Review: DEFY Into the Fire

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DEFY Into the Fire
May 10th, 2019
Seattle Washington

Tonight, is the culmination of hard work, logistical planning and a hive of creativity. Into the Fire, was another masterful entry in a pantheon of stellar events orchestrated by DEFY. It is a special thing to walk into Washington Hall. The excited anxiousness you feel when you pull out your ID and have your bag checked before climbing the stairs to the second-floor mezzanine. That is where several merch tables are lined with wrestling talent and across from them is where Lunchbox Laboratory runs concessions.

Entering the auditorium itself always has an electrical feeling. The anticipation of what is to come. Will Warbeast retain or will the Amerikan Gunz bring the championship belts home? Those questions and more linger on the hearts and minds of everyone in the room. Old friends mingle as new friendships are forged.

It is difficult to describe the camaraderie that exists at Washington Hall. The fellowship shown to newcomers is surprisingly genuine, it’s virtually impossible to feel unwelcome. The approachability of the talent is evident in the conversations and jovial laughter that can be over heard coming from the merch tables. Everyone there is a part of something, and you can feel yourself being swept up in the experience.

 Match 1: Tag Team
Sonico & Leon Negro vs. The Uprising (Judas Icarus & Eli Surge)

Photo / Travis George Hoehn

Everyone at DEFY loves Sonico and Leon Negro. These two gentlemen know how to work off the ropes and devastate their opponents from the sky. When they came out into the auditorium the collective cheer was deafening! This wasn’t the case for our challengers the Uprising, consisting of Judas Icarus and Eli Surge. However, it did become apparent these two are starting to build their own fallowing within the DEFYANCE.

When the bell rang Sonico and Judas Icarus locked up and perform some impressive mat work. Then Leon Negro and Eli Surge come out. Leon was able to get an arm hook flip on Eli and worked him over in the ring. It didn’t take long before Eli turned the tables and Judas stepped in. The Uprising got Leon into a corner and laid on a series of devastating punches, chops and body slams. Eli got Leon on the mat and for a two count.

Photo / Travis George Hoehn

While Eli was preoccupied with Leon Negro, Sonico climbed to the top rope and slammed into Eli. Sonico climbs the ropes again and takes out Judas Icarus in an impressive display of high flying for which our Lucha Ghoul is famous.

Elie Surge and Judas Icarus gang up on Sonico much like they had Leon minutes before. Leon climbs the ropes and takes these two gentlemen out much as Sonico had done earlier in the match. It seemed as though once Sonico or Leon Negro got to the ropes the Uprising struggled to defend themselves from attacks coming from above.

Eli and Judas held their own and got several two counts against their opponents. In the end Leon Negro executed a powerful move that appeared to be an improvised cutter and put Judas Icarus away with the three count!

Sonico and Leon Negro Win!

Match 2: Lucha
Vaquero Fantasma vs. Cazador Del Alma

Photo / Nick Around Seattle

Making his debut at DEFY was Vaquero Fantasma. This masked luchador joined us from Mexico City and entered the ring with an impressive amount of fan fair. This talented luchador has clocked over twenty years in the ring. Everyone sitting in Washington Hall had the pleasure of seeing the product of that experience.

Facing Vaquero Fantasma is Cazador Del Alma! He came out in flaming red gear and looked like a human manifestation of fire! Cazador joins us from the south and he knows how to work a crowd. The moment he came into the ring you could feel the contention between these two wrestlers.

The bell rang and these two engaged in some impressive moves. Some flips were exchanged, and Cazador Del Alma didn’t make any qualms about the fact he would do whatever it takes to win, even if he had to get down and dirty about it.

Photo / Travis George Hoehn

Vaquero Fantasma put Cazador in a figure four leg lock and tortured his opponent for nearly a minute before Cazador grabbed a hold of the rope. Moments later Cazador Del Alma returned the favor twisting Vaquero Fantasma into a nasty looking submission hold, locking up his legs and pulling Vaquero’s head back. Vaquero powered through and pulled out of the hold.

Cazador managed to get some devastating kicks in on Vaquero who went down for a two count before rallying and turning the tables on his opponent. Cazador Del Alma managed to retreat into the audience however Vaquero Fantasma wasn’t going to allow that to happen. He gained momentum off the ropes and dived onto Cazador and managed to take out three rows of chairs as these to opponents went at it outside the ring.

These two men threw chops and ended up in the ring where Vaquero climbed to the top rope and dived down decimating Cazador! Vaquero got a two count on his opponent. Frustrated his opponent was able to pull out Vaquero Fantasma managed to get Cazador Del Alma into a vicious looking leg lock and forced his opponent to submit!

Vaquero Fantasma wins by submission!

Match 3: Tag Team
Schaff & Chris Ridgeway vs. The Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero M & Rey Fenix)

Photo / Nick Around Seattle

Joining us from across the Atlantic is Chris Ridgeway. This is his second appearance at DEFY, having faced Penta El Zero M late last year in one of the best matches we’ve seen at Washington Hall. Joining Mr. Ridgeway is none other than the Local Hero at DEFY, Schaff! This gentleman receives perhaps the loudest receptions of any wrestler on the DEFY roster when he enters the auditorium.

Not content to let their competitors receive all the glory, the Lucha Brothers, Penta El Zero M and Rey Fenix, emerged from the curtains and it would be difficult to say the reception they received was any less glorious than our Local hero got from the DEFYANCE.

As these two teams squared off you could see the tension between Chris Ridgeway and Penta El Zero M. Their last meeting was not forgotten by either and it was clear there was unfinished business between these two wrestlers.

Photo / Nick Around Seattle

The bell rang and Chris Ridgeway locks up with Rey Fenix and engaged in some impressive technical work on the mat. Then they engage in a hard-hitting chop exchange. Penta El Zero M entered the ring giving the Lucha Brothers the upper hand as they worked Chris over. Schaff enters the ring and breaks up the Lucha Brothers before laying into Penta.

Schaff tags in Chris, he moves in and kicks Penta in the head and ties him up in a figure four leg lock and reaches up for a cross face stretch. Penta is reeling in agony but manages to pull through. Schaff comes in and slams Penta El Zero M into the mat so hard you could feel your seat vibrate.

Chris moves in and pins Penta El Zero M, just as Referee Aubrey Edwards is about to make the count of three, Rey Fenix jumps into the ring and delivers a kick to Aubrey’s head rendering her unconscious before she reached the count of three.

Photo / Nick Around Seattle

Penta El Zero M rallies and turns the tables on Schaff and Chris Ridgeway. The Lucha Brothers send Schaff rolling out of the ring and coordinate a double kick to the head of Chris as the ref began to stir in the corner.

Schaff pulls out and kicks Penta in the head and goes in for the pin. The ref still dazed from her concussion, slow counts to two when Penta pulled out. Mayhem breaks loose as every competitor is throwing chops and devastating moves are executed around the ring. Penta got Chris Ridgeway on the edge of the ring and executed a flawless Canadian Destroyer.

The chaos continued until Penta moved in and pinned Chris Ridgeway with a three count!

The Lucha Brothers Win!

Match 4: Singles
“Filthy” Tom Lawlor vs. Randy Myers

Photo / Nick Around Seattle

Coming out to The New Kids on the Blocks immortal classic “Hanging Tough,” Tom Lawlor entered in what appeared to be a pair of pants in the late stages of decay. He seemed uninterested in the audience, from whom he was receiving a mixed response.

Randy emerged from the locker room playfully prancing around the ring bestowing his coveted kiss upon a small handful of lucky recipients. As he entered the ring having gotten all the kisses he wanted from fans, Randy proceeded to pull a Chapstick from his pocket and applied judicious amounts to his lips… No doubt in hopes his opponent would at some point lock lips with our Weirdo Hero. Mr. Lawlor seemed determined to keep this from happening.

Lawlor pulled off his shirt and proceeded to use it as a crotch rag. He then threw the filthy garment in the face of highly unpopular Referee Benjamin Roberts. This young man retreated in disgust as Lawlor retrieved the crotch rag only to be surprised to see Randy wanted the shirt for himself. Tom wasn’t about to give into his opponent’s desires and tore the shirt up throwing it in the face of the Ravenous one!

Photo / Nick Around Seattle

The moment the bell rang Randy moved in and got Tom into an Octopus Stretch. Lawlor managed to pull out and threw a closed fist punch in Randy’s face before resorting to a dirty hair pull. After being broken up by the ref, Lawlor gets Randy in a head lock. Tom then pushes the Weirdo Hero in the corner and proceeds to go for the hair again… Perhaps Mr. Lawlor has something against green haired heroes!

The audience began chanting “Weirdo Hero” and it was as if a phoenix emerged from the flames of defeat and devastation, Randy Myers rallied. He lands a devastating head butt on Lawlor and the two competitors end up outside the ring.

These two men exchange a number of horrifying chops and then the unthinkable happens! They’re coming right at this writer! With the swiftness that a middle-aged pudgy writer can move, I escaped harm and proceed to watch Randy collapse in my seat as Tom, exhausted, sits in the chair occupied by my friend Nick. These two men sat there throwing chops and punches as they struggled to stay in the game.

Photo / Nick Around Seattle

The two retreat back into the ring before the ref began a count out and continued an epic hard-fought battle. Randy managed to get Tom tangled up in the ropes and began stretching and pulling on every moving part. Tom pulls out and executes a devastating German Suplex. The filthy one gets a two count on Randy.

Tom then gets a vicious Clothesline on the Ravenous one sending him to the mat. He then repeatedly beat down on Randy to get another two count. Frustrated with his inability to get a three count on his opponent Tom get’s Randy in a choke hold and wrenched in his arm. Randy struggled briefly before tapping out!

“Filthy” Tom Lawler wins by submission!

Randy lay unconscious on the mat as Tom basked in the glory of his win. However, Randy didn’t get up. It was apparent he was unconscious and needed mouth to mouth resuscitation! Tom looked at the crowd incredulously and tapped on Randy to awaken. The crowd began chanting “CPR!” Tom wasn’t having it and retreated into the locker room.

Like a carcass being circled by vultures, Randy remained motionless on the mat. The crowd continued to chant and eventually Tom came back out. He gave his mouth a hefty spray of breath freshener and administered the kiss of life to the Weirdo Hero! Randy stirred awake and collected his smooch from the Filthy one, Tom Lawlor!

Match 5: Singles
Danika Della Rouge vs. Cat Power with Sloan

Photo / Nick Around Seattle

Entering Washington Hall with bright pink hair and lighted cape was none other than Danika Della Rouge. There is little doubt this young woman is loved by the DEFYANCE! She made her way around the ring with her million-dollar smile greeting her fans with shared excitement.

Photo / Nick Around Seattle

Her opponent, making her Washington Hall debut is a competitor named Cat Power! She was dressed in a black gear strategically torn to reveal her red garments blow. Her black hair was slicked back, and she revealed her black tongue mockingly at her opponent. There was little doubt Cat was there not to simply wrestle Danika but to destroy her!

After the bell, these two wrestlers locked up and Cat pushes Danika into the corner. Danika pulls out and manages to get Cat into a head lock. Cat struggles for a few moments and breaks the lock by slamming Danika against the ropes. She then pulled Danika up and worked her over in the corner. Danika pulls an impressive reversal and does the same to Cat.

Photo / Nick Around Seattle

These two wrestlers ended up outside the ring and Danika begins throwing chops. Cat manages to get a hold of Danika and slammed her head against the edge of the ring. Then Danika managed to slam Cat’s head into an audience members chair. Cat retaliates by throwing Danika into the turnbuckle where she crumbles to the ground.

Well into this match it becomes highly apparent these two competitors are evenly matched. They struggled to stay in control and just when one appeared to gain the upper hand the other pulled out and gets a reversal.

As these two wrestlers battled in the ring, someone unfamiliar entered the auditorium. Sloan, a wrestler from Vancouver BC began slinking around the ring holding a chair in her hands. She wore animal print wrestling gear and brazenly smoked from her vape pen. She made her way fully around the ring, set the chair down and took a seat to watch the show.

Photo / Travis George Hoehn

Danika got Cat in the corner, throwing chops, punches and manages to knee slam her opponent. She rolled her up and got a two count. Danika then performs a devastating slam and tries to put Cat away again, only to get another two count.

Then Cat rallies and grabs Danika by the throat and performed a choke slam. Sloan stood, folded her chair and proceeded to the edge of the ring. As Cat set Danika up, Sloan slammed the chair right onto Danika’s head!

Cat slammed Danika into the mat, went in for the cover, and got the three count!

Cat Power wins!

Not content with her friends win, Sloan enters the ring and set the chair in the center. She proceeded to throw Danika’s limp body over her shoulders and slammed her down onto the chair. Danika lay there motionless as the two other wrestlers returned to the locker room. It was only after a several minutes of attending to Danika before she was escorted from the ring with the assistance of Referee Aubrey Edwards.

Match 6: Singles
Guillermo Rosas vs. Travis Williams

Photo / Nick Around Seattle

With a song at his back Gillermo Rosas entered the auditorium with his cowboy hat and a length of rope in hand. Joining him in the ring is “Golden Boy” Travis Williams. This young man from Canada is making another appearance at DEFY and is a welcome addition to their roster.

The moment the bell rang, Rosas gets Travis in a head lock and takes him to the mat. Travis pulls out and these two gentlemen (I use this term loosely) engage in some impressive mat work. When it’s clear one wasn’t getting the upper hand, these two quickly began throwing chops. Guillermo Rosas isn’t the biggest wrestler to enter the ring, but in this match he throws some of the most devastating chops Washington Hall has seen… or heard.

Travis managed to get Rosas in the corner and threw a flurry of attacks at his opponent. Rosas pulled out and landed a brutal kick right to Travis’ head. Rosas continued his attacks bringing Travis to the mat. Then Guillermo grabs his rope and hog ties the Golden Boy! As Rosas basked in the cheers and boos, Referee Benjamin Roberts unties Travis, releasing him from his bondage.

Photo / Nick Around Seattle

Travis proceeded to throw Guillermo out of the ring who stumbled into the first row. Then Williams dived onto Rosas and wiped out at least two rows of chairs. Then Travis got into the ring, gained momentum off the ropes and dived onto Rosas for a second time. The two of them battled in the audience, threw chops, and slammed one another against the turnbuckle. It devolved into one of the most vicious fights of the evening.

Photo / Nick Around Seattle

The two competitors moved the fight back into the ring and Rosas lands another devastating kick to Travis’ head. Then Williams kicks Rosas in the family jewels sending him to the mat in pain. Travis basked in his small victory and as he moved in to execute his next move, Rosas returned the strategic kick in kind. Travis crumbled to the mat in pain.

Punches were exchanged. Travis rolled Rosas up for a two count. Then Travis executes a Springboard Stunner on Rosas. He throws Guillermo against the ropes and when the ref breaks them up Rosas gets a hold of the rope he brought with him and wrapped it around his fist. He lures Travis in and as the ref attempted to pull them apart, Rosas strikes Williams in the face… Travis goes down, Rosas moves in for the cover and gets the three count!

Guillermo Rosas WINS!


Match 7: Main Event DEFY & PCW ULTIMA Tag Team Championship Challenge
Champions War Beast (Josef Samael & Jacob Fatu)
Amerikan Gunz (Ethan HD & Mike Santiago)

Photo / Nick Around Seattle

Everything in on the line! Both the DEFY Tag Team Championship and the PCW ULTRA Tag Team Championship are in play. Washington Hall could not be more excited for this main event and as the Amerikan Gunz entered the auditorium various chants were shouted including “bring it home!” Both Ethan HD and Mike Santiago entered the room like heroes. They were our first DEFY Tag Team Champions and the DEFYANCE is ready for them to win this title for a second time.

Photo / Nick Around Seattle

Warbeast entered the hall with a great deal of fan fair. They are after all our reigning Tag Team Champions. This is, however, their first appearance at Washington Hall, as they won the title at Wrestle Summit in LA, from the previous title holders, The 1%. Jacob Fatu and Joseph Samael held both title belts over their shoulder and made every effort to rub those belts in the faces of their challengers.

The Amerikan Gunz unable to resist the taunting of their opponents laid into Warbeast and the bell rang. Ethan HD went after Joseph Samael while Mike Santiago took on Jacob Fatu! Chops, punches… The Amerikan Gunz threw Joseph out of the ring and began working Jacob Fatu in the corner. They went at it hard, determined to put this match away as quickly and decisively as possible. However, Warbeast proved that wasn’t going to happen.

Photo / Nick Around Seattle

Joseph Samael came back and struck Ethan HD with a chair like a baseball bat, and like a baseball, Ethan HD flew out of the ring. Chaos and carnage ensued. The battle continued as the audience parted like the Red Sea, as wrestlers flew into chairs, wiping out rows at a time.

This competition was frenzied with opponents paired up and battling in nearly every corner of Washington Hall. Audience members ran for their lives and wrestlers fought with reckless abandon! Security went above and beyond making certain the DEFYANCE remained safe as Warbeast and the Amerikan Gunz brutalized one another in a competition so fierce people were likely going to be carried out by the EMT’s.

Photo / Travis George Hoehn

Ethan HD slammed Jacob Fatu’s head directly into a chair shattering it into a dozen pieces. Then Joseph Samael starts working Ethan over in the corner when Mike Santiago comes in and rescues his partner from the brutal beating.

Photo / Celest Elmer

Both Mike Santiago and Ethan HD ganged up on Joseph Samael with some coordinated moves. Jacob Fatu came in to help his partner only to be met by Mike Santiago who fed his opponents face to a chair. Mike started setting Jacob up for a move as Ethan HD began climbing the ropes. Just as Ethan reached the top, Joseph Samael blew flames directly into Ethan’s face! Ethan HD crumbled to the ground as Referee Aubrey Edwards summoned personnel to attend the fallen wrestler.

Jacob Fatu wasted no time slamming Mike Santiago into the mat, laying him out. Jacob then climbed to the top rope and performed and incredible Moonsault. He then put Mike Santiago away with the three count.

WARBEAST WINS! They remain the DEFY and PCW ULTRA Tag Team Champions!

Photo / Nick Around Seattle

Talk about an amazing night of wrestling! DEFY has proven once again they have incredible talent with being able to craft world class wrestling shows. Sitting in a packed out room with waves of people standing in the back is proof enough the word is out. Getting tickets to these shows is becoming a challenge. One must be ready the day those tickets go on sale to get a coveted VIP first row ticket, and everything else virtually sells out shortly after until there is nothing but standing room only.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… Defy is a destination. If you have not been able to attend a show, plan for it. Make hotel and flight reservations. I guarantee you won’t find anything like it anywhere else.

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