Without A Cause Daddy’s Home Review!

Without A Cause
Daddy’s Home Review
November 30, 2019
Everett Washington

In Everett Washington at 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon, Without A Cause kicked off the festivities of the day. A departure from their normal day and time, the folks at Without A Cause moved the event to accommodate fans who wanted to attend both this fantastic event and Wrestle Summit happening a few miles south on I-5.

The energy was high even though it was bitter cold outside. Fans descended on the VFW Hall! There was excitement in the air. People were excited to see their favorite professional wrestlers come together and put on a spectacular show… and that is exactly what they got!

Match #1
Tag Team
Young Muscle (Jaiden & Nick Wayne) vs. Logan Stunt & “Golden Boy” Travis Williams

Photo / Lady Bell

What a match this turned out to be. Young Muscle did not disappoint. Jaiden spent more time in the air than he did on the mat and Nick Wayne proved that a fourteen-year-old wrestling wonder massacred his opponents every time he got in the ring. This duo is truly something to behold.

However, Logan Stunt showed us you don’t have to be the biggest guy in the ring to deliver devastation upon his opponents. Logan is fast and he managed to pull off some impressive moves at a speed that made him a virtual blur in the ring. Travis Williams demonstrated the cocky arrogance we have come accustomed from the Golden Boy. He didn’t hold back, there were eye pokes and he enjoyed flipping off his fans.

The name of the game in this match was speed. All four of these young men are fast and kept the pace of this competition at a level that was nail biting. In the end Travis Williams ended up on the mat and both Jaiden and Nick moved in and pinned Travis Williams and got the three count!

You Muscle Wins!


Match #2
Singles Competition
Eddie Andrews vs. Daniel Makabe

These two talented men put on quite a display for the crowd at Without A Cause. Eddie Andrews is slightly larger and had a strength advantage over his opponent. He spent a lot of his time delivering devastating blows to his opponent Daniel Makabe. These two put on an impressive technical display. It was a truly glorious thing to watch two such talented and experienced wrestlers engaged in an acrimonious battle for supremacy.

Photo / Vitz

Daniels technical skills helped him perform numerous reversals against Eddie and he managed to get his opponent in several submission holds including the cross-face stretch. Eddie proved himself to be a durable opponent as he managed to pull through every submission attempted Daniel had to throw at him.

This was an intense match and there was no clear person who dominated the field. Both achieved near falls and submission attempts, but they couldn’t manage to put the other away completely until Daniel Makabe managed to get the three count on Eddie Andrews.  

Makabe wins!

Post-match announcement: It was announced on January 19th, Warhorse will be making his way to Everett Washington to face Daniel Makabe!

Match #3
Tag Team, Last Team Standing
4 Minutes of Heat (Ricky Gibson & Eddie Pearl) vs. The Strays (Tyler Elliot & Judas Icarus)

Photo / Lady Bell

This isn’t the first time these two teams have faced off! With any luck it won’t be the last. 4 Minutes of Heat came out in new gear and they were ready destroy the Strays who have been taunting them over the last month. Ricky Gibson and Eddie Pearl came in strong and they didn’t give the Strays one inch. These two are well coordinated and managed to execute some of their best moves.

Photo / Lady Bell

However, the Strays had an edge of malice and venom. These good boys turned bad and they have developed quite an edge. These two brought their game and it was a relentless display of destruction and mayhem! Tyler Elliot and Judas Icarus have obviously not been receiving treatment for their rabies and this gave them the edge in this match. After reaping destruction on Ricky and Eddie…

The Stray’s win!

Match #4
Championship Match
Jorel Nelson vs. WAC Champion Chris Bey

Jorel Nelson is perhaps one of the most underrated wrestlers on the independent scene today. He proved his metal against WAC Champion Chris Bey by keeping him on defense through most of this match. He executed one brutal move after another and showed us exactly how talented Jorel really is in the ring.

Chris Bey is not however is not so easily defeated. This guy isn’t the biggest guy in the ring, but he is one of the fastest and he is undoubtedly one of the most cunning. He employed every dirty trick in the book including a dastardly eye poke on Nelson. Chris wasn’t about to surrender his championship belt to anyone! After a series of kicks and brutal attacks, Chris Bey rolled up Jorel and got the three count!

Chris Bey wins!

Following the conclusion of this contentious match Chris Bey issued an open challenge. Anyone who wants to come and face him can bring it on, because he’s ready for anyone!

Match #5
Singles Competition
The Black Sheep, Dave Turner vs. Stroke Daddy, Ricky Starks

Photo / Vitz

Anyone who has seen the Black Sheep, Dave Turner, in the ring knows he is one of the bigger guys in the business. Anyone who is unlucky enough to end up in this living embodiment of nightmares clutches is going to hate life. Sure, enough Ricky Starks got to experience this firsthand. Dave slammed Ricky against the mat so hard you could feel the building shudder!

Ricky went for the top ropes and dived down on the Black Sheep only to be caught and treated to another introduction to the mat in a rather brutal fashion! Ricky managed to get a few good moves in, however the tired turned on the Black Sheep when an interloper entered the auditorium.

Pitfall Jones made an unexpected appearance. He collected the Black Sheep’s mask. “This belongs in a museum!” he called out before disappearing out of the building. Dave Turner was obviously thrown off by this villainous theft. Ricky took advantage, rolled up the Black Sheep and got the three count!

Ricky Starks wins!

While the match against Ricky Starks is now a note in the history of Without A Cause, it seems likely the Black Sheep has unfinished business with Pitfall!

Match #6
8 Person Tag Team Elimination Match
Team Migs: Steve Migs, Rebel Kel, Johnny Flynn & MV Young
Team Cool Dad: Chris Ross, Jet Knight, JaCub Soumis and Liiza Hall

Team Migs and Team Cool Dad were divvied up at the beginning of the show, and now that they have had some time to strategize, they came out ready to win. In this match each opponent is eliminated from the match if they are pinned or they tap out.

This was a fantastic match that collapsed into utter chaos the moment the bell rang! There was a lot of back and forth and these teams brutalized one another. Once the eliminations started this match ended quickly. First Rebel Kel was eliminated, then JaCub Soumis. A minutes later we saw MV Young eliminated and then Liiza Hall. We saw Migs eliminated and then Cool Dad Chris Ross got knocked out of the game. The two remaining wrestlers were Johnny Flynn and Jet Knight! These two squared off and gave the crowd an impressive display of their talents. In the end Jet Knight got the three count on Johnny eliminating him from the match.

Jet Knight is the final man standing!

Team Cool Dad Wins!

Even though the match came to an end there was still unsettled business. Former tag partners Chris Ross and Johnny Flynn apparently have a deep personal grudge. They went at it trying to destroy the other before the ref pulled them apart. These two agreed to settle their differences next month on January 19th 2020 in a match that will undoubtedly be one of the most brutal and personal matches Without A Cause has ever seen!

Match #7
Fatal Four Way
Effy vs. Chase James vs. Drexl vs. Steve West

A former champion, the devil, the reigning monarch of sass and the master of snot rocketry enter a ring… no it really happened! These four incredible performers emerged into a single ring to put on one hell of a spectacle.

Chase James went in as a fierce opponent. He had an ax to grind and ready to deliver that ax directly into Steve West. It isn’t easy to forgive someone for costing you a championship belt. Steve didn’t simply lay down and take it. Along with his nasal missiles he delivered a series of devastating attacks on the men he shared the ring with.

Effy was the wild card, the fly in who came to town wow the audience and make sure we didn’t forget him! He held his own gracefully and kept this match somewhat civilized however this is nearly an impossible accomplishment when the Devil himself Drexl is involved. Once Drexl engaged the stapler came out and at one point there were tacks. It got ugly really fast!

This match was brutal, bloody and vicious. In the end Chase James managed to get his revenge. He moved in on Steve West and got the three count!

Chase James pins Steve West and wins!

Review Without A Cause Year One!

Review Without A Cause Year One!

Without A Cause
Year One!
October 27, 2019
Everett Washington

One year… An entire year has gone by! To say we saw significant change from the very first show to the one year anniversary show is an understatement. The very first show was wonderful expose of talent that showed incredible promise. It was a clear indicator that the folks behind Without A Cause knew what they were doing. Fast forward to WAC Year One, and this fantastic promotion has gone from a promising addition to the regions menu of show options to a must see property. It is becoming a destination both for fans and talent. With this much growth in a single year we can only speculate what’s going to happen in this promotions second year!

As for the Year One show, Max Zaleski, Taylor Bartle and their incredible team constructed one of the best cards to date. Here’s a run down of what happened!

Match #1: Six Way
Dave Turner vs. Eddie Osbourne vs. Kingpin Johnny Flynn vs. Zach Cooper vs. “Cool Dad” Chris Ross vs. Chris Cruz

Wow! This was an incredible opening match. Not only where there six talented men in this match but they didn’t hold back… at all! This was an impressive mix of styles. Dave Turner, Eddie Osbourne, Zach Cooper and Chris Ross have a more brutal powerhouse style while Johnny Flynn is more technical, and Chris Cruz is a spectacular high flyer.

The moment the bell rang there was a lot of posturing. It appeared as though each one of them was waiting for someone to make the first move. Then Johnny Flynn started shoving his opponent around and then this match broke out into utter chaos!

Chris Cruz performs a hurricanrana on Eddie Osbourne while Zach Cooper got a double drop kick on Chris Ross. Dave Turner then picks up Mr. Cooper and throws him out of the ring where Zach crashed through a door and lay motionless for the remainder of the match.

The black sheep then went after Kingpin Flynn and Chris Cruz in a slamwich! There was a lot of back and forth. In the end Dave turner gets the pin on Eddie Osbourne!

Dave Turner wins!

Match #2: Six Man Tag Team Match
Steve Migs and the Voros Twins vs. Jet Knight and Young Muscle (Jaiden & Nick Wayne)

To this day, at the one-year show, the audience at Without A Cause continues to fail in appreciating Steve Migs! One day folks… one day. This time, Migs didn’t come alone. He brought the Voros twins with him to take on challenger Jet Knight.

Jet couldn’t possibly show up to a match without his own back up. The incredible and rising team of Young Muscles came to join Mr. Knight. This threesome represents some of the hottest talent making a name for themselves in the region and they have a made an impressive showing here at Without A Cause.

When the bell rang Steve Migs and Jet Knight went up against one another. Steve managed to dodge a couple of Jet’s clotheslines only to be captured by the talented Mr. Knight who proceeded to give Migs a good old fashioned noogie! Then slams Migs.

Jaiden taps in and kicks a Voros! But this Voros wasn’t going to take that without retaliation and gave Jaiden a brutal chop. Nick Wayne moved in and performed a hurricanrana on the offending Voros brother.

Migs moves in and claims his opponents are too young to be in the ring. Nick responds with a kick to Migs’ face! After a few moments of mayhem, one of the Voros twins moves in and punches Jaiden and Migs slams Jaiden. The Voros then pull Jaiden into the corner when they work him over. Then one Voros gets Jaiden into a Surfboard while the other rains down from the top rope devastating Jaiden.

Migs and his partners kept Jaiden in the corner denying him the opportunity to tap one of his partners in. They executed a series of brutal attacks before Migs slams Jaiden onto the mat, goes in for the cover and gets a two count.

Jaiden rallies and gets a double head slam on the Voros twins and manages to tap Jet Knight in. Without hesitation Jet goes in for the kill, he chops Migs and slams him against the mat. He then turned his attention to the Voros twins. Jet destroys them, goes in for the pin, only to have Migs leap into the ring and break the cover.

The Voros gang up on Jet Knight and beat him down before going in for the cover only to get a two count. Then Jaiden and Nick Wayne fly in wipe out the Voros twins. Steve Migs moves in and crashes Jaiden and Nick’s heads together.

Jet moves in, devastates Migs and manages to take down one of the Voros twins. Jet goes for the cover and gets the three count!

Jet Knight and Young Muscle Win!


Match #3: Triple Threat
Steve West vs. Chase James vs. Drexl

This was a match in the making for a while now. A few months ago, Chase James was the celebrated champion of Without A Cause. He represented the promotion with grace and dignity. Then there was a four-way championship match during which Steve West kept Chase James busy while Chris Bey got a three count on Jordy Taylor. Needless to say, it is a bitter pill to lose your championship belt to an opponent who didn’t pin you, but that is how it went for Mr. James.

But Chase wasn’t the only contestant in this rumble with a beef to grind. Drexl had his own grievances to levy at the feet of Mr. James. They had faced off recently in a death match during which Chase James bludgeoned the devil with a chair and ever since this demonic grappler has been a bit confused about who he has become. Apparently tie-dye and Grateful Dead music doesn’t sit well with the Devil Drexl but somehow his head injury has created some confusion about his true identify.

When this match began, we heard Drexl lament about his mental deterioration into a dead head. This prompted both Chase James and Steve West to join forces and quickly take Drexl out. As the devil lay on the mat Chase didn’t waste a moment of time! He moved in and kneed Steve West in the face and starts working Wests arm.

This match was a fantastic display of wrestling talent. West shot his snot rockets, while Chase demonstrated his technical skills. Drexl changed personalities with every blow, switching between the peace loving, tie-dye wearing dead head and the fiendish devil. This was a highly entertaining match to watch. There was never a dull moment between these three. As Chase James and Steve West duked it out in the ring, Drexl was the wild card who insinuated himself in the match in the most comedic ways.

After an intense and hilarious match, we saw it come down to Steve West and Chase James. These two fought a contentious war. Just when you thought Mr. James would get his revenge, we saw West turn the tables and get the three count.

Steve West Wins!


Match #4: Without A Cause Championship Challenge
Champion Chris Bey vs. Hammerstone

It’s always a pleasure to have Hammerstone in the house. When he comes into the ring, he’s there to tear his opponent’s body apart limb by limb. One need only look at the “Beef Castle” to see, he’s more than capable of ripping a limb off anyone who dare cross him. It is fair to say there is a decent number of people at Without A Cause who would like to see Hammerstone do this very thing to their Champion Chris Bey. However, Mr. Bey isn’t without his fans among the audience.

When the bell rings Chris fly’s out of his corner and begins attacking his opponent with a flurry of strikes. After his vicious attack Hammerstone appeared completely unphased. He then proceeded to pick up Chris Bey and slam him against the mat, twice. The tenacity of Bey was evident by him bouncing back and getting Hammerstone in a head lock.

Hammerstone choked Bey on the ropes, threw him around like he was a sack of flour and brutalized the Champion. At one-point Bey attempted to flee the ring but Hammerstone wasn’t having it. Instead the challenger got a hold of Bey and began punching Bey in the face as the audience counted the strikes to ten.

Bey got a reversal and kneed Hammerstone in the face and quickly moved into the ring as his opponent remained dazed. The referee began the count out. It looked as though Hammerstone was going to lose by count out. “Eight,” Referee Jamie Smiles called out. Still Hammerstone lay motionless on the ground. It seemed as though world and time fell away as the audience watched closely to see if life would return to the “Beef Castle.” Jamie called out “Nine!” Hammerstone managed to leap into the ring before our fabulous referee came to the count of ten.

Things only got even uglier from there. Hammerstone devastated Chris Bey with one brutal attack after another. Bey wasn’t completely down. The Champion was able to get in more than a few strategic strikes.

After a brutal contest Bey climbed to the top of the ropes. He leapt down only to be caught in the clutches of Hammerstone who proceeded to slam Bey against the mat. Chris shook his head slightly dazed by his body making impact with the mat with such velocity you could feel the shock wave move through the room. The champion then turned and landed a cheap shot right to the “Beef Castles” family jewels! Hammerstone buckled over and Chris Bey took the opportunity to roll up his opponent and got the three count.

Chris Bey wins and retains!

Chris Bey’s victor was short lived, however. As Hammerstone recovered from the excruciating pain of both his testicular trauma and the sting of his loss, he began to stand. Chris Bey decided it was time to cut his victory celebration short and retreated into the locker room.


Match #5: Singles Competition
Tony Deppen vs. Daniel Makabe

When Tony Deppen came out into the ring the audience roared with pride. His debut has been one of the most highly anticipated events since the announcement was made last month. To see such a beloved fly in enter the ring was particularly fantastic. He came to face someone he’s shared the ring with before; one of our local favorites, Daniel Makabe!

When the bell rang these two amazing wrestlers locked up and we saw some of the most impressive mat work of the show. Tony quickly gets the upper hand and begins working Daniels ankle before getting him in a figure four leg twist. It was a brutal hold and it looked as if this was going to be a brief match.

After escaping the hold Daniel Makabe gets a reversal and gets Tony in a hammer lock. Tony demonstrated incredible technical skill by getting a reversal with a back-slide pin on Makabe for a one count. You could see the hunger and drive in these men’s eyes.

There were punches and strikes, some amazing foot work and the technical display between these two was worthy of the top performances we’ve seen at Without A Cause or any other promotion for that matter.

There were multiple two counts on one another. Makabe executed his Octopus stretch and Deppen managed to reach the ropes. Tony head butts Makabe sending him reeling in pain. There were stomps, dive bombs and cross face stretches. It was anyone’s match. Neither opponent could hold the initiative for long before the other executed a reversal.

These two struggled on the mat and then Makabe locked in on one of Tony’s arms, and then the other. A slight twist of the body and Makabe executed a Double Chicken Wing Pin and gets the three count!

Makabe wins!


Match #6: Singles Competition
“Dirty” Andy Dalton vs. “Golden Boy” Travis Williams

As “Golden Boy” Travis Williams entered the auditorium the audience began chanting “Justin Bieber!” While he wasn’t particularly fond of the comparison, being the consummate professional he is, he ignored them and prepared to face his opponent.

“Dirty” Andy Dalton was ready to destroy his pretty boy opponent. It was clear he planned to toy with his opponent like a cat toying with their prey. The bell rang and Andy lunges towards his opponent ready to start the beat down, however, Travis had other plans. Instead Travis Williams fled the ring and out of Andy’s grip. Dalton wasn’t about to let his opponent escape and went after him. Travis quickly fled back into the ring. As Andy Dalton reentered the ring Travis attempted an opportunistic elbow drop. Andy managed to dodge, and Travis’ elbow made contact with the mat. The Golden Boy wasn’t feeling so golden at that moment.

Our out of town guest, Andy went after Travis with a vengeance. At one-point Mr. Dalton is outside the ring and Travis Williams dives out. The two crashed threw three rows of chairs. Andy spit clawed and struck Travis. The vitriol between these two was tangible.

Andy got a hold of Travis and slapped him repeatedly. Travis then pushes Andy out of the ring and Travis gives chase. They brutalize one another and lay motionless on the ground. The ref reaches the count of seven before they get back in ring.

Travis goes in for a pin but uses the rope and the ref stops the count. Andy performs a reversal. He goes for the cover and uses the ropes for leverage. The ref doesn’t see Andy’s tactic and counts to three.

Andy Dalton Wins!


Match #7: Singles Competition
Riea Von Slasher vs. Christina Von Erie

When Jessicka Havok was unable to attend we were treated to a spectacular replacement, talent hailing from the north, Christina Von Erie! This is more than a suitable replacement for Havok and a worthy opponent for Riea Von Salsher who has been making an impressive showing in this region at promotions such as DEFY and Vancouver Island Professional Wrestling.

When the bell rang Von Erie slaps Von Slasher across the face and immediately goes for the hair. You can tell already this is going to get ugly! Christina went for the jugular, almost literally, and delivered a devastating head butt. She pushes Riea into the corner and delivers a series of chops and strikes.

Riea manages a reversal, trips Von Erie and slams her in the corner. Christina wasn’t going to take that lightly and clotheslines Riea before kneeing her in the face. Von Erie went after Riea performing a series of brutal strikes on Riea as she lay on the mat.

These two didn’t hold back in the least. Riea managed to twist Von Erie into a pretzel and in an impressive display of endurance Christina managed to pull herself out. Christina then throws Riea into the turnbuckle. She crumbled to the mat and Von Erie moved in for the cover only to get a two count. Christina frustrated she didn’t put her opponent away managed to get Riea into a figure four hold, however Von Slasher made it to the ropes breaking the hold. These two exchanged strikes as they grew desperate to beat their opponent into submission.

Riea throws Christina across the ring and these two climb to the top rope. They exchange strikes and you could see these two wrestlers were battle weary. Christina went down. Riea jumped down and performed a devastating spine buster. She moves in for the cover only for Christina to get her shoulder up. Riea climbed to the top rope and dived down from above. She goes in for the cover again and gets the three count!

Riea Von Slasher wins!


Match #8: Best 2 out of 3 falls
The Strays (Judas Icarus & Tyler Elliot) vs. 4 Minutes of Heat (Ricky Gibson & Eddie Pearl)

Few matches were more contentious than this one at WAC Year One. These two terrific teams have faced off before, with 4 Minutes of Heat taking the win, despite being exposed to toxic foot fungus. This is a rematch between the two top tag teams at Without A Cause and there wasn’t any question neither team wanted to win, they wanted to destroy their opponents.

The moment the bell rang, the Strays, Judas Icarus and Tyler Elliot went after Eddie Pearl and Ricky Gibson with prejudice! They moved in and began pummeling 4 Minutes of Heat with a flurry of blows. 4 Minutes of Heat get a reversal and after landing a devastating slam on Judas Icarus Eddie Pearl gets a three count! This is the first of three falls and only after approximately two minutes… It would appear 4 Minutes of Heat has issues with delayed gratification!

Tyler Elliot moves in and locks up with Eddie Pearl. Ricky Gibson sneaks in and gets his hands on the Stray. Ricky executes an ugly slam. Tyler recovers quickly and throws Ricky Gibson out of the ring. Tyler then returns his attention to Eddie Pearl. After laying on the hurt, Tyler rolls Eddie up and gets the three count! The second of three falls goes to the Strays!

In a fit of fury Eddie Pearl get his hands-on Tyler Elliot and performed a back breaker over his knee. Then Ricky moved in and got a choke hold on Tyler. After escaping from the choke hold Tyler was treated to a double drop kick from Gibson. Tyler pulled double duty against 4 Minutes of Heat as Judas Icarus is reeling on the floor in pain.

As Judas recovered, he was able to rally and flew into the ring and utter mayhem broke out. As Eddie and Tyler lay devastated in their respective corners both Judas Icarus and Ricky Gibson climbed to the top rope on opposite corners of the ring. Then in an act of incredible athleticism and skill, these two men launched themselves from the top rope towards one another, their bodies colliding and crumbling to the mat.

Then in a stunning coordinated act, the Strays kick Ricky Gibson and then Eddie Pearl out of the ring. The battle continued in the audience. At one-point Tyler Elliot found some duct tape and taped Eddie Pearls hand to the turn buckle, before beating him severely.

Seeing his tag partner incapacitated, Ricky Gibson went bezerk and decimated the Strays. However, these dumpster diving scamps weren’t about to go down. With the referee distracted Tyler Elliot got his hands on a chair and beat Ricky severely. After Ricky is laying on the cusp of unconsciousness Tyler moved in for the cover and the three count.

The Strays Win!

Despite the Stray’s win, the audience wasn’t terribly pleased with the less than… honorable tactics employed by Tyler Elliot and Judas Icarus. What honor code did they expect from feral children all sugared up from living in a dumpster behind Tim Hortons?


That’s a wrap for the Year One show! On November 30th we have Without A Cause Daddy’s Home! Let the good times keep coming! With a card that includes every one’s daddy, Effy, you know you aren’t going to want to miss this one!

Review: DEFY Fight for This!

Review: DEFY Fight for This!

DEFY Fight For This
Washington Hall
September 19, 2019
Seattle Washington

Photo / West Smith

What an amazing night! It was electrical as everyone entered Washington Hall. A fair number of people came in costume. There was a Willie Wonka, A knight in shining armor, and a decent number of people in costumes depicting various wrestlers from Orange Cassidy to our local lucha ghoul Sonico! In addition to the fantastic costuming everyone was looking forward to the incredible card DEFY crafted for the evening. With Matt Sydal and Tom Lawler making their return to a host of debuts including the Cook Brothers, Amazing Red, Cima and Jet Knight.

The sense of community could be felt as old friends mingled with new friends. The family that surrounds wrestling here is amazing, it creates a current of goodwill that is easy to get swept up in. As people found their seats we were treated to a familiar song, Etta James’ “At Last.”

With Steve Migs absent, likely building a school for orphans in South America, the master of ceremonies would be none other than the Weirdo Hero, the Ravenous one, Randy Myers! He slinked into the auditorium bashfully batting his eyes and flirting with audience members until he found the sacred vessel upon whom he would bestow his endearing kiss.

Randy’s playful antics worked well on the DEFYance on this night. As the audience cheered Randy eased us into the first match!

Match #1: Singles Competition
Jet Knight vs. Douglas James

Photo / West Smith

Making h is DEFY debut, Jet Knight came out to the ring with an audience eager to see this exciting new talent. He already had a solid fan base as many members of the DEFYance have been watching this young man build himself up on the local scene over the last few months.

Douglas James is already a known quantity at DEFY and this audience loves him. This young man is blowing up all over the West Coast and turning heads in the east. Seeing him elevate to the highest levels of sports entertainment would not be a surprise to anyone!

Photo / West Smith

These two men go at it the moment the bell rings. At first it looks like it might be a short match when Doug rolls Jet Knight up and nearly gets an arm bar. Jet pulls out and manages to fly off the ropes devastating Mr. James from above.

We saw chops, hurricanrana’s, drop kicks and dives into the audience. This was a fast-paced match without a moment of reprieve for the wrestlers or the audience. The tenacity by which these two men went after one another was both intense and spectacular. At one-point Jet Knight dived out onto Douglas James wiping out three rows of chairs.

Photo / West Smith

There were multiple two counts, Jet Knight executed a flawless cutter on his opponent and nearly took the match. It was a true nail biter. Douglas got a German Suplex on Jet Knight and then a cross body slam only to get another two count. You could see the frustration as both competitors failed to put away their opponent.

Jet gets Douglas on the mat and climbs to the top rope. He dives down and Douglas caught him between his legs and twisted his opponent into a vicious submission hold, choking Jet Knight between his legs and contorting his arm. Jet Knight taps out!

Douglas James wins!

Following this incredible match Douglas James calls his opponent to join him and raises his arm in a gracious display of good sportsmanship. This was a top-notch match and this writer hopes we get to see these two in a rematch in the near future.

Match #2: Singles Competition
Fallen Flower Kikyo vs. Rebel Kel

Photo / West Smith

We have another Washington Hall debut with the Fallen Flower, Kikyo! She came out to the ring with the famously warm welcome only found at DEFY. She was followed into the ring moments later by a DEFY staple, Rebel Kel! This talented wrestler has been working with DEFY nearly from the very beginning. The DEFYance is always thrilled to see this incredible performer walk out from behind the black curtains!

Photo / West Smith

The moment the bell rings these two wrestlers lock up. Kikyo gets the upper hand and throws Rebel onto the mat. Then Rebel returns the favor throwing the fallen flower to the mat. Kikyo accused her opponent of pulling her hair! You could tell this was going to be a contentious match.

Photo / West Smith

These two go at it for a while with an exchange of chops and kicks. Then Kikyo picks Rebel up and throws her over the ropes! This match went in and out of the ring on multiple occasions and these two talented performers went for it.

We saw Kikyo pick Rebel Kel up over her head and slam her onto the mat so hard it was a miracle Rebel was able to kick out after Kikyo went for the cover and got a two count. There were several two counts on both competitors and just when you thought it was over for one of them, they managed to kick out.

After a series of devastating exchanges, you could see this match taking its toll on these two women, as they heaved for air and pealed themselves off the mat. After a series of kicks and punches Rebel went in, grabbed Kikyo by the throat and slams her onto the mat. Moments later Rebel got the cover and the three count on her opponent.

Rebel Kel wins!


Match #3: Singles Competition
Jacob Fatu vs. Amazing Red

Photo / West Smith

One half of the DEFY Tag Team Champions came out to an adoring audience. Jacub Fatu is unquestionably a favorite of the DEFYance. However, his opponent Amazing Red making his debut with DEFY was no less loved!

The first thing you notice about these two competitors is the vast size different between them. Jacob Fatu is clearly the larger opponent by far. What Amazing Red lacked in size and strength he made up for in speed and endurance.

Photo / West Smith

When the bell rang the two men locked up but that didn’t last long. Jacob Fatu literally throws Amazing Red across the ring. They lock up again and this time Fatu places Amazing Red over his shoulder and tosses him away like a piece of discarded rubbish.

Amazing Red retreated out of the ring. Jacob follows! As soon as Jacob got his hands-on Amazing Red, Mr. Fatu tosses his opponent over three rows of chairs!!! And this is only the beginning folks!

“Who’s amazing now?” Jacob Fatu mocked as he hovered over his opponent.

Photo / West Smith

Eventually Amazing Red rallied, and performed a hurricanrana on Fatu. He moved in and got a two count. Then the two of them climb to the ropes and struggle to knock their opponent from the top.

We saw these two men engage in a brutal contest. Neither showed their opponent an ounce of mercy. There were several near falls and impressive reversals.

Jacob Fatu kicked Amazing Red. Amazing Red countered with an arm hook flip. Then Jacob Fatu picks his opponent up and slams him so hard against the mat Amazing Red lay motionless. Fatu moves in for the cover and gets the three count!

Jacob Fatu wins!

After this incredible match, the audience chanted “Please come back!” After pulling himself off the mat, Amazing Red took the microphone and yelled, “I was supposed to retire, but with you guys, and this company? Fuck No!”

Match #4: Singles Competition
Randy Myers vs. Drexl

Photo / West Smith

After the Jacob Fatu match with Amazing Red, master of ceremonies, Randy Myers called up audience members to participate in the annual DEFY Halloween costume contest. There were some fantastic costumes! A sparkly storm trooper, Orange Cassidy and Sonico cosplay and several others. We have some fantastically talented members of the DEFYance folks! As the winner was announced one of the costumed contestants, dressed as Leatherface, chainsaw and all, stepped forward and attacks Randy! Oh no!

Photo / West Smith

This masked villain brutalized the weirdo hero, beating him from one end of the ring to the other. Our beloved ravenous one was being tortured by some anonymous audience member! Where was security? Where was the locker room? Then Randy reached out and pulled the hideous mask from his assailant’s face… Drexl!

Photo / West Smith

The bell rang and Drexl begins choking Randy with his bloody apron. Randy manages to escape and finds a random bottle of mouth wash, and poured it down Drexl’s throat, as the audience chanted “Dental Hygiene!”

Photo / West Smith

This was a vicious battle. Drexl didn’t hold back he punched Randy in the crotch and grabbed a bag of something. At first, we thought he was going to pour a bag full of tacks. Instead it was the most inherently evil of Halloween candy… Candy Corn! Drexl attempted to set Randy up to crash into the candy, but things didn’t quite go the way Drexl had intended. Instead Randy managed a reversal. He picked Drexl up and slammed him onto the pile of nasty Halloween candy! Randy moved in and got the three count!

Randy Myers wins!


Match #5: Six Man Tag Team
Team Sydal: Matt Sydal with Brian and Kevin Cook, The Cook Brothers
Team Cima: Cima with Guillermo Rosas and Cody Chhun

Photo / West Smith

This audience was cheering so loud when Cima came out it seemed as if the roof would collapse. The sound waves no doubt could be heard blocks away. The DEFYance loves Cima, and rightfully so. Joining him are two of DEFY’s most beloved regulars Guillermo Rosas and Cody Chhun.

Photo / West Smith

The DEFYance showed no less love for the other team. Matt Sydal. This gentleman is no stranger to DEFY. He’s made more than one appearance here before and his name has long lingered on the lips of many in the DEFYance as someone they wished to see return. Joining him are two very talented brothers who are making their Washington Hall debut. Kevin and Brian Cook, known collectively as the Cook Brothers joined Matt Sydal in one of the most anticipated matches of the evening. If you aren’t familiar with the Cook Brothers, start paying attention.

Photo / West Smith

When this match started there was a lot of posturing and changing of hands as to who would be the first two wrestlers to face off. Eventually Cody and Brian locked up. You could see these two talented individuals demonstrate some excellent foot work and mat wrestling. Cody began working Brian’s arm and eventually Brian got a reversal with an arm hook flip.

A bit later Rosas enters the ring and Brian taps in his brother Kevin into the ring. Rosas bumps Kevin to the mat and their exchange comes to a quick end when Matt Sydal and Cima can’t wait a moment longer to go up against one another in the ring.

Matt and Cima do some impressive mat work. Cima gets a stomp in on Matt from the top rope. Then the match breaks out into utter chaos as all six men go after one another in the ring. Cima, Rosas and Chhun manage to line up Team Sydal like a human centipede. He then executes a collective slam on all three individuals at once.

Photo / West Smith

Once the match came under control the Cook Brothers home in on Guillermo Rosas with a series of coordinated attacks. They then went after Cody. Brian managed to choke Cody in the corner with his boot. Matt and his partners then begin brutalizing Cody in the corner. They work over Cody’s legs and after Kevin Cook devastates his opponent he goes in for the cover and gets a two count only to have his pin broken by an assist from Cima.

Then Cima becomes the legal man for his team. Cima gets a German Suplex on Kevin Cook and throws Brian out of the ring. Sydal knee’s Cima, while the Cook brothers coordinate a cutter on Chhun, mayhem breaks out again. All the competitors ended up on the mat devastated.

Cody gets a cutter on Sydal off the top rope. Team Cima then moves in and brutalizes Brian Cook. After a series of devastating moves on Brian, Cima moves in for the cover and gets a three count!

Team Cima wins!


Match #6: Street Fight
Mike Santiago vs. Joseph Samael

Photo / West Smith

You can see the hunger in Mikes eyes. He wants to reap utter destruction and pain on his opponents, and he has ramped up his game to the next level. Even though he is perhaps better known as one half of the Amerikan Gunz and former tag champion, no one should underestimate Mike as a singles competitor.

Facing off against Mike is the current DEFY tag team champion Joseph Samael. Though he is also better known as one half of Warbeast, he is a talented singles competitor as well. You could feel the tension between these two men in the air. There was little doubt, going into this match, this was going to get personal.

Photo / West Smith

This became even more apparent when these two men started throwing chairs into the ring and got into one another’s face before the bell even range. The moment the bell rang they were off and it got ugly… real quick.

Joseph Samael picked up a chair and smashed it over Mike Santiago’s head. All while the audience is chanting, “Fuck him up, Joseph, Fuck him up!” Joseph set up a chair and Mike gets a reversal and slams Joseph through the chair.

Photo / West Smith

These two ended up outside the ring chasing after one another, throwing chops, kicks and punches. They battled it out up the stairs into the balcony. At one point it looked as though Mike Santiago was about to push Joseph Samael over the ledge only to see Joseph pull himself free. They made their way around the building and back down the stairs throwing one devastating punch and kick after another.

When they ended up back in the ring, Mike managed to slam Joseph’s face into some of the chairs that lay mutilated in the middle of the ring. Then Mike picks up a shovel and goes after Joseph Samael who moves out of the way just in time to avoid a strike. Joseph defends himself with a chair and managed to disarm Mike who struck the chair with the shovel so hard he grasped his hand in pain.

Joseph saw his opening. He moved in on Mike and managed to get him into a camel clutch. Mike struggled for mere seconds before tapping out to his opponent.

Joseph Samael wins!

Match #7: Main Event Championship Title Challenge
DEFY Champion Schaff vs. Tom Lawler

Photo / West Smith

You have to give it to Tom Lawler; he has reinvented himself. With new boy band entrance music and a rose in hand, he came out into the ring to much grandeur. He gave a polite nod to master of ceremonies Randy Myers who had been Tom’s opponent the last time he came to DEFY. The two shared a passionate kiss, though Tom seemed uninterested in recreating their tender moment.

When Schaff makes an entrance… he makes a hell of an entrance. The DEFYance get’s loud for the Baddest Mother Fucker in Wrestling! There is little doubt this audience loves the reign of Schaff as DEFY Champion!

Photo / West Smith

When the bell rings these two men lock up. Schaff, the powerhouse that he is, picks Lawler up and throws him into the corner of the ring. Tom gets up and the two lock up again, and Schaff picks Lawler up and throws him across the ring. Then Schaff picks up Lawler for a third time and tosses him across the ring… again. It was beginning to look like Tom was completely out classed in this match… and then the next thing happened…

Tom Lawler got pissed, no doubt done taking such abuse. He throws several kicks and manages to get Schaff in a head lock. Tom then navigates Schaff into the corner and lands a series of punches.

Photo / West Smith

Schaff wasn’t particularly keen with this turn of events and managed a reversal and began stomping Tom as he crumbled in the corner. Tom retreats outside the ring only to have Schaff dive out onto him. These two went at it outside the ring for a few moments.

The champion unceremoniously threw his opponent back into the ring and went in for the cover only to get a two count. Schaff then picks Lawler up and slams him against the mat so hard it sounded like the floorboards cracked.

Schaff then climbed to the top rope and executed a frog splash only it didn’t go exactly as he planned. Lawler had anticipated the move and captured Schaff between his legs cutting off the champions air supply. It wasn’t looking good for Schaff and then Lawler began kicking the champion in the face. Tom slammed Schaff onto the mat and moved in for the cover getting a two count. Tom then went to work on Schaff’s back and arm.

Photo / West Smith

The crowd started chanting for Schaff. These two continued performing one devastating attack after another. Just when you thought it was over their opponent kicked out. It was an incredible display of athleticism and perseverance. These two men looked like they were on the cusp of falling unconscious.

Tom Lawler slammed Schaff throwing him over his shoulder. Then Schaff managed to get his hands on his opponent. He got Tom on his shoulder and performed a devastating spinning cutter. Schaff went in for the cover and got the three count on Tom Lawler!

Schaff wins and retains the DEFY Championship!

Photo / West Smith

As the championship match came to an end and the referee held Schaff’s hand up in triumph an unexpected visitor emerged from behind the locker room curtain. Hammerstone burst into the auditorium, flew into the ring and began beating Schaff severely.

Hammerstone grabbed the championship belt and held it up as though it was his own prize. Schaff managed to recover and went after Hammerstone. These two men engaged in a terrible exchange of blows. The referee team and security came in and pulled them apart. They began dragging Hammerstone away when he escaped, and these two men went at it again. More security and staff became involved and the two were finally separated.

The audience began chanting “Start the match!”

“Fuck you, you bitch!” Schaff yelled. “It’s me and you at Wrestle Summit!”

Thus, it was cemented as a certainty, Schaff vs. Hammerstone for the DEFY Championship, on night two of Wrestle Summit on December 1st, 2019!



DEFY Doomsayer
September 27, 2019
Seattle Washington

Steve Migs photo / West Smith

The end of summer and the ushering in of autumn was more than evident on September 27, as torrential rainfall fell on the city. There was a mood of anticipation, excitement and even a touch of bittersweet sorrow. Tonight, three people will be making what is likely to be their last appearance at Washington Hall… at least for a while. Joey Janela, Darby Allin and Referee Aubrey Edwards will all be under exclusive contracts with AEW. While it is sad to see them move onto bigger and better things, it is a wonderful thing to witness people seeing their dream come true, and thus it is worthy of celebration!

As we nestled in our seats, Steve Migs comes out to stir the crowd into the industry famous fans of Washington hall. Right before our master of ceremonies is about to announce the first match the fire alarm went off. The entire building had to be cleared and the fine men and women of the Seattle Fire Department came to save the day.

We had a fan who decided to smoke pot in the bathroom and set off the alarms. Marijuana is legal in the State of Washington so no big deal there. However, if you are unable to refrain from smoking through the duration of the show, please do us a favor and bring edibles with you, thank you very much!

Match 1: Tag Team
KO Crazy (Super Crazy and Guillermo Rosas)
Amerikan Gunz (Ethan HD and Mike Santiago)

Ethan HD and Super Crazy photo / West Smith

Guillermo Rosas has very much become a fan favorite with the DEFYance. When “Old Town Road” blasts over the speakers the entire audience sings along. He is unquestionably one of DEFY’s favorites, however this status is equaled by his partner, Super “Fucking” Crazy. This wrestling luminary is known the world over and is undoubtedly one of the greatest wrestlers of our time.

Death by Santiago photo / West Smith

As the Amerikan Gunz entered the ring, they were received with far more warmth than they’ve had in the past. Both Mike Santiago and Ethan HD are proving they are determined to rise back to the top and put those tag team belts back around their waists. With the work they have been putting forth it would come as no surprise to this writer if they didn’t make that happen.

Amerikan Gunz win! photo / West Smith

When this match started, we saw Rosas and Santiago go at it so aggressively you could tell this was personal. Rosas got the upper hand and pummeled Santiago. When Ethan and Super Crazy came out, our luminary performed a back breaker on Mr. HD. At one point the Gunz were outside the ring when Rosas and Super Crazy dived out onto their opponents… twice!

This was a tough competition with opponents who were well matched. Both teams were in top form and executed several complex coordinated moves. There were a number of near falls and this could have been anyone’s match.

It came to an end when Rosas dived from the top rope. Mike Santiago was ready for him. Mike Rolled up Rosas and got the three count!

The Amerikan Gunz win!

Post-match Ethan HD brutally attacked Super Crazy. We’ve got some bad blood here and there may be more of this to come.

Match 2: Eight Man Tag Team
Team 1                                    vs                                 Team 2
Jordan Oasis                                                           “Golden Boy” Travis Williams
Judas Icarus                                                            La Migra
Hero                                                                             Vinnie Massaro
Viento                                                                         Cucuy

Jordan Oasis flying! photo / West Smith

This was the Washington Hall debut for many of the men in this match. We’ve seen Jordan Oasis, Judas Icarus and Travis Williams here before but the other five are making debut. Hero was one of the most exciting entrants in this affair and when he came out into the ring the audience cheered with great excitement. Hero has been working behind the scenes at DEFY for quite some time now, and we are sending him off as he moves back east to pursue new opportunities.

Lucha square off! photo / West Smith

There was a lot going on in this match. We saw Jordan Oasis fly and “Golden Boy” Travis Williams engage in his below the belt tactics. At one point La Migra and Hero go at it with Hero getting the upper hand by delivering a devastating body slam. Then Vinnie Massaro and Cucuy join in with La Migra and beat Hero down. Shortly after Viento and Judas Icarus fly into the ring to help their fallen comrade. There were a few moments of mayhem as this match exploded into a frenzy!

Hero to the rescue! photo / West Smith

Once the match came under control, we saw Travis and Judas go at it in the ring. Travis slams the Judas Icarus against the mat. He turned fell into the clutches of Hero who slammed him and rolled him up for a pin and the three count!

Hero wins!




Match 3: Four Corners Women’s Competition
Danika Della Rouge vs. Riea Von Slasher vs. Sloan vs. Rebel Kel

Danika Della Rouge going after Sloan photo / West Smith

Right out of the gate Danika and Rebel go at one another as Riea and Sloan squared off. These fantastic wrestlers put on one of the most impressive matches of the evening.

Danika dives onto Sloan and Riea Von Slasher! photo / West Smith

Riea Von Slasher has some of the best ring banter in the business. Danika is tenacious and has no fear. Sloan is cool and smooth while Rebel has a graceful deadliness to her approach in the ring.

At one point the action ended up on the stage. Sloan and Danika exchanged blows as Riea lay prone next to the ring. Sloan took the opportunity to dive off the stage onto Riea devastating her opponent. As Danika recovered, she got a running start and dove off the stage and took out Sloan and Riea.

Rebel Kel for the win! photo / West Smith

With three of the four reeling in pain on the floor, Rebel Kel took the opportunity to move in. With all four opponents back in the ring there were a few moments of mayhem. After several near falls Rebel slams Sloan against the mat and got the three count!

Rebel Kel wins!



Match 4: Singles Competition
“Iron Heart” Douglas James vs. Killer Kross

Killer Kross basking in his welcome! photo / West Smith

‘Iron Heart’ Douglas James taking down the giant! photo / West Smith

These two started off with some impressive mat work. Douglas James managed to get Killer Kross in a choke hold. Douglas’ larger opponent pulled out. Proving his fearless tenacity Mr. James reasserted the choke hold on Killer Kross from behind.

Killer Kross trying to break Douglas James’ choke hold! photo / West Smith

After breaking free, Mr. Kross goes to work on Iron Hearts ankle. Douglas James gets a reversal and gets Killer Kross into an arm bar. There was a struggle and just when it looked like this was going to be a short match, Killer Kross pulled through and executed a devastating German Suplex on Mr. James.

As Douglas lay on the mat, Killer Kross turned his attention to unpopular referee Benjamin Roberts. The DEFYance still hasn’t forgiven this young man for a bad call he made nearly two years ago. To say this crowd can hold a grudge for a long time, might be an understatement. Killer Kross gets into the ref’s face and intimidated him to the point our officiant fled the ring.

Killer Kross wins the match but pays his respects to his opponent Douglas James! photo / West Smith

Douglas James recovered and cut loose on his opponent. He then climbed the ropes and dived down slamming Mr. Kross. Then Killer Kross turned the tables on Douglas and gets him in a choke hold. There was a hard-fought struggle as Mr. James attempted to break free from the hold. Then the struggling stopped. Referee Benjamin Roberts moved in and after assessing the situation called the match after verifying Douglas James was unconscious.

Killer Kross wins!

After Douglas James regained consciousness, these two men showed their respect to one another, in an impressive display of good sportsmanship.

Match 5: Lucha Libra
Bestia 666 vs. Rey Horus

Rey Horus uncertain if he should shake Bestia 666 hand! photo / West Smith

Bestia 666 and Rey Horus fly into one another’s arms! photo / West Smith

If you ever wondered what happened to Rosemary’s Baby, look no further! Bestia 666 has entered the building. Despite his menacing countenance and the unholy aura, the audience gave this devilish wrestler a warm welcome.

Rey Horus is making his return to Washington Hall and it’s clear the crowd is ecstatic this talented luchador has returned.

Only a two count Satan! Referee Aubrey Edwards knows what she’s doing! photo / West Smith

Like lucha matches do, we saw some spectacular high flying. These two dived out onto one another and we even saw Bestia 666 execute a good old-fashioned eye poke. Rey Horus got his revenge by ducking out of the way at the very last minute when Bestia 666 went for a devastating chop causing the infernal luchador to smash his hand against the turnbuckle.

There were a couple of near falls for both these spectacular talents but in the end after a devastating slam, Rey Horus pins his opponent Bestia 666 for the three count.

Rey Horus wins!

Match 6: Singles Competition
Darby Allin vs. Cody Chhun

Cody Chhun and Darby Allin in a hard fought battle! photo / West Smith

Darby Allin defying gravity! photo / West Smith

Wow! This was an incredible match. Darby went after Cody like you wouldn’t believe. Darby has always been a fierce aggressive competitor but when he went after Cody, he demonstrated there was no way in the world he was holding back against his former training partner. Near the beginning of the match Darby throws his opponent out of the ring and dives out on him three times with such swiftness one might question how Mr. Allin could possibly reach such speeds.

Isaac Newton would be shaking his head right now if he were alive… photo / West Smith

Darby then begins savagely working Cody’s leg. It was apparent Cody was struggling to function on his leg. The focused attacks continued until he was reeling on the mat in pain. The referee and several members of security moved in and pulled Cody back into the locker room for medical attention.

After Cody was removed from the auditorium Darby reached for the mic and showed no mercy. “There is a reason you’ll be wrestling in the Pacific North West your whole career.” His words were filled with spite and venom. “Your career won’t amount to shit!” He continued.

This is going to hurt! photo / West Smith

Moments later Cody returned to the ring with a limp. It was as if something broke inside Cody “Fucking” Chhun. He went after Darby with such fervor it was uncertain his opponent would come out of the ring alive. This is when the two took this match to the next level.

These two execute a series of moves against one another. There were several near falls. At one-point Darby was on the floor outside the ring and Referee Benjamin Roberts began a count out. Cody got momentum off the ropes and dived out on his opponent. Then Cody reenters the ring with a war cry!

Darby went back to work on Cody’s leg. As Chhun lay prone on the mat Darby climbed to the top rope and dived down on his opponent. Cody brought up his knees devastating Darby on his landing. Cody moves in for the pin and gets the three count!

Cody Chhun wins!

After the match Darby took the mic and payed homage to Cody Chhun his former training partner. “Wouldn’t you want the world to love Cody? Show the whole fucking world what you’re made of.”

Cody took the mic, “You got my back?” The DEFYance responded with resounding support. We then learn Cody Chhun will be making his debut at PCW Ultra! Cody has conquered Seattle, now it’s time to conquer Los Angeles.

Match 7: Main Event, Championship Challenge
DEFY Champion Schaff vs. “Bad Boy” Joey Janela

Joey Janela tries to get a submission from Schaff! photo / West Smith

Deliverer of pain! photo / West Smith

This audience loves Joey Janela and he clearly loves the DEFYance! The emotional response he is able to evoke from the fans has few equals in this profession. Schaff is unquestionably one of the most popular champions at DEFY and on September 27, these two incredibly talented young men had this audience cheering for both.

Stay in the corner! photo / West Smith

Before the match begins Joey treats the audience to an impromptu break dance. Schaff wasn’t interested in a dance off and the second the bell rang these two lock up. It didn’t take more than a few seconds before Schaff literally threw Joey Janela across the ring. Joey quickly recovers and tried to bump Schaff who stood unphased. Then Schaff throws Janela out of the ring.

These two engaged in a fierce battle to destroy one another. We saw this match go outside the ring, into the first few rows, and back into the ring again. Schaff worked Joey’s leg while Mr. Janela attempted several submission holds.

There were body slams, frog splash’s, cutters and all manner of devastating moves. Both Schaff and Joey performed every move in their vast arsenal, trying to put the other away. We saw several near falls. The match came to an end when Schaff got Joey into a choke hold. Joey managed to roll out only to find himself pinned by his larger opponent. The three count came and…

Schaff wins and remains the DEFY Champion!


At the very end of the match the audience began chanting “Thank you Aubrey!” This was her last match at DEFY. Joey Janela joined her, and Darby Allin emerged from the locker room. These three incredible talents stood together giving their final farewell to the DEFYance as they make their way to AEW!

In a few weeks we have DEFY Fight For This on October 19th. Then we head into the stretch towards Wrestle Summit II when DEFY plays host to Progress Wrestling from England and PCW Ultra from Los Angeles, when all three promotions put forward their very best to compete in what will undoubtedly be some of the best wrestling we’re likely to ever see!

Review Without A Cause EGO

Review Without A Cause EGO

Without A Cause
September 15, 2019
Everett Washington

On Sunday September 15 wrestling fans in Everett Washington were treated to a fantastic show! Without A Cause continues to build from one show to the next, and just when you thought they put on their best show ever, they manage to pull off an even better one the very next month.

The roster of talent at WAC is an impressive representation of local talent. It is a must see show and their growing reputation is starting to attract some of the biggest names on the independent scene.

WAC Ego was the last show before the one-year anniversary event in October. Here is what happened…

Match #1: Singles Competition
Eddie Osbourne vs. Daniel Makabe

Photo / Roving Photography

Our opening match saw two spectacular talents going at it and no one held anything back! This match set the tone for the entire evening. Eddie came out to taunts from the audience who clearly liked tormenting this giant of a man with insults. He had no problems taunting the audience back with his own set of insults and mockeries. Daniel Makabe effortlessly won the crowd over with his entrance, his opponent handed it to him.

From the very beginning Eddie Osbourne put Makabe on the defense. He seemed impervious to Daniels attempt at bumping his larger opponent to the mat. Osbourne didn’t waste any time, before unleashing his arsenal of larcenous moves. Face rakes and other cheep shots were employed to devastate Makabe.

Photo / Roving Photography

Our wrestling genius eventually turned the tables on Osbourne with a Missile Dropkick and eventually gets this giant of a man into the Octopus Stretch. Makabe climbed the ropes and Eddie moved in and slammed him on the mat from the top rope. It looked like it was done for Makabe.

Then Daniel got a cross face stretch on Osbourn. Eddie managed to pull out. As he tried get away, Makabe executed a German Suplex and bridged for a pin. Referee Christopher Samuel counts to three.

Daniel Makabe wins!

After the match Daniel took the microphone and paid his respects to the audience and made a rather interesting announcement. Next month, at the one-year anniversary show, he will be facing a former opponent Tony Deppen!

Match #2: Singles Competition
“The Black Sheep” Dave Turner vs. Chris Ross

Photo / Roving Photography

Photo / Roving Photography

When Dave Turner enters the ring, everyone watches to make sure he doesn’t make any sudden moves. He could kill anyone in the audience with ease. One doesn’t want to draw the attention of the Black Sheep when he passes by. Chris Ross came out wearing mismatched socks, sweatpants and a Chase James t-shirt. It would appear our down and out “Cool Dad” is still in a funk.

The bell rang and the audience was settled in to watch a slaughter. The moment the bell rang, these two men went at it and there wasn’t an ounce of back down in Chris Ross. They engaged in some of the heaviest hitting we’ve seen in the ring at Without A Cause.

Chris takes Dave Turner down with a brutal Clothesline. It is clear, “Cool Dad” Chris Ross is getting his Mojo back! While Dave lay prone on the mat Chris climbed to the top rope and executed a Frog Splash onto the Black Sheep himself.

Photo / Roving Photography

These two struggled for supremacy and Chris Ross made Dave Turner work for every move he made. Chris Ross gave as good as he got. There was never a moment when one opponent was dominating the match. It was nail biting suspense all the way!

The match came to an end when the Black Sheep climbed the ropes and does a cross body slam on the Cool Dad. Dave moved in for the pin and got the three count.

“The Black Sheep” Dave Turning wins!

Even though Chris Ross did not win this match, I think it is very clear, he’s back!


Match #3: Tag Team Competition
Boarder Patrol vs. The Strays

Photo / Roving Photography

This match started before anyone made it to the ring. There was a commotion near the entrance to the building and the crowd parted as Boarder Patrol chased the Strays into the auditorium. If there was a bell, no one heard it. This match was already going, and Boarder Patrol was determined to return these Canadian scamps back to the prison cell they no doubt had ready for them.

Photo / Roving Photography

Judas Icarus and Tyler Elliot had their hands bound! Despite their bondage they dived out of the ring onto their opponents in a coordinated attack. They quickly made it to the administrative table where they were released from their restraints and reentered the match. Officer Nick and Large Sarge were ready for them.

Photo / Roving Photography

These two teams had a hard-hitting match with the Strays doing their high-flying style off the top rope laying on the heat from the sky! At one-point Large Sarge got the Strays in a choke, one in each hand, and then slammed them against the mat.

We saw a lot of coordinated moves. Both these teams are well oiled deliverers of devastation! At one point the Strays got Boarder Patrol on the defensive and Large Sarge stood up against the wall near the flags saluting and pretending to be a mannequin. His plan nearly worked.

After a fair amount of bath and forth Large Sarge moved in and pinned Judas Icarus for the three count.

Boarder Patrol wins!


Match #4: Championship Challenge
Champion- Chris Bey vs. Challenger- Jake Atlas

Photo / Roving Photography

In one of the most highly anticipated matches of the evening, Jake Atlas made his Without A Cause debut. He received a very warm welcome and there were more than a few audience members who were looking forward to seeing Mr. Atlas walk away from this match as the WAC Champion.

Photo / Roving Photography

Chris loves being a champion and he had three title belts with him to show his affection for fantastic fashion accessories. Chris is a wrestler with one of the best saunters in the business. Met with a mix of cheers and jeers he basked in his mixed response, unphased.

These two locked up and started the match with some fancy mat work. They are both clearly masters of their craft. At one-point Jake performs a hurricanrana on Chris off the top ropes. This impressive move was followed by a horrifying exchange of chops.

Atlas kept Chris Bey on the defense through most of the match. Jake softened up his opponent with a vicious German Suplex. Chris managed to counter with a DDT. Atlas began slapping himself to bring himself back into the moment. This is when the tides of this match turned. Chris moved in for the pin and got the three count.

Chris Bey wins and retains his title!


Match #5: Four Way Competition
Spyder vs. “Golden Boy” Travis Williams vs. Jet Knight vs. Andy Dalton

Photo / Roving Photography

Whenever there’s a four way you know it’s going to be a fantastic spectacle! Both Spyder and Andy Dalton were making their WAC debut, however Travis Williams and Jet Knight have faced one another before. In fact, it would be fair to say there is some bad blood here.

Photo / Roving Photography

Right out of the gate this turned into an incredible display of well-trained chaos! Spyder is fast and knows how to use the ropes to his advantage. Andy Dalton is a fearless monster in the ring. Even when he had blood running down his face, he was like a Norse Berserker devastating anyone daring to come near.



Photo / Roving Photography

Jet Knight went after Travis with a passion, at one point he flew out of the ring and wiped out three rows of chairs going after his arch nemesis, the Golden Boy. Travis held his own and the match continued in the ring.

On the mat Travis Williams went up against Spyder and Andy Dalton. Dirty Dalton laid a world of hurt on Jet Knight. He moved in for the pin and “Golden Boy” Travis Williams, ever the opportunist, went in, threw Andy off and took the pin for himself. Travis held Jet Knight down to the count of three.

Travis Williams wins!


Match #6: Hardcore Singles Competition
Chase James vs. The Devil Drexl

Photo / Roving Photography

You never know what’s going to happen in a hardcore match, this one was no exception. Chase is out to destroy every opponent he faces to claw his way back to the top. Losing your title without being pinned is a hard pill to swallow. Drexl no doubt wants his own chance for the belt. A Championship Title likely carries a great deal of weight in the bowels of Hell!

Photo / Roving Photography

This started out as a down and dirty match. Within seconds Chase James was throwing trashcans and kendo sticks into the ring. He then put Drexl in the trash literally. At some point a banana made its way into the ring. Drexl proceeded to violate Mr. James with said banana… and this was only the beginning folks.

Photo / Roving Photography

Much of this match description has been redacted by my editor. As a result, I will summarize the absolutely horrors witnessed on September 15, 2019. The banana made several appearances in this match in the most horrifying ways. Chairs were destroyed on mass, proving the chair budget at WAC is likely their largest expense. Then Chase introduced Drexl to the kendo stick in very intimate ways.

After what could have only been the result of a head injury, Drexl wanted to play Twister. Apparently, Twister is a thing in Hell. Humanity will never be the same for those present to witness this match.

Chase took advantage of Drexl’s distraction and laid out the Devil himself. Chase James moved in for the pin and got the three count.

Chase James wins!


Match #7: Tag Team Competition
4 Minutes of Heat vs. Young Muscle

Photo / Roving Photography

Photo / Roving Photography

If you haven’t heard of 4 Minutes of Heat yet, clear the wax out of your ears and start paying attention! There is little doubt these two young men from Portland Oregon have a huge future in front of them. Eddie Pearl and Ricky Gibson are unquestionably incredible talents. Their opponents Young Muscle, consisting of Jaiden and Nick Wayne, are very much the same in their career trajectory. These incredible wrestlers are the kind of people we’ll be talking about in a few years. We’ll say how we saw them back when, as they amaze fans across the world.

As this match began Young Muscle came in strong. Nick Wayne executed a hurricanrana on Ricky Gibson sending the mullet endowed talent out of the ring. Then Jaiden came into the ring with his phone. He proceeded to perform his own hurricanrana on 4 Minutes of Heat while he filmed the whole thing on his phone. With Eddie Pearl and Ricky Gibson outside the ring Nick Wayne went for a dive and wiped out 4 Minutes of Heat.

Photo / Roving Photography

This is when our mullet aficionados resorted to their bedlam tactics! There were eye pokes between chops and some discrete use of the ropes to choke their opponents. Young Muscle rallied and Nick Wayne went in to perform one of his signature cutters. His opponent pushed Referee Christopher Samuels in the way and Nick accidentally performed the cutter on the good ref. As Mr. Samuels lay unconscious on the mat, mayhem brook loose.

There was confusion the wrestlers continued their match but there was no ref to officiate! The bell rang and the match was declared over.

No Contest!

4 Minutes of Heat were not pleased with this outcome. They went after Jaiden and Nick. Then the Stray’s came out and chased Ricky Gibson and Eddie Pearl away before embracing their friends Young Muscle.

It was announced at the one-year celebration in October, 4 Minutes of Heat will face The Strays!


Match #8: Main Event Twitter Championship Challenge
Twitter Verified Champion- Steve Migs accompanied by Officer Cooper
Challenger- Ethan Page

Photo / Roving Photography

As Steve Migs came out into the audience, he was accompanied by Officer Cooper. Sadly, the audience still fails to appreciate the masterful work of our Twitter Verified Champion. It is a sad day when this “Local Celebrity” must resort to hiring a bodyguard to escort him to the ring. Hopefully the WACer’s will rethink their poor taste and come around.

Photo / Roving Photography

Needless to say, this audience was thrilled when the Ego himself Ethan Page entered the auditorium. He made his way around the ring only to meet one of the youngest members of the audience. A little boy holding a small championship belt. Ethan picked him up and put him on his shoulder before taking this little champion around the ring amidst thunderous applause.

Photo / Roving Photography

Upon entering the ring, Steve approached his opponent and stated if he’s putting up his championship then Ethan should do the same. The problem is, Ethan’s title is one half of a tag team championship. Steve didn’t seem to have a problem with this minor detail; however, his opponent didn’t fall for Steve’s antics.

Photo / Roving Photography

The match started out with hesitation as Ethan took Migs down with a devastating clothesline, throws him out of the ring and begins punching the ‘Local Hero’ repeatedly. Ethan then sets Migs up and ran around the ring only to lay a world of hurt on the Twitter Verified Champion.

Steve managed a reversal and raked Ethan across the face. Then Migs goes to work on Ethan’s leg. As Ethan attempts to recover, Steve engages in a very important discussion with Referee Aubrey Edwards. Unbeknownst to those in play, Officer Cooper begins beating Ethan.

Photo / Roving Photography

Migs then knees Ethan in the back and the audience begins chanting for Mr. Page. Ethan manages to flip Migs and slams him on the mat so hard the skirt surrounding the ring fluttered. Ethan follows up by kicking Migs in the face and goes in for the pin. The count of three came and for a brief moment the audience cheered for Ethan Page’s victory. But it was a short-lived triumph. Steve Migs’ foot was under the rope.

Photo / Roving Photography

The Ref restarted the match and Ethan was beside himself and Migs took the opportunity to heroically dismantle his opponent and tossed him out of the ring. Ethan Page lay motionless on the floor and Referee Aubrey Edwards began the count out. To everyone’s surprise the ref reached the count of ten. Ethan Page lost, Steve Migs wins and retains his Twitter Verified Championship!

After the match Steve Migs and his cohort Officer Cooper began a brutal beat down on The Ego Ethan. Our distinguished fly in was a brutalized carcass trying to defend himself, then the unthinkable happened! Darby Allin flew out of the locker room and beats down Migs and Officer Cooper.

With Migs and Cooper on the floor reeling in pain, Ethan picks Darby up and throws him out onto their opponents. As Steve Migs and Officer Cooper retreated back to the locker room, Darby Allin took the mic.

Darby told us a story about how Ethan Page had taken Darby under his wing and helped him get his start at Evolve. Ethan graciously returned the honor to Darby, and congratulated him on a bright future at AEW.

Bet on Darby Allin, like I did!” – The Ego, Ethan Page

Photo / Roving Photography

After a tense Main Event and a heart felt exchange between two great wrestlers our master of ceremony came out and made a few announcements about the next WAC show, which marks the one-year anniversary of the promotion!

At YEAR ONE we will see the return of Hammerstone and Andy Dalton. The debut of Jessica Havok and Tony Deppen! With only a handful of announcements Year One is already shaping up to be a spectacular event!

Then as the final announcements were made, Max Zaleski came out and gave Referee Aubrey Edwards a fantastic bouquet of flowers to commemorate her last show before embarking on her own fantastic journey at AEW. Farewell Aubrey, you have been the heart and soul of this region and even though you are moving onto an incredible journey you will always be with us.

Review Without A Cause It’s Getting Hot in Here!

Review Without A Cause It’s Getting Hot in Here!

Without A Cause
It’s Getting Hot in Here
August 18, 2019
Everett Washington

It was a hot day in Everett Washington, although not has hot as it had been the month before. The weather gods took mercy on the WACers this time. Everyone filtered into the VFW Hall and found their seat. You could feel the anticipation. Without A Cause has gone out of their way to bring in some particularly spectacular talent for this show. Kimber Lee, Priscilla Kelly and Erick Stevens just to name a few. Not to mention we had a contentious Championship match scheduled in the main event. There wasn’t a soul in the building who wasn’t anticipating one of the best shows in Without A Cause’s short history.

First up!

1st Match
Singles Competition
Erick Stevens vs. Daniel Makabe

If you haven’t seen Erick Stevens perform, I recommend you do your best to make that happen. While he may not have been the crowd favorite when he came out into the ring, he certainly left with a multitude of new fans. In this match he faced off against a local favorite Daniel Makabe.

Erick came into this match strong. You could see Daniel struggling to keep up. While this continued only briefly after the bell rang Daniel hit his stride and managed a cross face submission on Erick. Steven pulled through and the two engaged in some rather fancy technical work on the mat. There is clearly a great deal of talent here.

We saw several submission attempts by Makabe who specializes in these impressive moves. He has an uncanny knack for twisting his opponents’ bodies up into pretzels and various other… painful contorted positions. Steven put up a good fight. At one point he dove out onto Makabe who had retreated outside the ring.

Makabe managed his Octopus submission to no avail and Erick treated him to a knee slam. There was a lot of back and forth in this match and no one dominated the competition for long before pulling off a reversal.

Shortly after Erick managed to get a two count on Makabe, our local wrestling genius turned the tables and got the three count on Erick Stevens!

Daniel Makabe wins!


2nd Match
Tag Team Competition
The Strays – Judas Icarus & Tyler Elliot
Young Muscles – Jaiden & Nick Wayne

This match was a spectacle of adept high flying and masterful ring work. When the Strays came out the receive an impressive ovation. Young Muscles received a welcome just as impressive as their opponents. There is little doubt both these teams are loved, and this audience was highly conflicted about who they wanted to have win this match!

The competition had a rather unorthodox start. They had a Cartwheel competition! While each wrestler performed their cartwheel admirably the true winner of this competition was none other than the Referee, Jimmy Jamison.

After their cartwheel competition Judas Icarus and Nick Wayne went into the ring and performed some of the best mat work we’ve seen at Without A Cause. Then Jaiden and Tyler Elliot go out and manage to demonstrate their own impressive skills on the mat and off the ropes.

There were chants from the audience. “Fight Forever!” At one point all four of the competitors were on the mat beaten so severely they lay motionless. The ref began the count. It appeared this was going to be a count out. Just as Referee Jimmy Jamison reached the count of nine all four of them sat up immediately.

Shortly after Nick Wayne executed one of his signature cutters on Judas Icarus. Jaiden moves in for the pin and gets the three count!

Young Muscles wins!


3rd Match
Singles Competition
Jet Knight vs. “Golden Boy” Travis Williams

Making his WAC debut, Jet Knight came out into the ring and the audience clearly responded well to this young man. They didn’t however give Travis Williams such a warm reception. Jet Knight is without a doubt this audience’s favorite.

While Jet Knight was able to put his well-muscled frame on display it was rather obvious Travis Williams hadn’t hit the gym quite as hard as his opponent. When Jet made a sudden move, Travis made what could only be described as an expeditious retreat out of the ring.

“You might want to lift a little more,” Jet Knight said to his opponent.

Travis knew he couldn’t face Jet Knight based on strength alone. While he made several attempts, he ended up in a comedy of errors running into the turnbuckle and having to slide out of the ring to avoid his opponents’ attacks.

After some impressive mat work Travis Williams managed to get a two count on his opponent only to have Jet Knight turn the tables and get a two count of his own. After some rather dubious moves Travis Williams manages to get a three count on Jet Knight!

Travis Williams wins!


4th Match
First Half Main Event
Singles Competition
Priscilla Kelly vs. Kimber Lee

We’ve seen Priscilla Kelly at WAC several times before. She’s become quite a popular figure in Everett. She’s been in the ring giving the Strays an assist, faced Thunder Rosa and proven her worth time and time again. Her opponent, Kimber Lee, is making her WAC debut. She isn’t without her fans in the audience. She’s a local girl who is returning home after moving east to follow her dreams.

This match quickly took some sharp turns into some rather… interesting territory. Kimber Lee offered up her hand for a test of strength. Priscilla Kelly regarded the offering with hesitation, then suddenly her hand went down into the undercarriage and brought back up to lock hands with her opponent. Kimber Lee was rather disgusted and pulled away, then she decided to return the favor… and thus this spectacular match began!

Kimber Lee manages to get Priscilla Kelly into a submission hold twisting and bending her ankle in horrifying ways. Priscilla managed to reach the ropes. This contentious battle continued with Kimber Lee performing three German Suplex’s in a row on her opponent.

Priscilla managed to pull a reversal and got a two count on Kimber Lee. After executing several of her signature moves Priscilla gets Kimber on the mat and moves in for a submission hold. Kimber taps out!

Priscilla Kelly wins!

5th Match
Singles Match
“Local Celebrity” Twitter Verified Champion Steve Migs
“Sad Dad” Chris Ross

Someone who is quite possibly the greatest performer ever to grace the promotion of Without A Cause, Steve Migs, came out to remind the ungrateful WACer’s he’s still here. He posed for pictures with his Twitter Verified Championship belt. He greeted children demonstrating the role model he is! People wept with joy to have their champion before them!

It did seem, however, there was no opponent. Then “Sad Dad” Chris Ross came out in a robe and slippers. He agreed to face the Twitter Verified Champion and retreated to the locker room to change only to reappear in a t shirt and his vino underwear.

When the match began it was obvious Steve was a bit hesitant to touch the “Sad Dad.” Underwear after all, isn’t your typical ring outer gear. We saw Steve move like a gazelle while Chris Ross struggled to execute his moves. It is clear since the fall of Daddy’s Money, Chris is off his game.

Steve Migs begrudgingly engaged and put Chris Ross away with the three count! Steve Migs wins. However, the evil powers behind Without A Cause came out and informed Mr. Migs that they would be matching his ego with the ultimate ego, Ethan Page at next months show on September 15th!


6th Match
Tag Team Competition
4 Minutes of Heat – “Rock God” Ricky Gibson & Eddie Pearle
Gross Misconduct – The Devil Drexl & Steve West

This is perhaps the dirtiest match we’ve ever seen at Without A Cause! 4 Minutes of Heat and Gross Misconduct clearly took the rules of engagement, common decency and the concept of a fair fight and tore it up and tossed it on a burning fire!

Right from the very moment these two teams came out into the ring it got ugly. Steve West began shooting snot rockets at his opponents He managed to get a hold of Ricky Gibson pulled out the front of his pants and shot a snot rocket directly down to his nether regions! This set the tone for this particularly vicious battle.

Drexl managed to inflict paper cuts between Eddies fingers and the crook of his mouth. It was a gruesome sight to behold. While they brutalized one another these two teams engaged in some of the best ring banter you’re likely to hear.

This match saw numerous moves one might consider questionable in a straight up competition. There were eye pokes, hair pulling and a few things I’m not entirely certain what to call them. No one was playing by the rules as they brutalized one another.

The match came to an end when Ricky Gibson moved in and pinned Drexl for the three count!

4 Minutes of Heat win!

After the match Steve West was visibly upset, they lost the match. Drexl approached offering to hug it out. Steve West gave Drexl an eye poke instead. It would appear we may have seen the end of Gross Misconduct!


7th Match
Singles Competition
Eddie Osbourne vs. Owen Travers

Representing the Moonshine Mafia is none other than Eddie Osbourne. We’ve seen this… gentleman? Before. It would seem this large powerhouse has come back to prove to the audience at Without A Cause that he’s someone to be reckoned with. As he came out to the ring, the audience tormented and mocked Eddie as he shouted expletives.

Our out of town guest, Owen Travers, had the audience in his pocket the moment he emerged from behind the curtains. The WACer’s greeted him warmly and it was very clear they were looking forward to him destroying his opponent.

The moment the bell rang Eddie demonstrated one of the many dirty tricks he would perform during this match. Eye pokes, choking his opponent on the rope and many acts of ring villainy! But our favorite, Owen Travers was able to turn the tables on Eddie and get a two count.

After an impressive exchange, which left Owen on the mat, Eddie Osbourne turned to face the audience. He began a monologue about how everyone in the audience is a loser and a quitter. He then turned to Owen Travers and yelled, “Quit like them!” As he pointed at the audience.

Owen got up and went berserk! He landed one devastating move after another on his opponent. His valiant effort brought great cheers from the audience. In the end Eddie Osbourne managed to get a reversal and a three count on Owen Travers.

Eddie Osbourne wins!

8th Match
#1 Contender Competition
“The Black Sheep” Dave Turner vs. Chris Bey

The winner of this match would become the #1 contender for the Without A Cause championship. Meaning they would be the next person able to challenge the champion. The promoters and powers that be at Without A Cause recruited two very talented gentlemen to engage for the privilege of title contention.

“The Black Sheep” Dave Turner has long been a strong competitor at WAC and has been considered a favorite on the roster for belt contention. Joining him in the ring is someone we’ve seen before, Chris Bey, who appeared once before as a member of the tag team Double Platinum. On this day Chris is coming as a singles competitor and facing our nightmares personified!

The first thing you notice as this match begins is the size different between these two men. Dave is an enormous behemoth! Chris Bey on the other hand is a super fit muscular man who is not nearly as big as his opponent. This didn’t stop Mr. Bey in the least! When the bell rang, he came in strong with a series of punches and kicks.

Dave recovered quickly and the look of horror on Chris Bey’s face was priceless. Dave picked his opponent up and literally threw him across the ring! In fact, Dave picked up and threw Chris across the ring, into the ring, out of the ring… It’s quite possible Mr. Bey is eligible for frequent flier miles!

Chris started working Dave’s leg in the hopes of decreasing his mobility. He got a cutter in and then a two count on Dave. The Black Sheep made Chris Bey pay for every move he made. You guessed it; Chris went for another flight!

This match came to an end when Chris Bey managed to get the three count on Dave Turner!

Chris Bey wins! He is the next challenger for the Without A Cause Championship!


9th Match
Main Event
10 Minute, No Disqualification, Championship Title Match
Chase James © vs. Jordie Taylor “OGB”

Jordie Taylor has been making a play for the WAC Championship belt over the last couple months. Chase James has flawlessly defended his title since he won the belt back in April of this year.

No disqualifications and a ten-minute count down. Would Chase retain or would Jordie Taylor be the new Champion? You could feel the tension in this crowd and as these two wrestlers entered the ring you could see the hunger in their eyes.

When the bell rang these two went at it! We saw some impressive mat work, but it didn’t take long before this turned into a vicious competition. The match quickly ended up outside the ring. Chase devastates Jordie and then begins duct taping his hand to the turnbuckle. The champion then took a kendo stick and beat his opponent silly.

Chase was on a run; he threw a bunch of his business cards around the audience but saved one for himself. He then proceeded to inflict paper cuts between Jordie’s fingers. Then Jordie gets a reversal and goes after the champion with the kendo stick.

Jordie attacks Chase with an eye poke and these two battled it out.. and then it happened. The bell rang! The ten-minute time limit came and neither competitor was able to achieve victory. Both Chase and Jordie were hungry for more. They wanted to put their opponent away. They protested for more time. The audience began chanting “Five more minutes!”

As the powers that be declared they would allow for an additional five minutes, Chris Bey came out! He said if they are going to add more time to this match he shouldn’t have to wait until September to come back and make a title challenge. He demanded to be allowed into the match and he got the green light.

Just as the three of them were getting ready to go at it in a three-way competition Chris Bey moves into the ring and attacks Jordie Taylor. Chase was about to hop into the ring when Steve West emerged from the locker room. Steve takes Chase out by surprise while Chris Bey moves in and gets the three count on Jordie Taylor.

Chris Bey wins! He is the new Without A Cause Champion!



This was an incredible show. Excellent matches and a title change… what more could you ask for? After the show a few announcements were made next month we’ll see Chris Bey make his first title defense, were going to see Ethan Page and Jake Atlas make their WAC debut! This isn’t going to be a show anyone is going to want to miss.


All photo’s provided by the amazingly talented Lady Bell Wrestling Photography!

The First 365 – Defining a legacy.

The First 365 – Defining a legacy.

We’re just a few weeks away from AEW’s ALLOUT. The card will see the first AEW World Heavyweight champion crowned.
Will it be the wily veteran of twenty-nine years, Chris Jericho or will it be the young upstart stud, Adam Page?

I have no clue as to who the company is leaning towards giving this honor to – because, frankly, it’s the most
important title match in professional wrestling, in a long time.

A few things need to be done, to fully establish not only the title, but AEW, as a company, as well.

The title NEEDS to matter. So, how do you make a championship matter in a company that
has no history other than a couple of PPV’s? It’s a daunting situation.

This match MUST stand out after the show is over. People MUST talk about this match.
The company has said numerous times that wins and losses will matter. This better be bigger than a win or loss.

The winner must go on to possess this belt for a while. You can’t hot shot the belt. It must be
treated as something special, elite, if you will. It must be the goal for EVERY single wrestler on
the AEW roster, to be World Heavyweight Champion.

Don’t have it defended every week. Take a little bit of the Brock Lesnar playbook and make it your own.
The title should only be defended on PPV’s and big shows – make it THE BRAND of the business. Similar to
how the NWA has really focused on the heritage of the “ten pounds of gold” … create a lineage and heritage of
the belt by putting together solid feuds, quality matches and a consistent champion.

Who is the right pick for this belt?

If I had my choice, this wouldn’t be the title match at ALLOUT. Nothing against Page. He’s great.
He’ll be feuding with MJF for that title in years to come.

Jericho brings heritage to the belt, so he’s an obvious choice for first dibs on that belt. And Kenny
Omega is the guy that should be standing opposite corner of him – a guy that’s been NJPW champion,
regarded as one of, if not thee, best wrestler in the world today. A dude who would solidify the belts
importance quicker than any other man on the roster.

And you have him lose. You have him lose to Chris Jericho cleanly. In the middle of the ring. In an epic,
edge of your seat match that the world talks about the next day.

Because if there is one story the wrestling world loves to watch, it’s the chase of the dream. Watching Jericho
defend the belt while Omega chases him for another chance at immortality is what the company needs.

DEFY 8XGP Tournament Review

DEFY 8XGP Tournament Review

Washington Hall
Seattle WA
July 26th and 27th 2019

Two nights of sheer wrestling madness and blissfully wonderful matches. What a ride it was! The emotional highs and lows took us on a veritable roller coaster. Every match was memorable and had moments that stood out. This event is something that will be discussed in the years to come. This is typical of DEFY events at Washington Hall. That is why the DEFYance gets loud and why many of us in the audience return to our daily lives the next day without a voice. Because we ruined it cheering for DEFY, the talent and for one another. It is special, it is unique, and it is magical.

There are two nights of incredible material to go over, so I’m going to get right down to business!

Night 1, July 26TH

The energy in the house was electrical. Who would emerge from the tournament the victor? We wouldn’t find out tonight, but we would discover the four talents who would advance to the next round. Four tournament matches, one Tag Team championship title match, and three spectacular matches showcasing the incredible talent we have here in the Pacific Northwest!

Match 1
Tag Team Competition
Sonico & Leon Negro vs. Super Crazy and Guillermo Rosas

The crowd went crazy over this match! Both teams consisted of fan favorites. Sonico has long been a staple on the DEFY roster and has been a beloved talent in this region. Leon Negro has been working with Sonico for a while now and he has wowed this audiences on several occasions. Guillermo Rosas came out to his entrance music “Old Town Road,” and the whole audience sang along. He’s had some incredible matches lately and the DEFYance can only look forward seeing more from this young man.

The final person, Rosas’ partner, was none other than Super Crazy! As Steve Migs announced Super Crazy into the ring, the world-famous wrestler approached our esteemed announcer and made a correction. Without skipping a beat Steve corrects himself and announces him as “Super Fucking Crazy!”

This match was a fantastic lucha spectacle. We saw some fancy work off the ropes, high flying and some really great work on both teams. It was a top-notch match that gave us a little of everything from incredible technical work to comedic spots. No one walked away from this match unsatisfied with their performance.

In the end Sonico got the three count in on Guillermo Rosas. Despite his team not winning the match, the crowd went crazy for Super Fucking Crazy! After the match concluded they were throwing wads of cash into the ring to pay their respects to our wrestling luminary.

Match 2
Tournament Match
Judas Icarus vs. Matt Cross

Without question, Judas Icarus is one of our rising stars from our region. He made his debut earlier this year and he has developed quite the following at DEFY. When one sees his work in the ring there is little doubt why that is.

Matt Cross was at the very first DEFY show and he has returned many times since. He is practically a regular on the DEFY roster! Seeing him in belt contention only seems right. He would be an outstanding champion and the reception he received from the audience indicates there are many who agree.

These two men really cut loose and gave it their all. There were several occasions when you could feel the tension between these two. What was particularly impressive is how well Judas Icarus was able to hold his own against a wrestler with far more experience. There is little doubt this young man from Vancouver British Columbia has a bright future in this business!

This rancorous match came to an end with Matt Cross getting the three count on Judas Icarus. Matt Cross wins and advances to the next round of the tournament!


Match 3
Tournament Match
“Classic” Cody Chhun vs. Mike Santiago

While Mike Santiago might be better known as one half of the Amerikan Gunz he’s a very talented wrestler. He’s had a contentious relationship with the DEFYance. He is both loved and hated by this crowd and Mr. Santiago doesn’t seem to care about his detractors.

Cody Chhun on the other hand, is beloved by the DEFYance. He’s faced some heavy hitters and when he came out into the ring you could see pure confidence in his stride. The audience began chanting, “Who’s house? Chhun’s House!” It was a cacophony of celebration!

When the bell rang Mike Santiago tore into Chhun with a vengeance. He has clearly taken his training to a new level and it showed! He brutally laid into Chhun and subjected him to the kind of brutal beating one rarely recovers from.

One thing that is a certainty, Cody Chhun should never be underestimated. After he recovered, he managed to reverse the tides and performed a series of his signature moves on his opponent, Mike. These two gave as well as they took. It was a brutal back and forth. It was clear no one was going to advance to the next round without a serious fight.

The match came to an end with Cody Chhun pinning Mike Santiago.

Cody wins and advances to the next round of the tournament! As he was leaving the auditorium Cody took the microphone and said. “I’m fucking winning this!” The audience is clearly behind a Chhun Championship.

Match 4
Tag Team Championship Match
Two Titles in contention: DEFY and PCW Ultra
War Beast vs. Los Parks
(Joseph Samael & Jacub Fatu) vs. (LA Park and Hijo de LA Park)

Warbeast have been the DEFY tag team champions since March. This will be their second title defense at Washington Hall. When they came into the auditorium it was clear they are ready to destroy their opponents. Anyone unfamiliar with Warbeast should know they work themselves into a frenzy and then they go berserk on whomever they face.

Joining them in the hall is LA Park and Hijo de LA Park, the father and son tag team that makes up Los Parks. This is their DEFY debut and it became obvious upon their entrance into the auditorium they are well liked by this crowd. They wore black costumes and masks with incredible skeletal markings.

When the bell rang this match quickly turned into a frenzy of chaos. These four men weren’t in a wrestling match they were engaged in a battle to destroy one another. There was a lot of back and forth between these two teams and they were well matched. Just when you thought one was gaining the edge the other team quickly pulled a reversal.

After an impressive match in which “all violence is legal,” one team emerged triumphant… Warbeast retains!


Match 5
Tag Team Match
Randy Myers & Danika Della Rouge vs. Travis Williams & Sloan

When these two teams came out from behind the curtain there was no doubt on anyone’s mind that Randy Myers and Danika Della Rouge were the crowd favorites. Travis Williams and Sloan however…. Well let’s just say they were welcomed… yeah…

This was one of the highlights of the evening. Randy Myers and Danika Della Rouge had incredible ring chemistry and worked well together. The same can very much be said about Travis Williams and Sloan. Bravo DEFY for coming up with unique match ups that really work.

Danika came into the ring strong and gave Sloan a run for her money. These two have a contentious history at DEFY and you could feel it when these two spectacular wrestlers faced off in the ring. Travis of course demonstrates his “golden boy” attitude throughout the match and Randy had a great deal of fun humiliating this arrogant young man.

At one point the wrestlers engaged in a chicken war. Danika on Randy’s shoulders and Travis on Sloan’s. This ended much better for Danika and the Weirdo Hero than it would for Travis and Sloan.

After a good deal of back and forth Danika dives onto Travis outside the ring as Randy pins Sloan. Randy and Danika Win!

As Travis made his way back to the locker room defeated and humiliated, he gave this writer the stink eye and said, “Fuck your book!” Apparently, he is displeased with the notes being taken during this event. Quel Dommage!


Match 6
Tournament Match
Douglas James vs. Artemis Spencer

This was perhaps one of the most highly anticipated matches of the evening. DEFY champion, Artemis Spencer was up, his belt on the line. If he was eliminated in this match, he was done. He would no longer be the DEFY champion and he would be out of the tournament.

Jim Perry and Matt Farmer didn’t take it easy on Artemis either. They didn’t just bring in some jobber to take on their champion. They brought in a serious threat. A man more than capable of ending the champion’s reign. Douglas James!

When the bell rang the audience was firmly behind their champion. To say this match was incredible would be an understatement. These two men were impressive, and we saw some of the best technical wrestling on the card. There were submission attempts, senton on the top rope, and a series of advanced moves one doesn’t see mere amateurs perform in the ring.

This match had everyone at the edge of their seat and there were a lot of people biting their nails. There were so many close calls the audience was on a veritable roller coaster of emotions. This was a ride!

In the end Artemis Spencer won! While the audience cheered their champion something else amazing happened. The crowd at Washington Hall all became fans of Douglas James who performed admirably. It is not easy for someone to come in and take on a beloved champion for their title and win over a slough of new fans like Mr. James did.


Match 7
Tournament Match
Schaff vs. Christopher Daniels

It was a joy to welcome Christopher Daniels back to DEFY. This gentleman, and class act, came out and took the microphone and delightfully gave the monologue he and his two partners give when they come to town. However, he didn’t have his friends Mr. Kazarian or Mr. Sky, so he gave us his spiel but indicated perhaps Seattle wasn’t the worst place in the world.

Schaff is perhaps one of the favorites to win the 8XGP Tournament. Once again, the folks hidden behind the curtain didn’t take it easy on the “Baddest Mother Fucker in Wrestling.” Indeed, they did not, but you could see the hunger in Schaff’s eyes. What he lacked in experience over his opponent he more than made up for in size and strength. He even gave Mr. Daniels pause, when Schaff entered the ring.

When the bell rang Schaff gave Christopher Daniels and impressive demonstration of his strength. Thus, the match began. There was an impressive display of skill from both parties. We saw power bombs, German suplexes and some of the most devastating moves of the night. The war between these two men was so brutal at one-point Christopher Daniels was bleeding profusely just above his eye.

In the end, experience won out over strength. Much to the surprise to many in the audience, Schaff, one of the favorites to win the tournament, was defeated and eliminated! Christopher Daniels wins!


Match 8
Main Event
Ethan HD vs. Tama Tonga

When Tama Tonga came out the audience erupted into one of the loudest and longest standing ovations DEFY has seen at Washington Hall. He made his way around the ring wearing his mask and riling up the crowd. He removed his mask and just as he was about to enter the ring someone yelled out, “Roman Reigns!” Well… Tama Tonga wasn’t particularly impressed. He cut through the audience like butter and confronted the malcontent in the back. He eventually came to the ring… the status of the foolish fan in the back of the room is uncertain.

Ethan HD came out representing the Amerikan Gunz. It is clear he was here to prove himself against his legendary opponent. There are few in the Pacific Northwest better suited to take on the likes of Tama Tonga.

When the bell rang these two squared off. Ethan came in strong. He quickly put Tama Tonga on the defense and executed some of his vicious moves. Tama quickly realized he wasn’t simply going up against some local guy and quickly began upping his game.

There was little doubt that after the first minute these two were bringing out everything in their arsenals. This was a ferocious contest. Neither man gave an inch. Ethan pulled out some of his trademark stomps and Tama Tonga managed to pull threw with a few of his own.

This match had a fast pace and lasted much longer than anyone realized. It had the whole audience enraptured. After an embittered fight, Tama Tonga managed to pin Ethan HD for the three count. Tama Tonga wins!


Night 2, July 27th

The second night of the 8XGP Tournament was even more electrical than the night before. The first night gave us momentum. The chances we might have a new champion was a thought on the minds of everyone as they spilled into the auditorium in mass. Even though it was the second night there was no less excitement or enthusiasm from this crowd. When  Steve Migs came out he worked the crowd into a frothing mass of wrestling fans!

Match 1
Round Two Tournament Match
“Classic” Cody Chhun vs. Christopher Daniels

When Christopher Daniels came out he had a notable bandage just above his eye. He proceeded to tell us the story of how he went to Harborview (Hospital) due to the injury he sustained the night before with Schaff. He checked in and waited for hours before they finally came out and told him he would be seen quicker at Swedish. He received six stitches and by the time he left Swedish the sun was emerging over the horizon. So, of course, this makes Seattle the worst town he’s ever been to! It would have gone better if he went to Virginia Mason… but I digress…

“Classic” Cody Chhun came out and the audience began chanting, “Cody… Cody… Cody Fucking Chhun!” As he made his way to the ring you could hear an opposing chant for the “Fallen Angel!” This audience was split down the middle. Both of these men were clearly loved by the DEFYance. After Cody came into the ring Christopher Daniels asked humorously, “Is that really your middle name?”

This was a fantastic match. There is no doubt in this writer’s mind that Cody Chhun is one of the future stars of this business. His technical skills in the ring are polished and extraordinary. He was able to hold his own against Christopher Daniels a man who is not only an exceptional talent but a man with nearly two decades of experience on his opponent.

These two fought hard and seeing them work the ropes, making dives, slams and cutters was an incredible sight to behold. There were some intense moments. There was a point when Cody was knocked out of the ring. The referee began the count out and just as the ref was about to make the count of ten Cody leapt into the ring!

There were several near pins on both opponents. This was anyone’s match. No one held the upper hand for long. When Christopher Daniels went in for the cover and got the three count on Cody Chhun you could see the satisfaction on the faces of everyone in the audience.

Christopher Daniels basked in his victory for only a few seconds before motioning Cody to join him. He then held up his opponents’ arm and said, “You were fucking great!” A real class act. Christopher Daniels advances to the final round!


Match 2
Round Two Tournament Match
Matt Cross vs. Artemis Spencer

Before this match began Steve Migs came out and gave a shout out to the local talent at DEFY. The incredible talent here who works hard and doesn’t always get the recognition they deserve beyond the boundaries of this region. It was a sentiment agreed upon by the DEFYance and the crowd celebrated our local wrestlers.

Matt Cross came out and enjoyed the love DEFY audience bestow on him every time he enters the ring. When Artemis came out, he received the same warm welcome. Then as the two men stood in the ring preparing to start the match the audience began rival chant. “Matt Cross!” “Artie!” Both men had their fans in the crowd, and there was no doubt this was going to be a spectacular match.

This was a fast, hard hitting competition. These two went after one another with the kind of zeal typically seen between bitter enemies. They fought hard and tried to put the other away, but every time Matt and Artie managed to pull through or reach the ropes.

We saw some signature moves, multiple reversals, and technical displays. We saw some two counts and impressive mat work. The greatest part of this match was watching two men, champions in their own right, showing DEFY how great professional wrestling can really be.

After and impressive match we saw Artemis Spencer pin his opponent. Artemis Spencer wins! He will advance to the final round and face Christopher Daniels for the DEFY Championship.


Match 3
Four Corner Tag Team
The Amerikan Gunz (Ethan HD & Mike Santiago)
Modern Day Savages (Kaimana & Ativalu)
Super Crazy & Guillermo Rosas
Randy Myers & Schaff

This was an incredible match. WOW! Four incredible teams facing off against one another. As each team came out the DEFYance got louder and louder. The Amerikan Gunz were eager put this motley crew down. You could see the lust for carnage in the eyes of Modern Day Savages. Super Crazy and Guillermo Rosas were ready to redeem themselves after the previous night’s loss to Sonico and Leon Negro. As for Randy Myers and Schaff, they seemed ready to show everyone else how its done.

There was so much posturing as all eight of these men stood in the ring. They were ready to tear one another apart. When the bell rang it didn’t take long before this erupted into a wrestling massacre!

We saw wrestlers flying all over the ring and into the audience. At one point there was a domino kissing moment, of course started by the Ravenous one, during which most of the wrestlers in this match kissed one another. There was another moment when the two biggest guys in this match faced off. When Schaff and Ativalu stood face to face you knew these two men were more than capable of tearing one another apart. Let’s just say Schaff managed to pull out on top of that one, but not without Ativalu proving he’s a force to be reckoned with.

There was some serious heavy hitting so devistating you could see the ring moving and shifting. Super Crazy devastated his opponents, while Guillermo Rosas went for Mike Santiago. Ethan HD devastated one opponent after another and Kaimana took every opportunity he could to get in a shot.

Within the frenzied battle a victor emerged. Mike Santiago moved in and got the three count on Kaimana. The Amerikan Gunz win!


Match 4
Singles Competition
Joey Janela vs. Tama Tonga

One thing we learned at Washington Hall is that Joey Janela knows how to make an entrance. Not only did he share a beer with several members of the audience he also paraded around the ring and then went up stairs into the balcony and made the rounds up there as well!

Tama Tonga came in with his mask, eyes lit up and strolled around the ring greeting his fans. He has quite the presence and he received a welcome even louder than the night before. Fresh off his win against Ethan HD in the main event on night one, he is no doubt eager to continue his DEFY winning streak.

Joey and Tama sized one another up as they waited for the bell to ring. When it finally did, neither wasted a moment to go after one another. Joey was relentless and Tama Tonga proved his resilience. It didn’t take long however for him to turn the tables and put Joey through a series of devastating moves.

At one point in the match these two ended up outside the ring, where they encountered… doppelgangers! Or, rather, two supper fans, brothers John and Joe Marganz. John was dressed up as Joey Janela and Joe as Tama Tonga. It would seem there was a little confusion as who was in the match and who wasn’t. Both Joe and John ended up seeing some action with Janela and Tonga taking them out!

Eventually they made it back into the ring. The back and forth between these two was impressive. As things escalated between them, there were two figures who ran out from the locker room and into the ring. Suddenly the Amerikan Gunz insinuated themselves into the match and started beating Tama Tonga. This was no doubt a retaliation for the night before when Tama Tonga defeated Ethan HD in the main event.

The Referee Benjamin Roberts came in and called a double disqualification due to interference!

Double DQ? That’s all right, the real winners of this match was the audience at Washington Hall who got to see these two wrestlers put on a great show!


Match 5
Singles Competition
“Golden Boy” Travis Williams vs. Douglas James

Whenever the “Golden Boy” enters the auditorium he struts around the ring with an impressive amount of arrogance and pride. He seemed to have forgotten his defeat on night one at the hands of Danika Della Rouge and Randy Myers. Evidence that Travis Williams is good at putting things behind him… when it’s convenient…

Douglas James emerged from behind the curtain, unquestionably the crowd favorite. He made a lot of new fans on night one. He impressed more than a few in the audience in his match with Artemis Spencer, however there were a few fans who remembered him from a couple years ago when he appeared at DEFY 8 Kings among Men and faced Randy Myers.

As these two gentlemen faced off you could tell Travis Williams wanted nothing more than to humiliate his opponent. Douglas James seemed unimpressed and readied himself to face off against this so called “Golden Boy!”

When the bell rang these two locked up and it didn’t take long before Douglas James took control. He handled Travis like a department store mannequin, maneuvering from one end of the ring to the other. The “Golden Boy” managed to get in a few good moves, but it didn’t take long to see he was outclassed by his opponent.

Despite putting up a good fight Travis Williams was taken down for the three count. Douglas James wins!


Match 6
Champion Tag Team Match
Warbeast (Joseph Samael and Jacob Fatu)
La Raza (Sonico and Leon Negro)

Returning for there second Title defense Joseph Samael and Jacob Fatu came out after defeating challengers from night one LA Parks. It was an incredibly brutal evening, to see these two gentlemen return for night two able to walk let alone function on any level was an amazing feat of athleticism and fortitude.

Also returning was La Raza, Sonico and Leon Negro. They won their match the night before against Guillermo Rosas and Super Crazy, this gave them the right to make a challenge for the DEFY and PCW Ultra Tag Team title belts.

The bell rang and things didn’t go well for team La Raza from the beginning. Warbeast proved to be ferocious opponents. Jacob Fatu and Joseph Samael executed brutal moves on Sonico and Leon Negro.

At one-point Jacob Fatu picked up Leon Negro and slammed him on the edge of the ring… twice. There was a collective cringe on the faces of the DEFYance as local favorites Sonico and Leon Negro did their best to hold their own against the indomitable Warbeast.

The match came to an end when Jacob Fatu pinned Leon Negro. Warbeast wins and retains the PCW Ultra and DEFY Tag Team belts!


Match 7
Main Event
Tournament Finale
Christopher Daniels vs. Artemis Spencer

It all comes down to this match. The final match in the DEFY 8XGP Tournament. The second of two nights filled with spectacular wrestling comes to an end. Would DEFY be crowning a new champion? If Christopher Daniels has his way they certainly will. It would be a crowning achievement for Southern California Uncensored.

Artemis Spencer fought and clawed his way to the finals, determined to retain his championship belt. Now he stands at the eleventh hour ready to face one of the most celebrated professionals in the field. As one of a handful of wrestlers invited to BOLA, it would be an incredible boon to enter this event as the DEFY champion.

When these two men came out into the auditorium it would be difficult to say one was favored over the other. It was clear the crowd at DEFY loved both these men. Both the cherished champion and the beloved seasoned veteran stood in the ring vying for the coveted DEFY championship. A belt with a proud lineage of holders most notably WWE NXT talent Shane Strickland.

This was an emotional match. The crowd could hardly contain themselves. As Christopher Daniels and Artemis Spencer fought with every ounce of their being. Both Artie and Christopher got several near falls on one another. They hit hard, sweat was dripping from their bodies as they battled to put the other away.

Just when you thought Christopher Daniels was about to put Artemis away and become the DEFY Champion, Artie pulled out! With so much at stake, this was easily the most exciting match of the night.

It was such an intense match the crowd was entranced. They chanted and cheered for these two men. The journey from beginning to end was a display of wrestling perfection. Like all great things they must come to an end and this final tournament match did come to an end. After giving it everything they had to give, Artemis Spencer pinned Christopher Daniels for the three count!

And still your DEFY Champion… Artemis Spencer!

Photo Credits: West Smith & Mikey Nolan

Summer Slam 2019 – Yeti’s #MarkPicks

Summer Slam 2019 – Yeti’s #MarkPicks

WWE SummerSlam takes place tonight in Toronto, Ontario at the Scotiabank Arena that will air live on the WWE network.

MarkPicks are typically 100% wrong and certified!! – Yeti

WWE Universal Title Match:
Brock Lesnar (C) vs. Seth Rollins

Yeti: All about the chase and build for me. Brock needs the belt more than Seth at this point. It’s a New Age Randy and Elizabeth with the roles reversed.

My Mark pick: Lesnar retains.

WWE RAW Women’s Title Submission Match:
Becky Lynch (C) vs. Natalya
Yeti: Respect Natty a ton but still not on the level of the competition around her. Plain and simple and not sure why we continue to get short bursts of Natalya with even shorter title reigns that haunts any other builds.

My Mark Pick: Becky retains

WWE SmackDown Women’s Title Match:
Bayley (C) vs. Ember Moon

Yeti: With the likely return of Sasha, it makes sense for her to drop the belt for a Boss and Hug reunion or does Sasha interfere giving Ember the strap. This ones tough.Mark Pick: Ember NEW Champ.

Singles Match: (If Owens Loses He’s Forced To Quit WWE)
Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon

Yeti: Shane McMahon is arguably one of the best workers in WWE History, but Kevin Owen’s is KO. This could actually be match of the night.

Mark Pick: Best in the World – Shane McMahon

WWE Title Match:
Kofi Kingston (C) vs. Randy Orton
Yeti: Randy Orton continues to show why he is one of the best heels to ever step foot in a WWE ring. Kofi and the decade he’s spent to this Summer Slam moment is great, but, its another Orton run that NEEDS to happen. Next up….Bray Wyatt.
Mark Pick: Randy Orton NEW Champ. 14x

Singles Match: 
Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt

Yeti: Another gratuitous DEMON sighting with no follow up or legit background, but gotta love a gimmick vs. gimmick match like this!!!

Mark Pick: The Demon wins.

WWE United States Title Match:
AJ Styles (C) vs. Ricochet

Yeti: Thanks for the great show Ricochet, but the OC and AJ all day.

Mark Pick: AJ All Day.

Singles Match:
Charlotte Flair vs. Trish Stratus
Yeti: Trish is a Hall of Famer. Charlotte is a Flair. I don’t see this being a smooth or memorable match unfortunately.  It’s a name match with a big name draw. Charlotte does not lose to just anyone and history tells us this should be that “passing of a torch” match…kinda.

Mark Pick: Charlotte crushes Trish.

Singles Match:
Goldberg vs. Dolph Ziggler
Yeti: Food Break.Mark Pick: Gillberg

WWE Cruiserweight Title Match:
Drew Gulak (C) vs. Oney Lorcan

Yeti: Seeing this match in all its glory will be a testament to so many independent promotions and workers throughout the New England area.  This one is a bit personal for me.  It’s going to be stiff, athletic and technical. Catch Point with the win.

Mark Pick: Drew Gulak retains.


The Long Burn – a growing concern for the safety of the Late Adam Cole.

The Long Burn – a growing concern for the safety of the Late Adam Cole.

There is no question that Vince McMahon Jr. is very bothered by upstart wrestling
company All Elite Wrestling. So much so that he’s hired Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff
to run tv on Raw and Smackdown, respectively. But the moves haven’t stopped there. Just
this week, during an NXT conference call, Paul Levesque strongly hinted that NXT would be
jumping to FS1 in October on Wednesdays.

Now, he didn’t mention AEW or the show they’ll be debuting in October on TNT – but the
move is very much in the wheelhouse of WWE’s past moves. Is it a desperate measure, a calculated
measure or just a good business move?

No one will ever really know. But it seems like a move made from desperation. Why? Well,
one, why would you move the one show that people subscribe to your over the top network in the
first place? Now, sure, many subscribe to get the ten dollar PPV – but I’d imagine just as many sub
for that NXT gold that’s streamed ever Wednesday.

The roster is unbelievably deep. At the top of the list are Johnny Gargano, Matt Riddle, Tommaso Ciampa,
Velveteen Dream, Keith Lee and current NXT Champion, Adam Cole. And it’s Cole that could have his
career made or played with this move to FS1.

It is in no way a secret that Cole is very good friends and was at one time a member of The Elite. Of
course, the Elite parlayed their popularity into what is now All Elite Wrestling, public enemy no. 1 of
Vince McMahon Jr.

And if you’ve studied the moves of Jr. you know that, at times, he can be pretty damn petty when it comes
to competition – and no talent is safe from his inner demons. Ask Bret Hart. Ask CM Punk. As Triple H himself.
You cross Vince, he remembers it. He may not act upon it at first, but HE WILL when the time is right and
the need is necessary.

So you cannot tell me that he doesn’t know who Adam Cole is. And he doesn’t care how much Triple H has poured
into creating a machine out of The Undisputed Era. It’s his company, his baby, his toys. So the story could go
one of two ways.

Scenario One: Adam Cole is the new HBK, Bay Bay.

There is no denying that Cole has the look, the ability and the charisma to carry a company on his back. And
with UE behind him you could conceivably recreate a more mature version of Degeneration X – You could almost
hybrid DX and the Four Horseman and get UE. Business has always benefited when you’ve had a really solid heel
conglomerate at top, guiding the way the company runs.

They would no doubt be placed on the SmackDown roster where Cole would become a mainstream star, being
showcased on FOX tv programming outside of WWE. Ratings would be huge which would trickle down to RAW.

Scenario Two: Adam Cole is left to rot on NXT LIVE on FS1.

Sure, he’d be the poster child of the show, but Vince would pull every talented player from NXT and place them
on RAW or Smackdown – ratings would suffer, plummet, the show turning into WWE’s version of WCW Thunder –
and it would all fall, aesthetically, upon the shoulders of Adam Cole.

Which then points a finger at The Elite … of All Elite Wrestling.

“We’re entertainment, not flippy flop and blood and guts,” Vince will say in an interview, telling ESPN that NXT
will go away from that “tired” format, and he’ll place some big guy into the role of NXT’s poster child, making Cole look
weak, and in essence, the counter programming going on over at TNT.

Far fetched?

Google Vince McMahon Jr.

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