Review: Without A Cause – New Year, Who Dis?

Review Without A Cause
New Year’s, Who Dis?
January 13, 2019
Everett Washington

On Sunday January 13, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. a group of WAC attendee’s gathered a few blocks away from the venue to prefunk the show. We met up at one of the Without A Cause sponsors, Tony V’s Garage. It’s always great to spend time with fellow members of wrestling fandom. There is a real sense of community here and it’s growing. Not to mention the food at Tony V’s Garage was particularly good. I could easily see this become a traditional event. It’s a great way to kick off a fantastic wrestling show!

Match 1
Singles Match
Sonico vs. Chris Ross

After brutally attacking Sonico while he was making a promo video in the weeks leading up to this event, “Cool Dad” Chris Ross, wasn’t so cool. Coming out to the ring the audience made no qualms about showing how much they love their masked luchador and how much they didn’t care for “Not so Cool Dad” Chris Ross.

Sonico came out with a kendo stick ready to lay on the hurt however the referee put the stop to such shenanigans despite the fact Chris threw a garbage can into the ring as Tayler Bartle, our master of ceremony, was still making his announcements. Right from the start Chris Ross went for the jugular and Sonico was able to get a Hurricanrana on Ross.

There was a lot of back and forth in this match. Chris Ross put a garbage can over Sonico’s head and gave him a thorough beating. It was a nasty display of spite and venom. Eventually Ross slammed Sonico into one of the garbage cans and somehow Sonico managed to pull out and get a pin on “Not so Cool Dad” Chris Ross.

After taking a terrible beating and only barely pulling out a win, Sonico managed to pull himself to his feet as Chris Ross exited. Emerging from the locker room were members of “Daddy’s Money” Golden Boy Travis Williams and his partner Elie Surge. They proceeded into the ring and beat Sonico severely before disappearing back into the locker room. Why they did this is uncertain, but I suspect Sonico is going to get his revenge… very soon.

Match 2
Singles Match
“Classic” Cody Chhun vs. The Aztec Warrior Alex Cruz

Cody Chhun is a regular at Without A Cause, having made an appearance at every show since the beginning. He’s a beloved favorite in the region and when you see him perform in the ring it’s easy to see why. Alex Cruz is making his debut in this region hailing from Louisiana. It is always a pleasure to see someone new perform live. Alex Cruz came to Without A Cause with an excellent reputation and after this evening it was easy to see why there is so much buzz surrounding this guy in the industry.

These two men approached the match like gentlemen, giving one another a hand shake. They went right into a lock up and demonstrated some impressive mat work. There was a contest of strength without a clear winner as they quickly defaulted to technical foot work and a series of counter moves. These two men were well matched. They were physically and technically balanced which always makes for a great competition.

After getting in a devastating kick, Cody took the win by pinning the Aztec Warrior. In a demonstration of good-natured kinship, Cody embraced his opponent and began a dance off. Cody twirled around and landed with an impressive dance move. Alec Cruz then did the Macarana and his own version of fancy foot work landing on the floor in similar fashion. It was clear these two men were having a great time, and so was the audience.

Match 3
Tag Team Match
Chase James & Vinnie Pacifico vs. Steve Migs & Pitfall Jones

Twitter feed from Pitfall Jones

At first Chase James and Vinnie Pacifico came out with the intention of having a singles match against one another. Then out of the locker room came local celebrity Steve Migs. Once again snubbed for a place on the poster Steve came out to remind his rival Chase James, he is the celebrity, and everyone came to see him. Chase and Vinnie decided to team up and told Mr. Migs to choose his partner and turn it into a tag team. Migs called out for a partner and no one came out. Then he promised to boost their twitter following and Pitfall Jones answered the call. (Pitfall Jones only has 156 followers as of this writing. If you haven’t already, go follow this guy, he’s super talented and should have way more than 156 followers!)

From the facebook feed of Steve Migs


This was an impressive match. Migs got every shot he could against Chase James who proved he has incredible stamina and resilience in the ring. It didn’t take long for Chase to recover and return every indignant attack in kind. Vinnie Pacifico and Pitfall Jones both held their own and turned in impressive performances. The match came to an end shortly after Migs delivered a crotch shot kick on Vinnie. Chase adroitly moved in and got the three count on local celebrity Steve Migs.


Match 4
Sponsored by Tony V’s Garage
Darby Allin vs. Dave Turner

Making his second appearance at Without A Cause, Darby Allin came out with his moody glares and solemn demeanor. He quickly positioned himself in the corner and like a stalker waited for his prey. When Dave Turner came out, he was wearing a disturbing mask. He circled the ring like a predator. When he stepped between the ropes, you could feel the tension between these two.

They went at it with a fury. Turner got Allin in a corner and delivered some of the most horrifying chops ever heard in any wrestling ring. Darby pulled away and attempted several moves only to be frustrated by the notable size difference. His frustration was so great Darby devolved into slapping the Black Sheep. He was eventually able to get a hold of Turners arm and began working it over, but Dave was able to power out. Darby climbed the ropes and went in for a dive, Dave Turner caught him by the throat. Dave got multiple two counts on Darby who managed to kick out. So, frustrated by not being able to put Darby away, Dave unleashed a flurry of punches on his prone opponent. Ref Aubrey Edwards called the match when Darby was beaten unconscious. It was a merciful end to a brutal match.

Match 5
Five Way Match
Sledge vs. Vlad Balashov vs. Guillermo Roses vs. Johnny Flynn vs. Eli Surge

Originally scheduled to be a four-way match, Ace Romero was unable to make it as scheduled. As a result the folks behind Without A Cause brought in some new talent. Hailing from Southern California, Sledge, a giant of a man entered the ring with swagger that showed his confidence. Shortly after, Vlad Balashov who making his way from the Siberian tundra, entered the ring, and this man clearly had something to prove. Guillermo Roses, who is no stranger to the local scene, made his WAC debut along Eli Surge who made his way down to represent “Daddy’s Money” from Vancouver B.C. The final competitor, in what became a five-way match, was “Kingpin” Johnny Flynn, who is returning to Without A Cause, making his second appearance.

Like any match with five competitors in the ring this erupted into chaos the moment the bell range. Sledge made an early demonstration of his size and strength as he threw several of his competitors out of the ring. It didn’t take long for the others to gang up on this behemoth of a human being. Vlad got a cutter on Flynn, while Eli Surge got a German Suplex on Vlad. Guillermo got a sling shot kick on Sledge. It was utter mayhem. Guillermo Rosas took control briefly, only to have Sledge wrest it from his fingers. This match came to an end when Eli Surge got a hold of Vlad and executed a backslide pin.

Match 6
Singles Match
“Golden Boy” Travis Williams vs. DJZ

“Golden Boy” Travis Williams pranced into the ring like the pretty boy he is, obviously offended by the lackluster reception he received. It was unfortunate considering the fact there are few people in the business who know how to make an entrance like DJZ. After the room went dark, wearing his helmet and vest covered in spectacular lights, DJZ entered the auditorium to thunderous applause. It was obvious Travis wasn’t particularly impressed with opponent’s entrance and thus the match began.

This competition started out with some impressive mat work. The two men locked up and DJZ managed to maneuver Travis into the corner and gave him several chops. Travis managed to get away and spit in DJZ’s face, that’s when our visitor threw Travis out of the ring. DJZ managed to stay in control through the majority of the match, however, Travis managed to get in his fair share of dirty moves. At one point the Golden Boy was choking DJZ on the ropes. There was a spine buster and DJZ managed to get several two counts on his opponent. Then Travis climbed to the top rope, performed a drop kick, however, he didn’t land his move on DJZ. Unfortunately Referee Aubrey Edwards took the hit and crumbled unconscious onto the mat!

DJZ moved in and got a pin on Travis Williams, however with the ref unconscious, there was no officiant to make the count. Travis managed to get away and rolled Aubrey out of the ring as if she were a sack of garbage. If Travis Williams was disliked by the crowd, he is became epically despised after doing that to our beloved referee. Another ref emerged from the locker room and Travis moved in with a menacing glare, but DJZ countered and got the pin on our Golden Boy. DJZ wins!

Match 7
Tag Team Main Event
Extra Talented vs. The Strays
Ricky Starks & Aaron Solow vs. Judas Icarus & Tyler

In their usual fashion the odious Strays, Judas Icarus and Tyler, entered the ring wearing moth eaten clothing and shoeless. Duct tape held together what clothing they could pull from the dumpster and they panhandled their way around the ring begging for spare change. When Extra Talented, Ricky Starks and Aaron Solow, came out they were clearly not impressed with their vagabond opponents. These nice young lads have wrestled in the WWE and some of the best promotions around the country. Facing off against two uppity homeless youth from the void that exists north of the Washington State boarder, must have been humiliating for wrestling celebrities like Ricky and Aaron.

Judas came out promising to show everyone how ‘talented’ he was. He proceeded to perform a cartwheel with great pride. Stroke Daddy, Ricky Starks, stepped forward, performed an elegant cartwheel landing in a sexy pose. Thoroughly disgraced by Extra Talented the Strays readied themselves for the competition.

These four gentlemen engaged in a rather impressive match. Extra Talented employed superb tag team tactics and trapped Judas Icarus in the far corner giving him a brutal beat down. Every time Judas Icarus tried to escape and tag his partner, Ricky and Aaron would pull him away. This went on for a while, as Extra Talented managed to get several two counts. Judas Icarus proved to us he is a tough one. He eventually escaped and tagged his partner in.

Tyler took over and executed a double slam on Extra Talented. He locked up with Ricky Starks and even though the Stray dropped to the floor he managed to take something with him. Stroke Daddy’s trunks came down exposing his butt. Tyler managed a couple moves before engaging in an exchange of chops with Aaron. Tyler tapped in Icarus who climbed the ropes and executed a perfect Frog Splash and put Aaron away with the three count. The Strays win!



After the last match, the talented master of ceremonies, Tayler Bartle made some amazing announcements. On February 24, Without A Cause: With Love, WAC xoxo has some incredibly talented guests coming. DJZ will be making a return and anyone who was at Who Dis? Can attest to the fact that this man is incredibly talented. A second announcement was made, Hammerstone! Those of you who don’t know who Hammerstone is, let me tell you, this giant of a man is one hell of a power house. The last announcement was perhaps the most awe inspiring. We will see Shane Strickland make his WAC debut. Shane is a luminary in the world of independent wrestling and we will be lucky to have him join the Without A Cause pantheon of talent.

Without A Cause is a promotion coming into its own. This was their third show and owner/promoter Max Zaleski has proven he is learning from every show and builds upon what he did before. He has a flare for storytelling and a good eye for talent. I look forward to watching this promotion grow in the months and years to come.

Come see for yourself on February 24, 2019! You won’t regret it!

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