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The Irish Whip Podcast:

(for immediate release) 2/18/2018


The Irish Whip Podcast returns to take back what we abdicated years ago.  “KINGS OF THE INTERNET“.  Some know and some do not.  Usually what we say happens as evidence by the 2 for 2 predictions in Rowdy Ronda Rousey and the WWE PPV Shakeup.  In other worlds.  ‘You’re welcome WORLD“!  We have Ben, JP and Big Joe along with the Original YETI (Josh) back.  Stay calm world.  We’re back!   – The Irish Whip Podcast

Legacy Professional Wrestler Brian Pillman II

A Brief History:

  • WWE Superstar Finn Balor’s first US TOUR Interview.  AKA Fergal Devitt.
  • First Internet Radio Show to interview the one and only “Rampage” Jackson.
  • Before the WWE on The IRISH WHIP!
    • Eric Young(TNA)
    • Finn Balor(WWE)
    • Natty Neidhart (Stampede Wrestling)
    • Drew Gulak(Combat Zone Wrestling)
    • Colt Cabana(Ring of Honor)
    • Nigel McGuinness(WWE/ROH)
    • Judah Freidlander (30 Rock/Comedian)
    • Jasen Moreno (Lead Singer/Drowning Pool)

We know the future and the future is now!

Booking interviews and raising social awareness for the hardworking independent athletes is what we have become synonymous for and what we will continued to be defined as.  Follow us on Twitter.  Hit us up on Facebook.  Visit our site for Guest Exclusives!

The evidence is obvious……..Its not the WRESTLEMANIA sign everyone points to.  Its US. The Irish Whip!

Josh Richards
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The Original YETi is back. I love my kids, my main rescue dog Opie and my beautiful wife. Pro Wrestling, Metal Music and living rather thn existing.

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