Irish Whip Women’s TOP 10 – May 2018


We take great pride in knowing and understanding the Female Professional Athlete in Wrestling World.  This is an ever expanding list that takes the most complete Womens Professional Athletes in the Wrestling World and crams just 10 of them into ONE LIST!

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Professional Wrestling world from NJPW, to ROH to NXT to PWG to WWE to NECW to iMPACT to WrestleCircus to House of HardCore to Beyond Wrestling to wXw.  We span the world to give you our top 10 Professional Female Wrestlers in the world in (3) Major Categories as defined by Bret “Hitman” Hart himself, known otherwise as the “Foundation Evaluation“.

  •  Professional Wrestling Persona  

The look, presence, gimmic, image, entrance and overall showmanship of the Professional Wrestler in the ring, out of the ring, and during promos.

  • Professional Wrestling Ability

The technical ability and ability to perform at the highest level no matter the opponent, match, rules or discipline.  NO matter the competitor this is the Gold Standard that an individual regards as the best technical wrestler to judge all others.

  • Professional Promos

The ability of the Professional to sell themselves as either a Heel or a Face by the use of merchandise, slogans, sayings, and overall ability to infulence a match by the use of the microphone.



1. Tess F'n Blanchard

  • For her 2nd Month in a row Tessa Blanchard tops the list.  Her charisma, work ethic, size, demeanor and favorable locker room presence puts Tessa on the top of our list once again.  With her debut on iMPACT she continues to dominate wherever she shows up.  That belt needs to be on her waist FAST!

2. Charlotte Flair

  • The Queen B of the WWE continues to show why she is and remains one of the most dominate professional wrestlers, male or female on the planet today. Genetics, athleticism, charisma and ability to sell on a consistant basis over and over again keeps Charlotte in the second spot.

3. Asuka

  • Asuka has moved to the main roster and with that move she becomes another fish in a huge sea of talent in the WWE.  Her dominance we were once accustomed too in NXT has lost some of its sizzle but her consistency, desire, and will to be the biggest personality on the roster sets her above the rest and keeps her in the Top 3.

4. Rosemary

  • Rosemary - The Demon Assassin maintains her spot at number 4.  With a continued showing and the HIVLINGS going strong the latest match on iMPACT versus Su Yung speaks volumes to here ability to work, and sell with anyone she faces off against in the squared circle!

5. Ember Moon

  • At 5'1" and able to deadlift over 400 lbs is easy to see how one of Booker T's pride pupils has absolutely dominated the scene since her arrival on RAW. She continues to defy the odds and when there is a serious bump or the necessity to take it to a level that most wont look no further than this amazing talent with absolutely NO FEAR!

6. Nia Jax

  • The one woman that is by far one of Yeti's favorite and the only woman that both JP and Yeti predicted would have the belt after Rousey made her debut at the Rumble.  There is no other more beautiful, intimidating, and vicarious talent in the WWE Womens division at this time than Nia. She is all beauty when she needs to be and just as much beast when necessary!  A TRUE WWE Womens Champion that we hope retains her belt for months to come!

7. Alexa Bliss

  • The Five Foot Ninja stays in the Top 10 as her skills to push others to new heights is a talent not many can relate too. With the loss of her belt and the teaming up with James we hope to see her where she belongs again soon on her own and tearing up the competition from top to bottom.  She has the heart of a lion and is a survior.  Period!

8. Kairi Sane

  • With her beautiful smile, gentile demeanor and skillful ability to always seem to be in the right place at the right time Sane slips one spot to number 8 this month, however, the elbow drop from the top rope is a money maker that keeps us wanting more and more and more!  As she navigates her way through the E we hope to see her team with Asuka and begin to do some real damage.

9. Toni Storm

  • The female "Loose Cannon".  The woman with all the moves, attitude and ability to back up each and every word!  Her current work with Stardom and her time spend in Japan has benefited this young talent immensely.  If there is one woman we are anxiously awaiting the rest of the world to catch onto is Toni!

10. Sasha Banks

  • When Sasha is #10 on your list you know you are going to get some heat, however, the storyline and the use of Sasha has dwindled to a point on nonsense.  Her ability has been tempered a bit over the last several months as more and more females have made the roster.  Snoops niece will always be one of our favs and we cant wait to see where she climbs after the ROUSEY push.
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