Review: Without A Cause- Shatter the System

Without A Cause: Shatter the System
November 18, 2018
Everett Washington

There were clear blue sky’s over Everett Washington on November 18th. It was a perfect metaphor for the fantastic show at the Son’s of Norway, Normanna Lodge! Without A Cause: Shatter the System, is the second event for owner/promoter Max Zaleski, and he hit it out of the ball park, proving A Seat At The Table was no fluke.

Tag Team Match
Daddy’s Money vs. Stray’s with Rabies
(King Khash & Travis Williams) vs. (Judas Icarus & Tyler)

With Daddy’s Money, we saw Travis Williams and King Khash team up. I don’t know if this tag team is destined to stay together, but these like-minded fellows decided to team up and teach the panhandling scamps from Canada a lesson. The Stray’s with Rabies, Judas Icarus and Tyler, were not about to take a beating without some payback, thus we have match one!

Khash and Travis seem confused about why these bums were let into the building.

The Stray’s panhandled on their way to the ring, and King Khash got his hands on a microphone and said, “You aren’t man enough to step into this ring! You look like kindergartners!” Right out of the gate Khash devastates the Strays with his superior strength before tapping “Golden Boy” Travis Williams into the ring. Travis held his own against the Strays as both teams manage to pull off some coordinated moves.

At one-point Khash distracted one of these homeless lads by dangling a dollar bill in front of him, while Travis came up from behind and laid a world of hurt on the unsuspecting young man. There were several near falls but ultimately Daddy’s Money managed to stay in control through much of the match. In the end, the Strays with Rabies achieved a surprise win when Tyler managed to pull out a sneaky move and get a pin on Travis Williams.

At the end of this match, Taylor Bartle announced at the January 13, 2019 WAC show, The Strays with Rabies will be facing off against tag team Extra Talented, Ricky Starks and Aaron Solow.


Singles Match
Nathan Legacy vs. “Classic” Cody Chhun

This match pits Nathan Legacy from Canada against one of our local guys, “Classic” Cody Chhun. From the moment these two men came out, there was a notable size difference between them. Legacy has size and strength, but Chhun has speed and agility working in his favor.

“Classic” Cody Chhun stomps Nathan Legacy as Referee Kendall Marie keeps a close eye on the action!

Right from the very beginning it was clear this was going to be a technical match. There was a lot of foot and rope work. Nathan began working Cody’s arm only to have the tables turned as Cody managed to twist his way out. There were a lot of bumps off the ropes and both these men managed to throw a lot of chops.

There were a couple of near falls on Nathan Legacy as Chhun took control of the match. Chants of support came from the audience as Cody began working his opponent over in the ring. Then at the last minute, Nathan rallied and pulled out a win with a pin fall on Cody Chhun.

The Interloper and Thuggery!

Following the match with Chhun and Legacy, a young man and wrestler named Shawn Phoenix, came out. He was injured, quite seriously, and shared with the audience the story of his journey on the road to recovery. He promised to return and perform as soon as he is able. No doubt, a fractured skull requires a lengthy recovery process. Max Zaleski came out and joined his friend in the ring, only to have his appearance interrupted by an ogre of a man, Eddie Osbourne. He barreled into the ring and slammed Max to the mat in a powerful display of strength. Max lay motionless as a flurry of chaos broke out. Fred Yehi ran from the locker room and pulled Eddie away from Max and tossed this giant out of the ring. Then it was decided Eddie and Fred would settle this on the mat.

Singles Match
Eddie Osbourne vs. Fred Yehi

Fred Yehi issues Eddie Osbourne a warning!

Hailing from Canada and regular at PWA, Eddie Osbourne is a member of the Moonshine Mafia, a group of thugs as degenerate as Eddie himself. Fred Yehi, a.k.a. the Savage Weight, is a man making his mark in promotions across North America and the European continent.

These two men are obviously very strong and once Eddie Osbourne got a hold of Fred Yehi, he demonstrated the power of his brute strength. You could literally see the ring shift and move as these two men threw one another around the ring.

Eddie isn’t scared of his opponent!

Eddie threw chops and Fred managed to execute a German Suplex on his gigantic opponent. There were several near falls and at one-point Eddie slammed Fred against the mat so hard you could feel the building rattle. Fred managed to pull through and began working on Eddie’s arm. Mr. Yehi then performed a brutal stomp off the ropes and put Eddie in what looked like a terribly painful submission hold. Eddie tapped out handing Fred the victory!


Title Challenge for 321 Battle! Solid Steel Championship
Bambi Hall vs. Holidead

Holidead gets into it with Referee Aubrey Edwards in this contentious match!

Bambi Hall came to defend her 321 Battle! Solid Steel Championship against one of the best wrestlers in the western hemisphere, Holidead! These two women faced off in the ring and it was obvious Bambi was disturbed with her opponent’s personal hygiene. As Holidead advanced pressing Bambi to engage in the match Bambi stepped away in disgust.

Once the match started, things moved quickly. Bambi gained the initiative and drop kicked Holidead before moving behind her, wrapping her legs around her opponent and taking Holidead on a ride around the world. Satisfied with herself, Bambi basked in her early success and made her way to the stage. Holidead slammed Bambi on the hard wood floor, threw her in the ring and worked Bambi in the corner. No one puts Bambi in a corner!… at least not for long.

321 Battle! Solid Steel Champion Bambi Hall proudly displays her title belt!

These women went back and forth for a while and there were several near falls on both women. Holidead took control of the match and got Bambi in a strange hold and began rocking her back and forth in a disturbing play on Rock-a-by-Baby. Bambi in turn got a German Suplex on her opponent. Holidead rallied and body slammed Bambi onto the mat multiple times. Then, in an impressive display of speed, Bambi got Holidead into a horrifying choke hold causing her opponent to tap out. Bambi won, retaining her Solid Steel Championship.


Three on Two Match
Chris Ryseck, Steve West & Steve Migs vs. JaCub Soumis & Chase James

Show respect to our Local Celebrity! He’s verified!

Steve Migs came out into the audience with a blue check mark, a symbol of being verified by Twitter, to identify him as a major celebrity. Once again, Steve Migs has been left off the Without A Cause promotional poster. This travesty has continued despite many protestations made to Max Zaleski. This egregious faux pas continues, and Steve Migs was forced to face off against a rambunctious mob of feral children shouting insults at our local celebrity. In the face of such disrespect I must say Mr. Migs handled himself with the grace and dignity we’ve come to appreciate from celebrities like Snooki Polizzi, Tara Reid and Paris Hilton!

Steve introduced his friends Christopher Ryseck and local wrestling sensation Steve West. Then came two wrestlers determined to further disparage Mr. Migs. Chase James and JaCub Soumis came out, sauntered into the ring and said many cruel and unfair things. Chase did however challenge Migs to join Ryseck and West for a three on two match. Migs gracefully accepted and the match began.

Chase James and Chris Ryseck lay exhausted as Ref. Kendall makes sure everyone is alright.

Migs got a quick chop in and tapped his buddy Steve West into the ring. Chase James quickly took control and began working West’s arm. James then slammed West and tapped his partner. JaCub entered the ring and West tapped Chris Ryseck. These two went at it! Ryseck getting Soumis’ head between his knees and repeatedly slamming young JaCub’s face into the mat. Ryseck, West and Migs trapped JaCub in the far corner of the ring and worked him over reducing the young man into a puddle of human flesh.

JaCub a truly resilient youth rallied, pulled away and tapped Chase James into the ring. Chase squared off against Ryseck and pulled out a win with a pin fall. Frankly, I suspect payola!


Main Event
Effy vs Pitfall Jones

Effy is about to lay a world of hurt on Pitfall Jones!

When Effy came out, the audience greeted him with respectable applause. Many were unfamiliar with this gentleman whose impressive career has been mostly building on the East Coast. A proud member of the LGBTQ community, he has been a monumental figure in the wrestling scene for people, like me. Facing off against the Weapon of Sass Destruction, is none other than local favorite, Pitfall Jones! A staple at 321 Battle and a truly talented academic. Dr. Jones (no relation to the author of this article… at least as far as I know) has proven himself to be one of the best in the Pacific Northwest.

This match quickly turned ugly. After Pitfall ripped his opponents fishnet stockings, Effy got a hold of Pitfall’s fedora and put it on. After that, the monkey business was over. These two engaged in some impressive mat work before Pitfall got in a devastating elbow slam. Effy then began working Pitfalls arm. It wasn’t long before Pitfall pulled out his magic whip. What the good doctor didn’t realize is how much Effy enjoyed a good whipping.

Pitfall Jones setting a move off the chairs!

This brutal contest eventually ended up outside the ring. They cleared out one half of the audience and battled in the chairs. Pitfall ran along the top of the chairs and jumped on Effy. As he made his way back to the end of the row, Effy removed several chairs creating… a pit… Dr. Jones made a run for it and made a heroic jump across the pit and took out Effy in another body slam!

Even though this match did not feel very long, it was by far the longest match of the evening. They performed so many body slams, knee drops, choke holds, chops and frog splash’s, I’m not even certain how either were still standing by the end of the match. At one point they were both so exhausted the match devolved into a feeble slap fight. Pitfall rallied and got a devastating face slam in on Effy, getting a pin fall on the Queen of Sassynation!

After a long and fierce match, Effy took the microphone and in an act of pure class, paid homage to his opponent, Pitfall Jones, a man with whom he shares history.

Pitfall gets the pin on Effy!

As the show began to wrap up, ring announcer extraordinaire, Taylor Bartle, came out and made several announcements about Without A Cause on January 13th “New Years, Who Dis?” In addition to Extra Talented, Ricky Starks & Aaron Solow, who will be facing the Strays, we learned we’ll also see; Alex Cruz, Vinny Pacifico, DJZ and PCO! With this line up WAC on January 13, 2019 is already shaping up to be a must see card!


In Conclusion

As I’ve said before, we here in the Puget Sound region are lucky. With the addition of Without A Cause to the menu of fantastic options, we are bound to become spoiled. Each promotion in the area offers something different. Without A Cause, offers up great talent, fantastic matches and a kind of intimacy shared between the audience and the performers. Attending a WAC show gives you an opportunity to rub shoulders with Holidead and Steve Migs. You can have a lovely conversation with Referee Aubrey Edwards and watch a new talent, Referee Kendall Marie, develop into a fantastic officiate in the ring. You can see Effy make his debut as a relatively unknown talent to the local scene, turn the entire audience into huge fans. It’s a great show, with it’s own feel and unique experience. If you haven’t already, come and see for yourself!

(Photo Credits: Max Zaleski and Nick from Around Seattle)

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