Review: Without A Cause- A Seat At The Table

Without A Cause
A Seat At The Table

Sunday October 21, 2018, is an important date. Not just because it’s the first Without A Cause event, but also because today I get to see someone’s dream come true. That isn’t always something one gets to witness. Max Zaleski see’s his labor and hard work come to life as he launches his very own brand new promotion.

Prior to each event I cover I like to learn a little something about the performers. With a mission to put local talent on the ticket, Without A Cause, did not fail to bring to my attention a plethora of new names. Seeing new talent, at least new to me, is always a pleasure.

The hall was a large space with a full bar on one end and a small kitchen on the other. They served up nachos and hot dogs along with local brews. There is no excuse for starvation at this show. The ceiling was low which made me worry perhaps some of the high flyers would have to be careful. From my estimation it did not seem to hinder any of the performers.

Max came out and welcomed the audience to Without A Cause: A Seat At The Table. He was clearly grateful so many people took a risk and gave his first show a try. It was obvious from the moment he stepped out with the microphone, this is his passion. After a brief welcome he turned the mic over to Taylor Bartle, who was dressed up in a suit and tie and started the festivities off with a lively introduction to the first match!


1st Match
Three Way
Dave Turner vs. Golden Boy Travis Williams vs. Pitfall Jones

Dave Turner, a seasoned performer in the region, came out with a formidable presence and a daunting glare. Today he would face off against Golden Boy Travis Williams, a pretty boy who strutted about the ring and threatened to have his father sue the audience if they didn’t give him the respect he was looking for. Then there was Pitfall Jones a favorite of the 3-2-1 Battle Promotion, who entered the ring to great fanfare!

These three went at it, full on, the moment the bell rang. Shortly after the match began Dave Turner, the Black Sheep, dominated his opponents. His demonstration of strength resulted in Travis and Pitfall being thrown out of the ring. The two smaller opponents ganged up on Dave and put him out of commission before turning on one another. Travis wasn’t above playing dirty, but Pitfall showed himself a skilled wrestler and managed to give back everything he got. Dave got back into the ring and threw his opponents around with devastating German Suplex’s. There was mayhem and Dave ended up outside the ring and Travis and Pitfall went at it again. There was a brief scuffle and Pitfall Jones won with a pin on Travis Williams!

As the winner, Pitfall Jones will face off against Effy on November 18th!

2nd Match
JaCub Soumis vs. “Classic” Cody Chhun

JaCub Soumis, was a new talent to me and really left me with a good impression. “Classic” Cody Chhun is already a proven performer in my book, having seen him at several DEFY shows. It was a great chance to see these two duke it out. There was a lot of impressive footwork and brutal chops. These two performers were well matched and until the very end it could have gone either way. With several near falls, the match ended with JaCub Soumis squeaking out a victory getting a pin on Cody Chhun.

3rd Match
Chase James vs. Chris Ryseck accompanied by Steve Migs and Jackson Price

When Chase James came out he was greeted by fans with great applause, clearly this crowd loves Mr. James! When it was time for his opponent to be introduced Steve Migs came out to the ring accompanied by a behemoth of a man… Jackson Price. The two men treated the audience to quite the monologue about Steve Migs being the big “local celebrity” and expressed concern that he wasn’t even on the poster! It was a fair point in my opinion, and frankly he should be the headliner for any event in which he makes an appearance. I hope you paid attention Max!

Migs introduced the opponent for this match after delivering his important public service announcement. Christopher Ryseck! Once the bell rang, from the very beginning Ryseck clearly wasn’t interested in having a clean match. There was a cheap shot to the crotch and a lot of illegal use of the ropes. Ryseck employed a unique strategy that involved wearing the Ref down instead of his opponent. Chase was able to out maneuver Ryseck through much of the match. Then Jackson Price distracted the Ref and Migs came out and finished off Chase James leaving him beaten and prone in the center of the ring. By the time the Ref’s attention returned to the match Ryseck had Chase pinned and got the three count. Christopher Ryseck won with an impressive assist from Migs!


4th Match
Women’s Match
Thunder Rosa vs. Priscilla Kelly

Making her debut in the Pacific Northwest was Thunder Rosa, who’s made a name for herself down in Texas and with Lucha Underground. Her opponent is fresh off the WWE’s 2nd Mae Young Classic and a staple with the WWN Evolve and SHINE promotions. These two women have never faced off before and today we are privy to a great show.

The match had a rather unique beginning. Shortly after the bell rang, these two women engaged in an impressive dance off. I won’t get into the details of their dancing, but I could tell they were having fun showing one another their moves. It didn’t take long before the dancing ended, and these two women engaged in a brutal battle for supremacy!

Thunder Rosa throws a mean kick and Priscilla Kelly is one of the toughest woman in the game today. She came back from every brutal blow with fight still left in her. These two women put one another in head locks, threw chops and used the ropes to put a world of hurt on their opponent. At one-point, Priscilla got Thunder Rosa in a compromising position and proceeded to give the Thunderous One a good spanking! Priscilla went for the hair and Thunder Rosa laid on the chops. These opponents were well matched and in the end Thunder Rosa pulled out the win with a pin fall!

5th Match
Title Challenge HOPE Young Guns Championship
Ashley Dunn vs. Alex Zayne

Ashley Dunn comes to us on the tail end of his American Tour. He brings his HOPE Young Guns Championship and today he defends his title against Alex Zayne the Kentucky native who made his way to Everett Washington to show us what he’s made of.

This was an incredibly technical match with a great deal of foot work and an impressive demonstration of skill. These two men were outstanding from the moment the match began. Ashley got a leg lock on Alex near the beginning, however, Mr. Zayne escaped by grabbing the ropes. Alex managed to get a pile driver on Ashley and no matter how much pain he laid on our visitor from across the Atlantic, Ashley managed to persevere. Ashley got a Brain Buster on his challenger, and then got a pin on Alex Zayne. Ashley Dunn retained his HOPE Young Guns Championship title!


6th Match
Tag Team Match
Kingpin Flynn & Chris Ross vs. The Strays (Judas Icarus & Tyler)

Shortly after Kingpin Flynn and Chris Ross were introduced, it was revealed they had no challengers. The audience was polled to see if anyone would come up and challenge these two men. Just when my friend Kim (A.K.A. Mrs. Clams) and I were about to step up and teach these upstarts a lesson, two homeless lads from Canada were escorted into the building. The Strays! Judas Icarus and Tyler entered the ring. Though they were missing a full set of shoes and wore clothing with more holes than the plot of the movie, Armageddon, they stepped up… so myself and Kim, didn’t have to. I think Kim was a little disappointed.

When the bell rang the Strays moved into action with a swiftness. They lacked size against their opponents Kingpin Flynn and Chris Ross, but without a doubt they had speed on their side. Chris Ross used his physical dominance to put the pain on these two young lads from the wastelands of Canada. But the Strays proved devious and cunning. Clearly their time on the streets taught them a few things about winning at all costs. They managed to dive off the ropes and devastate Kingpin Flynn and Chris Ross with drop kicks and various high flying attacks. Then the four of them ended up in the center of the ring exchanging fierce chops. There was some impressive high flying tactics used by the Strays and eventually the homeless kids from up north won the match with a pin fall on Kingpin Flynn!


7th Match
Main Event
Darby Allin vs. King Khash

These two men are among my personal favorites! Many people are familiar with Darby Allin from his work at Evolve and from his early days as a locally trained performer. He has proven himself to be a formidable opponent. What he lacks in size, he more than makes up for in speed, resilience and fearlessness, a combination that has paid off for him time and time again.

King Khash is no stranger to the local wrestling scene. He is one of the best performers on the DEFY roster of regulars. He has a unique style that seems to be a combination of power house and technician. His career is a ticking time bomb, waiting to explode all over the national/international wrestling scene; and if he isn’t working for the WWE in the next five years there is no justice in the universe!

This match was savage. Khash quickly took control with his superior strength. He was able to power out of Darby’s attempts to work Khash’s arm. The Persian Prodigy taunted Darby in Farsi on several occasions, and at one-point spit in Darby’s face! Khash unleashed back breakers, body slams, put Darby in a leg lock, and put him in a Surfboard Submission and took him around the world in an impressive technical display. After unleashing nearly every move in his impressive sadistic arsenal, Khash put Darby in the infamous Khash Clutch! One of the best traits Darby has demonstrated in his career, is his ability to take a lot of damage and still manage to pull through. When it seemed over for Darby, reeling in the brutal Khash Clutch, he reached out and managed to grab the rope! Khash has tapped out countless opponents with this viciously painful submission move, it was clear he wasn’t pleased. Darby went to work on his opponents’ legs and used Khash’s size against him. Darby, in a near act of desperation pulled out a win with a pin fall on the Persian Prodigy!

These two wrestlers trained together and have a long history. Despite the visceral tension that permeated throughout the match, these two men embraced at the end, like old friends.

In Conclusion:
This was a solid inaugural event for Without A Cause! Max Zaleski proved today that he can produce an entertaining show. He has shown us he has an eye for talent, and has provided local performers a showcase to signify we have no absence of talent here in the Pacific Northwest. I look forward to seeing this promotion grow and develop. Without A Cause is off to an outstanding start!

For those who were uncertain about a new promotion, who wanted to see how the first show went before they committed to trekking all the way to Everett Washington, take note… Without A Cause is worth your time.

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