TIWMafia POPUP Interview.


The Degeneracy Cleanser?  Francis Wright

  • Banned from Twitter Multiple Times
  • Believes Barack Obama is the secret leader of Pro Wrestlings Illuminati
  • Believes the same chemicals placed in chem trails exist in Pro Wrestling Fireworks
  • Believes millennials do nothing but watch Hentai on thier phones

**Parental Advisory.  Francis does wear a tin hat, well a tinfoil hat to be exact so we aren't sure exactly what will happen.**

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@TIWJosh enters the #WWERAW Thunderdome tonight!  It got us curious and in a thinking mood.  How many of you have had a chance to enter the Thunderdome and what has been your experience.

So far its been fun. Its been more fun for the kids to hang out and be directed to cheer or boo.  Tonight will be a little different.  I will be dawning my #Retribution Slap Jack MASK!  If anyone sees the YETI tonight on RAW make sure to tweet us @3irishboyz so we can make fun of him!