn’t have a match for the event and once again reminded the audience and Max Zaleski about the fact he deserves some respect. He stated he was going to take the role of ring announcer over since he needed something to do. This makes since the vast majority of ticket buying audience members where there to see and hear Migs. Steven then dismissed Taylor Bartle from the ring. Taylor began to protest only to have Migs beat rebuke the deposed announcer with the blue championship belt. Steve then had Taylor’s unconscious carcass dragged from the ring!

Migs continued on without skipping a beat and announced the first match of the evening.



Match 1: Fatal Four Way
Dante Smythe vs. Leon Negro vs. Jacky Lee vs. Lance Pierson

Jacky Lee, Dante Smythe, Lance Pierson and Leon Negro getting ready for the fatal four way!

These four men came out to the ring each making their Without a Cause debut. Dante Smythe entered the auditorium in his black attire with candles nestled on his shoulder. He mocked the audience as he brooded in the corner meeting each of his opponents with a scowl. Jacky Lee entered the ring to great fan fair. He was a bright energetic young man, a stark contrast to Mr. Smythe. Next was Leon Negro, a talented luchador who made his entrance doing a rather sexy dance. One might wonder if he’s ever moonlighted as a male exotic dancer. The fourth competitor is none other than Lance Pierson. Lance is a member of the EH Team and native of Spokane Washington. This young man towered over his opponents.

Leon Negro going for a dive on Lance Pierson!

Dante rolled out the ring, content to let his three opponents to duke it out while he watched from the sidelines. Jacky Lee and Leon Negro shrugged and ganged up on the massive Lance Pierson. The two made their move on the larger opponent but Lance powered threw and executed an impressive double power slam!

Jacky Lee and Leon Negro rallied and threw Lance out of the ring and turned on one another. Outside the ring Dante used a moment of opportunity to lay it on Lance, who was trying to pull himself together. There was a lot of back and forth and this match broke out in mayhem on several occasions. Jacky and Leon managed some impressive high flying moves off the ropes while Dante proved himself to be a master opportunist. Lance managed some impressive power house moves.

In the end there was only one winner. Leon Negro pulled out the win by pinning Dante Smythe. This was a fantastic match that introduced four very talented wrestlers, all of whom we would be happy to see return to Without A Cause!


Match 2: Singles Competition
Guillermo Rosas vs. “Classic” Cody Chhun featuring guest Referee Nick Wayne

Cody Chhun and Guillermo Rosas squaring off as guest Referee Nick Wayne officiates.

Nick Wayne owned the room as he came out into the auditorium to officiate this match. This teen sensation already knows how to win over an audience like a natural. Cody Chhun followed suit as he came out to an crowd that clearly loved him. He posed for the cameras with a sparkle in his eye and made his rounds around the ring. Guillermo Rosas however came out in his cowboy hat and bandanna looking like a train robber from the wild west.

Guillermo Rosas and Cody Chhun spar. Nick Wayne keeps a close eye on Guillermo’s questionable tactics.

These two opponents locked up the moment the bell rang. This technical match was a spectacular display of mat work and ring ingenuity. Cody managed several arm hook flips on Rosas, after which the two engaged in an incredible display of skill as they attempted to gain the upper hand over the other. Their battle was so impressive, even Nick had to dive and flip out of the way to keep from being taken out by these two combatants.

Rosas began working Cody’s arm. He then managed to get Cody in the corner where Rosas laid on the chops. Rosas spit such venomous hyperbole at Cody, he made a small child in the audience cry. Guillermo and Cody clashed in the center of the ring so hard they both laid motionless for a few seconds.

Cody helps Nick after Guillermo slapped the ref because he didn’t think he counted fast enough.

At one point Guillermo got into it with the ref, Nick Wayne and shoved him away before laying into Cody. Rosas got a two count and Cody tried to pick himself up and pull it together when Rosas got a devastating cutter on Chhun and went in for the pin. Nick moved in and gave a three count. Rosas won!

Guillermo was not however done. He was obviously displeased with what he believed was a slow three count from Ref Nick. He moved in and slapped the young man so hard he crumbled to the floor unconscious. Rosas retreated to the locker room, while Nick and Cody helped one another out of the auditorium.


Match 3: Singles Competition
Daniel Makabe vs. Zach Cooper

Daniel Makabe and Zach Cooper get ready to engage in a spectacular match!

When Daniel Makabe came out, he was obviously the crowd favorite. This was his second appearance at Without A Cause and it’s obvious the crowd was impressed with his debut the previous month. Joining him in the ring was a young man by the name Zach Cooper. This gentleman was notably larger than Makabe, and Zach didn’t seem particularly impressed with his opponent.

It became immediately apparent the moment these two went at it, they had very different styles. Daniel employed technical prowess while Zach had a much more brutal almost brawling approach. They locked up and engaged in one of the more savage matches of the evening. These two worked one another over in their own unique ways. There were several submission attempts made by Makabe, including an arm bar, however Zach’s ring awareness allowed him to reach the ropes, breaking the hold each time.

Cooper devastated Makabe with several slams and suplex’s. Zach was able to power out of several of Daniels attempts to set up a submission hold. At one-point Makabe was so frustrated he spit in Zach’s face. They both managed several two counts on one another, however, in the end Daniel Makabe managed to contort Zach’s leg and executed a suplex so devastating he managed to get the three count on Zach Cooper.

Daniel Makabe wins!

Match 4: Singles Competition
Sonico vs. Sammy Guevara

Sammy chilling on the ropes as Sonico prepares to flip his opponent off. Ref Aubrey Edwards is going to earn her pay check with these two!

There was little doubt this was going to be an exceptionally entertaining match. Sonico came out and had the audience eating out of his hand. Sammy entered the auditorium basking in his own glory and made his way around the ring. Once he climbed in he laid out on the top ropes as though he were going to take a nap… Sonico wasn’t afraid to mock his opponent by doing the same.

Once their shenanigans were over the bell rang and Sammy immediately took Sonico to the mat. As the audience chanted “Sonico,” Sammy offered his own version of the chant… “Soni-Go.” Sonico kicked Sammy in the face and Guevara retreated outside the ring only to have Sonico dive out on top of him.

These two threw punches, managed to perform several slams on one another and it was becoming increasingly apparent Sammy was getting frustrated that he hadn’t put his opponent away with ease. After several two counts, Sammy yelled, “I’m all Elite who is he?” he mocked gesturing to Sonico who lay on the mat.

The end is near for Sammy Guevara!

Sonico rallied and managed a German Suplex and kicked Sammy in the face. Sammy turned the tables and performed sequential moon saults and got another two count on Sonico. The local luchador managed to pull threw and executed a string of moves and achieved a three count on Sammy Guevara.

Sonico wins! After the match Sammy shook Sonico’s hand and raised it in victory!



Match 5: Trio Match
The Strays (Judas Icarus & Tyler) featuring Priscilla Kelly
Daddy’s Money (Golden Boy Travis Williams & Eli Surge) featuring Steve Migs

Travis Williams and Eli Surge seem a bit uncertain about Priscilla Kelly. Judas Icarus and Tyler seem pleased with their new team mate.

After the Strays and Daddy’s Money came out and got ready to start their match Steve Migs interpreted the proceedings and paraded his Verified Championship belt. He was part of the team that defeated the Strays the month before and he had some salt to rub into their wounds. He spoke eloquently about the respect he deserves and decided to insinuate himself into the match by joining Daddy’s Money.

Disgusted by the lack of fairness of three opponents on two, Priscilla Kelly emerged from behind the black curtains and entered the ring. She announced she would be joining the match on the side of the Strays to even things out.

Steve Migs goes in for a pin on Tyler. It turns out to only be a two count.

This was a nasty hard-fought battle. The ring chemistry between the Strays and Priscilla Kelly was spot on. Daddy’s Money with Steve Migs managed to tighten up as a group as the match proceeded and laid a world of pain and suffering on the Strays.

At one-point Daddy’s Money and Migs were laid out on the floor just outside the ring. Priscilla rallied Judas and Tyler and the three of them dived out of the ring onto their opponents. The carnage in this competition was cringe worthy. No one held back and there were so many two counts it was almost impossible to keep track.

Steve Migs pulls out his championship belt and hits Judas Icarus. Priscilla begins yelling at Steve and slaps him so hard he falls back and rolls out. After laying on the pain outside the ring Migs and Williams lay beaten and defeated. Priscilla, Judas Icarus and Tyler roll up Eli Surge for the three count! The Stray’s and Priscilla Kelly win!

Post-Match Dispute
Pitfall Jones and Taylor Bartle Usurp the Throne!

Pitfall Jones comes out with Taylor Bartle and starts verbally assaulting Steve Migs!

Steve Migs politely informs the WACer’s that he deserves their respect. After all, he raises money for children with cancer and single handily ensured the success of Without A Cause as a promotion with his wit and charm.

Pitfall Jones and Taylor Bartle viciously attack local celebrity Steve Migs! It was completely unprovoked! I’m certain Steve would appreciate flowers and get well gifts.

Pitfall Jones and Taylor Bartle come out and challenged Steve Migs on April 21st. To the resounding cries of audience, they were devastated to learn Steve Migs would not be attending the next show. He will probably be building shelter for orphans in South America or participating in a celebrity hockey game to raise money for some great cause. Instead Steve Migs will have his friend and trainer Uncle Muscles, Allen Jepsen, face off against Pitfall Jones.

After a contentious discourse Pitfall Jones viciously attacks Steve Migs setting him up for Taylor Bartle to savagely punch Migs in the face. After this grotesque display of hooliganism, Taylor Bartle took the mic and resumed his role as ring announcer for the remainder of the evening.



Match 6: Singles Competition
Darby Allin vs. Eddie Osbourne

Darby Allin introducing a chair to Eddie Obourne’s head.

The size difference between these two competitors was daunting. Darby, though a fierce fighter, was dwarfed by Eddie Osbourne who is easily twice Darby’s size. Eddie Osbourne came into the auditorium demanding respect as the audience taunted him. At the second WAC show Eddie savagely attacked Max Zaleski nearly putting the promotions owner in the hospital.

When the bell rang these two men locked up and with minimal effort Eddie pushed Darby in the corner. Eddie then got some momentum off the ropes only to have Darby arm hook slam the giant who rolled out of the ring in retreat. Darby then dived out onto Eddie slamming them into the audience, who fortunately vacated their seats. This was especially fortunate since the two of them wiped out three rows of chairs.

Darby forces Eddie to tap out!

A small child in the audience shouted that Eddie Osbourne looked like Whinny the Poo. The audience roared in laughter and began chanting at Eddie, “Poo Bear!” Osbourne raged as the audience mocked him. Eddie picked up Darby and slammed him so hard it looked as though it might be over for Allin. Osbourne moved in for the pin and got a two count. Never underestimate the resilience of Darby Allin!

As Allin recovered Osbourne dragged some chairs and a garbage can into the ring. Eddie then picked Darby up and slammed him through the metal chairs. It seemed as though it would be impossible for Darby to recover from what was one of the most savage moves seen in the halls of Normanna Lodge. Eddie set up the garbage can and began climbing the ropes. Darby rallied at the last minute and attacked Eddie throwing the giant off the ropes onto the garbage can.

Darby picked up a chair and pummeled Eddie before moving in and gets Eddies arm. He bent and contorted Osbourne’s arm into an armbar. Within moments Eddie tapped out. Darby Allin wins!

Match 7: Main Event
Joey Ryan & Chase James vs. Chris Ross & Johnny Flynn

Chase James has clearly been studying Joey Ryan’s moves.

Last month Joey Ryan and Chase James faced off against one another. After taking the win, it would seem Joey Ryan gained a level of respect for Mr. James. Now they are tag partners and it would appear Chase James picked up a few moves from the master of Dong Style!

Chris Ross and Johnny Flynn came out representing Daddy’s Money. These two men wore color coordinated jeans and regarded both Joey and Chase as though they were mere plebs beneath their notice.

Chase James and Joey Ryan perform a double penis suplex on Kingpin Joyhnny Flynn and Cool Dad Chris Ross.

Despite the audience chanting for Chris Ross to touch Joey Ryan’s dick, it was clear the patriarch of Daddy’s Money was not about to oblige the screaming masses. He argued with Johnny Flynn over who was going to take the dare. Ryan apparently got tired of waiting for the duo to work out who was going to take him up on the challenge and tapped Chase James into the ring. When Chris Ross finally worked up the bravery to go for Joey Ryan’s dick he turned and unknowingly grabbed Chase James’ crotch. Chris was obviously locked onto Chase’s dick and couldn’t pull away. If it were not the for the efforts of Johnny Flynn pulling Chris away, there is no telling what kind of penile devastation Chase James would have inflicted.

Double pin for the win!

Chase proceeded to route Chris Ross into the corner and devastated him with a series of blows. But the tables turned, and Chris Ross and Johnny Flynn took turns beating Chase, keeping him well away from Joey to prevent a tap. Chase took a beating so devastating you could see the toll it was taking on his body. Ross and Flynn managed several two counts on Chase but were unable to put him away.

Joey Ryan argued with the ref as Ross and Flynn continued to work James in the corner. Chase managed to rally and execute a cutter on Chris. He moved in for a pin and on the two count Johnny Flynn moved in and broke them up. Chase began crawling towards Joey and Johnny Flynn dragged him away and began working him over in the corner.

Flynn moved around the ring and pulled on Joey Ryan’s leg causing him to fall and hit his head on the edge of the ring. When the ref began to intervene, Flynn convinced Referee Aubery Edwards the area of the ring occupied by Ryan was contaminated with too much baby oil. The ref called in the janitor to clean up the oily mess.

Winners of the main event! Joey Ryan, Chase James and the Janitor!

After being subjected to harassment from Chris, the Janitor smacks Ross and demonstrates the fact you pick up a lot by cleaning up after professional wrestling talent. Shortly after, Joey Ryan entered the ring in a frenzy and devastates Ross and Flynn. As Chris pulled himself together, the Janitor threw a banana peal onto the mat. Chris lunged towards Joey Ryan only to slip and fall in a spectacular display of high jinx, falling onto Joey Ryan’s dick, no doubt causing a terrible concussion.

Joey managed to get Chris Ross to grab his penis. Chris was locked onto Joey’s legendary dong unable to pull away. Johnny Flynn moved in and tried to pull his partner away only to be caught into the penis lock! Chase James moved in and locked Johnny’s free hand onto his own well-trained manhood and Daddy’s Money stood helpless as Joey and Chase began winding up for Joey’s iconic move. Then it happened, the penis suplex flipped Chriss Ross and Johnny Flynn slamming them onto the mat. Joey and Chase moved in for a double pin. 1… 2… 3…

Chase James and Joey Ryan win!


Without A Cause Championship Belt. The first title holder will be determined next month!

As Daddy’s Money retreated into the locker room Max Zaleski came out to make a few announcements. The April show will be titled “Fools Gold” and confirmed talent includes DJZ, making one of his last appearances on the independent scent. In addition, we’ll see Double Platinum, B Boy and Shotzi Blackheart. Perhaps the biggest and momentous announcements came last with a huge reveal. On April 21st, Without A Cause Volume 6: Fools Gold will be the event when WAC will name their champion! Moments later Max revealed the new Without A Cause Championship belt!

WAC has come into its own! If the show wasn’t enough to demonstrate the quality of this product one can deduce from the fact all front row tickets to the next show sold out little more than an hour after they went on sale. Get your tickets now before it’s too late! Without A Cause is quickly becoming a must see show, and it is this writers opinion, they are little more than a few shows away from outgrowing their current venue.

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