Review: Prestige Wrestling The New Fury

Prestige The New Fury
May 24, 2019
Spokane Washington
The Pin

There are few things more exciting than to go to a show at a promotion you’ve never been to before and having the chance to see talent you have admired from afar and hoped one day you would see perform live! On May 24th I was lucky enough to have this experience.

Spokane Washington has never been well known for it’s Professional Wrestling scene. There have been a few promotions who run here and in the last year or so they have been gaining some momentum. When Prestige Wrestling decided to carve out their place in the city, it was a good sign the health of professional wrestling in the region is truly growing. With the kind of show Prestige Wrestling The New Fury was, there is little doubt professional wrestling in Spokane is going to be on the map in new and exciting ways!

Match 1
Three Way Tag Team Match
Sonico, Ethan HD and Jacobu Soumis vs. TJ Perkins and C4 (Guillermo Rosas and Cody Chhun)

Photo / Inlander
Photo / Inlander

Ethan HD and TJP were the first to come out. The two size one another up and lock up. TJP works Ethan’s arm and takes him to the mat. TJP got Ethan’s head locked between his legs and Ethan managed an impressive reversal. These two engaged in some incredible mat work and it was very apparent these two men were equal matches. As this became apparent to their partners all six men ended up in the ring in a display of grappling chaos!

Once the ring cleared Cody Chhun and Sonico faced off. Cody managed to flip Sonico as he worked the Luchador’s arm. In kind Sonico got a reversal and did the same to Cody. Then Sonico executed a hurricanrana on Cody. Rosas steps and takes out Sonico.

Photo / Inlander
Photo / Inlander

Jacob Soumis and Ethan HD move in and put a world of hurt on Guillermo. It wasn’t long however before TJP insinuated himself and took Soumis and Ethan out of play. TJP throws Sonico out of the ring into the audience, gains momentum off the ropes and dives out onto Sonico and the two of them wiped out at least two rows of chairs. Fortunately, the excellent security at Prestige was able to move the audience members to safety before the chair carnage.

There was mayhem in the audience as wrestlers fought to wear down their opponents, some in the ring, while others fought in the audience. As Sonico, Jacub Soumis and Ethan HD pulled themselves together Cody Chhun climbed the ropes and canon balled down on top of them!

Photo / Matt Brazee
Photo / Matt Brazee

Sonico quickly recovered, climbed to the top of the ropes and dived down on his opponents and unceremoniously threw TJP back into the ring. TJP quickly recovers and gets Sonico in a figure four leg lock. Ethan HD ran up to help his teammate only to end up in a one-armed submission hold. Jacob Soumis tried to intervene only to find himself caught in the same one-armed submission trap. The audience went wild as TJP demonstrated his technical skills. Being able to tie up all three of his opponents at once is no small accomplishment. The ref went in and explained there can only be two wrestlers in the ring and TJP released Soumis and Ethan who retreated to their corner. Sonico strained under the hold nearly ready to tap out when he was able to get to the rope.

TJP takes a break while Cody and Guillermo move in and work Sonico over. They kick him, slam him and destroy the masked luchador before TJP reentered the ring and continued the brutal attacks.

Cody Chhun went in to finish Sonico off, when the Sonico kicks Cody and manages to tap Ethan in. Ethan moves in on Cody and executes a flawless stomp off the ropes. Ethan goes for the cover and gets a two count.

Photo / Quinn Welsch
Photo / Quinn Welsch

Jacub Soumis comes in and sets Cody up. Ethan takes the set and slams Cody on the mat. Jacub moves in and does the same. Sonico comes in for some payback, sets Cody up in the corner and slams into him several times. Cody rallies and executes one of his signature moves the Chhun and Done on Ethan HD.

TJP comes in and Kicks Sonico and then executes a flawless hurricanrana on his opponent. Rosas then double clotheslines Ethan HD and Jacub Soumis. Then Guillermo gets a German Suplex on Ethan. Then Rosas, on an impressive run flips Sonico and gets a two count. Sonico rallies and performs a moonsault on Rosas and also gets a two count.

Then TJP and Jacub Soumis come into the ring to face off. After some back and forth, TJP gets Soumis down for the count. Just as the ref reaches the count of two, Sonico comes in and breaks the pin. The teams break into chaos and everyone takes on one of their opponents. While Ethan, Cody, Sonico and Rosas are preoccupied outside the ring, TJP gets a hold of Jacub Soumis’ leg and gets him in an improvised one-legged Crab and forces his opponent to tap out!

TJ Perkins and C4 WIN!

Match 2
Singles Match
Travis Williams vs. Cole Wright

“The Golden Boy” Travis Williams came out mocking the citizens of Spokane. He clearly wasn’t interested in winning this crowd over. He pranced around the ring slinging insults and dirty looks.

When Cole Wright came out in his patriotic gear and wholesome smile the crowd loved him! He moved around the ring giving high fives and showing the audience some love. It was clear this crowd was firmly in Cole’s corner.

Photo / Soona Price
Photo / Soona Price

The bell rang and these two young men locked up. An obvious fact that emerged in the ring is that both Travis and Cole are golden haired darlings with similar haircuts. When it dawned on one another that they both bore a passing resemblance to one another they set about to messing up one another’s hair.

When Travis retreated out of the ring to avoid more coif damage the audience began shouting “Golden Showers!” Travis wasn’t too pleased with this. He eventually returned to the ring after taunting the audience and got a cheap shot punch in on Cole and got the young man in a head lock.

Cole broke free and executed a hurricanrana and then slams Travis onto the mat. Travis gets a reversal and begins choking Cole on the ropes. When the ref started counting Travis transitions Cole into a choke hold. Mr. Wright was able to elbow his way out only to have Travis slam into his head with a double kick. Travis moved in and got a two count.

Travis throws Cole out of the ring and gets several punches in as he stalked his opponent. Cole manages to get back into the ring and climbs the rope diving down on Travis no doubt distracted by his reflection. Then Cole executes a brutal German Suplex and gets a two count on Travis.

At this point our “Golden Boy” isn’t too pleased. It was obvious he thought this was going to be a quick and easy match. His ego was obviously displeased he hadn’t already put this opponent away. He rallies and kicks Cole in the head twice and gets a two count. Cole immediately counters by rolling Travis up for a two count of his own.

Cole gets up and slams Travis on the mat and got another two count. Travis performed a cutter on Cole. He moves in and gets a cover. The ref begins to count 1… the crowd is screaming in protest… 2… Cole’s leg is on the rope… 3… Travis Williams wins! As the crowd protests for the ref to observe Cole’s leg on the rope, Travis quickly reaches over and pulls Cole’s leg off before the ref could see.

Travis Williams WINS! By dubious means, however, it is a win none the less!


Match 3
Singles Match
Jordynne Grace vs. Priscilla Kelly

Photo / Handsome Zach
Photo / Handsome Zach

This is perhaps one of the most highly anticipated matches of the evening. When each of these wrestlers come out into the auditorium the audience couldn’t possibly be more pleased. Both Jordynne Grace and Priscilla Kelly are among the best and well-respected wrestlers on the independent scene today. One of the best things about this match was their ring banter.

When the bell rang these two competitors locked up. Jordynne managed to get Priscilla’s arm and began working it over. Priscilla got a reversal and brought Jordynne to the mat.

Photo / Handsome Zach
Photo / Handsome Zach

The two break apart and Priscilla calls for a test of strength. Jordynne regarded her with suspicion. Looking at these two wrestlers there is no doubt whatsoever Jordynne is by far the stronger of these two women. Then Priscilla stuck her hands down her pants and rubbed her crotch area and sniffed her fingers, satisfied with what she had done. Priscilla proudly announced herself as “The Nasty Bitch,” and Jordyn as “Strong as Hell Bitch!”

Jordynne reluctantly engaged with Priscilla who participated in the test of strength for only a few moments and managed to perform an arm hook flip on her opponent. She then pushed Jordynne into the corner and worked her over.

Jordynne quickly pulled out and drop-kicked Priscilla, moved in and got a two count. Ms. Grace then quickly got up and proceeded to slam Priscilla on the mat so hard, Priscilla declared, “I peed a little.”

Photo / Mariah Wearley

Jordynne goes after Priscilla and slaps her. Priscilla retreated outside the ring and Jordynne followed grabbing Priscilla and slamming her head against the side of the ring. The two end up back inside the ring and the unthinkable happens. With speed and skill, Priscilla managed to get one of Jordynne’s legs locked under Priscilla’s arm and Hell’s Favorite Harlot went in for a cross face stretch. Jordynne was in excruciating pain.

With agony on her face Jordynne reached for the rope. Priscilla expertly rolled them away while maintaining her devastating hold. It looked as though Jordynne had met her match. A tap out looked unavoidable. Then she managed to reposition slightly and got her free leg on a rope, breaking the hold.

Photo / Quinn Welsch

These two wrestlers were beginning to wear down. Jordynne managed to perform a Germany Suplex only to have Priscilla return the same move seconds later. What Jordynne had in strength over her opponent, Priscilla made up for with speed and resilience.

They exchanged punches. Priscilla managed to get another two count on Jordynne. Then Ms. Grace rallied and executed a devastating pile driver on Priscilla, moved in and got the two count. Priscilla was barely conscious and Jordynne went in for another cover only to get another two count.

Priscilla lands several kicks to Jordynne’s head, moves in and gets a two count. Then Jordynne got up, the look of determination on her face was formidable. Priscilla went in for the hair and Jordynne pulled out. She picked Priscilla up and performed another Pile Driver. Jordynne went in for the cover and got her three count!

Jordynne Grace WINS!


Match 4
Spokane Street Fight
Su Yung vs. Drexl

Photo / The Inlander

Drexl slinked into the auditorium like a snake slithering around the ring and terrifying small children. One little girl hid her face in her father’s arm as Drexl tormented her. The audience was certainly not happy with this Devil Reject.

When Su Yung came out, the audience erupted in applause. The Undead Bride is the unquestionable favorite in this match. When she stepped into the ring, she and Drexl locked eyes. There is clearly bad blood between these two. They circle the ring like two predators and then Su Yung spit a mouth full of blood directly into Drexl’s face!

She moved in, slammed Drexl on the mat and went for a chair. She hits Drexl on the head. Su then set Drexl up in the chair, climbed the ropes and dived down on the Devil! She sets up a chair in the corner and punches him several times. Drexl retreated into the audience and this horrifying battle ended up in the bar where the two slugged it out. Su pours a drink over Drexls head and the crowd began shouting “Holy Shit!”

Photo / Mariah Wearley

This vicious battle ended up on the stage where the VIP members of the audience were forced to flee for their life. The Undead Bride slammed Drexl on the stage and dragged him back over to the ring and started choking him on the top rope.

As Drexl lay near death on the mat, Su began searching for something underneath the mat. Anyone who is a fan of professional wrestling in a no disqualification match, when wrestlers search for something under the mat, it isn’t going to be pretty. Sure, enough the Undead Bride emerged from beneath the ring with a large stapler! There was a collective grimace on the faces of the audience. Everyone knew what was about to happen.

Su collected dollar bills from the audience and began stapling them to Drexl’s forehead. At one point the Undead Bride even stapled something to Drexl’s groin. It seemed like Drexl was finished, however, he emerged from the fires of defeat and rallied. This was no doubt the result of some pact he made with the Devil. It is the only way to explain how he could possibly function after the destruction laid out by the Undead Bride.

Drexl slammed Su against a steal chair and got a two count. He then set Su up in the corner and slammed his entire body against the chair crushing Su. Drexl delivered every indignant attack he could imagine. He then used a chair and slammed it in Su’s stomach as she attempted to pull herself back together. Drexl went in for the cover and got a two count.

The Devil then set up a chair on Su’s throat and took a seat and a brief break. He then got up and placed his boot on the Undead Brides throat and got another two count. Frustrated he couldn’t put her away Drexl beat Su with a chair, knees her and then collects a promotional poster and gave Su vicious paper cuts between her fingers. At this point the audience sat in complete horror as they watched the terrifying brutalization of their favorite in this match.

Photo / Quinn Welsch

Drexl places several paper cuts on Su’s face and then collects the stapler and staples the posters to Su’s back. He then ripped them off as Su tried to retreat. As Su lay motionless in the ring Drexl gets a table and sets it up outside the ring. He then drags Su out into the audience and began setting her up to slam Su into the table. Su managed a reversal and slammed Drexl into the table which crumbled into splinters of debris and Drexl was essentially in the same shape as the table. The audience began chanting “She’s Hardcore!”

The two crawl into the ring and Drexl bites Su in the forehead. Su manages to slam Drexl’s head into a chair and gets a two count. These two competitors were barely able to stand, every move was a laborious effort. Drexl manages to get a German Suplex on Su and got a two count.

Drexl then sets up a table. The two end up trying to climb the ropes and fight to take control. One of these two was going through the table. In the end neither gained the upper hand and both crashed through the table. The two of them lay reeling in pain on the mat. There was blood everywhere! Drexl managed to drag his carcass over for a cover and got a two count.

The Devil set up some chairs and went for Su to slam her through the chairs. However, Su Yung managed a reversal and drop slammed Drexl into the chairs. Su then prepared to unleash another mouthful of blood. Drexl quickly stepped out of the way and Su spit her bloody attack on the Ref!

Drexl moved in and got Su in a choke hold. The ref covered in blood was incapacitated by Su’s attack. A new ref ran in and called the match as Su was verified as unconscious.

Drexl WINS!

As Drexl revels in his win, Sonico came out and chased the Devil away as he protected the Undead Bride. Drexl retreated back to the locker room with a satisfied grin on the Devils face. Su Yung was virtually carried out of the ring.

Match 5
Tag Team Match
Eh Team (Lance Pierson & Jackson Price)
The Wreck You Ranges (Pitfall Jones & Dale Magnum)

Photo / The Inlander

The Eh Team is clearly one of Prestige’s favorites. One can tell by the reaction they received from the audience. When Lance Pierson and Jackson Price emerged from the locker room, escorted by Maddox Ryan, they received one of the loudest receptions of the evening.

The Wreck You Rangers came out to considerably less fanfare. Pitfall Jones and Dale Magnum made it pretty clear they had every intention of living up to their tag teams name and destroy the Eh Team.

When the bell rang Dale Magnum came in and approached Jackson Price. Those of you who do not know, Jackson is seven feet tall and an enormous stack of muscles. As Dale approached, he looked up at his opponent with uncertainty. Jackson raised a fist and brought it down directly atop Mr. Magnum’s head, sending him stumbling back to his corner.

Pitfall comes in and lays a chop directly to Jackson’s chest. The giant stood there unflinching. Pitfall dived onto the mat and went for Jackson’s legs. Mr. Price picked Pitfall up by the throat and was about to perform some devastating move when Pitfall skillfully crawled onto Jackson’s back and began choking the giant.

When Pitfall realized the choke out wasn’t working, he hopped off his back to avoid further slams into the ropes. Dale came out to help his opponent only for both opponents to end up in the clutches of Jacksons grip who performs a double slam on Pitfall and Dale.

Lance taps in, gets a cover on a devastated Mr. Magnum and gets a two count. Pitfall kicks Lance in the head dazing his opponent. Then Pitfall and Dale gang up on Lance delivering kicks, chops and every devastating move they could think of. Dale landed a cutter on Lance who tries to reach for his partner only to be denied by his opponents.

Both Dale and Pitfall brutalize Lance. They kept him away from taping in his partner and laid the heat on so heavily it appeared Lance Pierson might be removed from the ring in a body bag. As Lance crumbles to the mat Pitfall moves in and gets a two count. Lance manages to stay in despite being utterly destroyed by his opponents.

Photo / Inlander

Lance manages to pull through and regained his wits. He slams Pitfall in the corner and then takes Dr. Jones’ head and slams it into he turnbuckle. Pitfall gets a reversal and chokes Lance on the ropes and then gets his fingers into the sides of Lances mouth and performed a horrifying cheek stretch! Dale comes in and sets Lance up as Pitfall came in and slams into Lances groin, probably destroying any chances of this young man ever having a family.

Lance recovers slowly and begins exchanging chops and punches with Dale. After a brief hiatus from the match, Pitfall comes back in and slams Lances face into the mat. At this point you could see Lance is getting angry. He had taken a beating for a quite a while at the hands of The Wreck You Rangers. His anger gave him life and he performed a brutal Irish Whip on Pitfall Jones who flew into the corner of the ring. Dale intervenes and knocked Lance out of the ring.

The battle devolves into chaos! Dale starts to climb the ropes when Jackson intervenes and slams Dale into the audience. Jackson shoulder slams Pitfall three times. Then Dale and Pitfall realize they will need to coordinate their attacks and gang up on Jackson. Lance climbs the ropes and dives onto Pitfall who rolls out of the fight. Lance follows and the two engage in a punch exchange.

Pitfall breaks away and goes after Jackson who had stepped out of the ring. Dale and Lance engage. Pitfall gets a hold of Jackson’s head and slams it into the turnbuckle. As the giant stood dazed, Pitfall pushed the ring onto Jacksons leg pinning him to the side of the stage! Then Dale and Pitfall go after Lance slamming his head against the edge of the ring.

Photo / Inlander

Jackson begins shaking the ring trying to free himself. The ring shook as though an earthquake had struck Spokane Washington. Both Dale and Pitfall nearly lost their balance as Lance freed himself. Jackson then entered the ring and devastated Dale and Pitfall.

Pitfall lay at the center of the ring and as Jackson continued to rain fury upon Dale. Lance moved in for the cover on Pitfall and got the three count.

The Eh Team WINS!

Displeased they didn’t get the win Dale and Pitfall begin trash talking the Eh Team. Both Maddox Ryan and Chase James came out and intervened. Chase proceeded to devastate both Dale and Pitfall sending them running away back to the locker room.

Match 6
Singles Match
Chase James vs. Dave Turner

Photo / Brandon Martin

Chase didn’t get a break after raining down a storm of destruction on Dale Magnum and Pitfall Jones. Instead he stood in the ring knowing at any moment the Black Sheep would come out to face him. Sure, enough Dave Turner emerged from the locker room wearing his horrifying mask and lumbered into the auditorium with his daunting presence. As children cried clinging to their parents and full-grown adults cowered in their seats, Dave Turner made his way into the ring.

As the Black Sheep stepped through the ropes, Chase James didn’t back down. Dave moved in and shoved Chase. The two locked up and Chase managed to rout Dave into the corner. Dave was not amused, he picks up Chase and literally throws this young man across the ring.

Chase rolled out of the ring and began taunting the Black Sheep. As Dave hopped out of the ring to give pursuit Chase rolled back into the ring and continued to provoke the manifestation of nightmares, Dave Turner. This continued for a minute or so. It was an obvious strategy on Chases part to fluster his terrifying opponent.

Photo / Brandon Martin

Dave finally catches up to Chase. Dave lands a brutal punch on his opponent. Mr. James moves in and lands a chop on the Black Sheep’s chest and Dave stood there unphased. Dave begins brutalizing Chase around the ring and then out of no where the unthinkable happens. A woman from the audience jumps Dave, punching him in the face. Security pulls her away and we learn the woman was none other than Chase James’ mother!!!

After his mother brutally attacked Dave, Chase rallied and kicks Turner repeatedly and throws him back into the ring. The two go at it for a spell and eventually Dave gets a hold of Chases throat and throws him into the ropes. He then slams Chase onto the mat and begins punching him repeatedly. Dave slams Chase against the mat once again and gets a two count.

Dave grabs a chair and takes a swing at Chase only to miss by an inch. Chase kicks Dave in the face. The Black Sheep goes down and chase goes in for the cover. When the ref didn’t start counting Chase looked up only to discover Dave’s leg was under the rope.

Photo / Brandon Martin

Chase lines up a series of kicks and attacks on Dave. Once the Black Sheep was down Chase went in for another cover only to get a two count. Dave rallies and executes a devastating power bomb and gets a two count on Chase.

Dave was so visibly frustrated he picked up a chair. The ref shouted at him that this was not a no disqualification match and that the chair was not legal. Dave proceeded to smash the chair into Chase James. The ref disqualified The Black Sheep Dave Turner!

Chase James WINS!

Dave threw the ref out of the ring and continued to beat Chase with the chair as he taunted Chases mother who stood helplessly in the audience. Satisfied with the savage beating he delivered on his opponent he headed towards the locker room shouting, “Fuck Spokane and Fuck Prestige!”

Prestige owner, William Quintana came out to check on Chase and declared this was not over. He made the declaration, August 2, Prestige would return to Spokane. At that time Chase James and The Black Sheep would face one another once more, this time in a no disqualification match!

Match 7
Main Event Singles Match
Simon Grimm vs. Darby Allin

Photo / Mariah Wearley

The main event! Both Simon Grimm and Darby Allin are no strangers to Prestige. It’s also clear the audience is split between these two performers. On the eve of AEW: Double or Nothing the audience and Simon both paid their respects to Darby.

As the match began, these two men sat in opposite corners of the ring. They were engaged in a staring match, locking eyes like two predators sizing up their prey. Eventually these two men get up and start circling one another. Simon lunges forward and pushed Darby into the corner. Simon gets Darby over his shoulders and spins him around before throwing Darby across the ring.

Darby recovered quickly and hooked Simon’s arm flipping him and slamming him against the mat. Simon rolled out of the ring and Darby gives chase. Darby then climbed the rope in preparation for a dive, only to have Simon reach up and slam Darby off the top rope.

The resilience from Darby is truly an impressive thing to see. Despite the devastating attacks he had endured at the hand of Simon Grimm thus far, he still managed to pull through, get up and punch Simon Grimm in the face twice.

Simon quickly recovered and got a hold of Darby’s arm and pulled it into a devastating armbar. Darby manages to get to the rope and breaks the hold. Simon kicked Darby in the head and managed a knee slam on his prone opponent. Then Simon elbows Darby over and over again, before taking his hand, contorting it into horrific positions and breaking Darby’s thumb.

After a brutal beating on the mat, Simon gets Darby in the corner and continues to brutalize his opponent with a series of devastating attacks. He then tosses Darby out of the ring. Simon sat Darby in a chair and continued to beat him senseless before throwing him back into the ring. Simon stood on Darby’s hand and stomped on it like a bug!

Mr. Grimm moved in for the cover and got a two count on Darby. Simon goes back to work on Darby’s arm and hand. Then Darby comes back to life and gets a reversal. He slams Grimm onto the mat. Darby begins working Simon’s arm twisting it in a painful hold. You could see the pain on Grimm’s face and then with amazing ring awareness, Simon extended his foot and managed to make contact with the rope, breaking the hold.

Photo / The Inlander

Simon picked up Darby and slammed him on the mat, goes for the cover only to get another two count. Simon sets Darby up on the ropes and punches his opponent repeatedly. Darby attempted a reversal only to be introduced to Simon’s elbow right in the face. Darby recovers quickly and slams Simon so hard against the mat the Referee began counting him out. He of course came to his feet before the count of ten.

At this point in the match both these competitors are so exhausted they are having trouble standing. These two exchange punches as they try to put the other down. Simon moves in and nearly gets another armbar on Darby who narrowly escapes. In retaliation Darby drop kicks Simon twice. Darby barrel slams Simon and goes in for the cover.

Simon barely pulls out milliseconds before the count of three. He grabs Darby and performs a devastating power bomb. Darby was motionless on the mat; Simon got the cover and the three count!

Simon Grimm WINS!


Prestige Wrestling hit the bullseye with this show. It was entertaining with spectacular talent, both local and fly-ins. There is a real sense of community around this promotion, which to me is a clear sign that a promotion is doing something right. It was announced that Prestige will be back in Spokane on August 2nd! I sincerely hope this will be a regular event. If Prestige can thrive in a small community such as Hermiston Oregon it seems like a pretty safe bet there’s space for more professional wrestling in Spokane Washington.

If Hermiston Oregon simply isn’t in the cards for you and you want to see a Prestige show, we have good news for you. Prestige has a show in Portland Oregon on June 29th at the Bossanova Ballroom, titled Attribute of the Strong. As before mentioned they come back to Spokane on August 2nd at the Pin. The show is titled The Respect Issue! Don’t miss out on this incredible Promotion. They really know what their doing and it shows.

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