Irish Whip Podcast – JP and The YETI

We get IRISH this WEEK!

Irish Whip Podcast – JP and The YETI (Josh) spent the evening going over the last serveral weeks of wrestling in the E, the NEW IMPACT with Scott D’Amore with new management as well as some of the amazing podcasts we enjoy listening too!

#Duhcast / #SheHatesWrestling / #WrestlingPerspective / #SmarktoDeath  and others!  Huge shoutout to Dennis Farell, Petey Wiliams and James Ellsworth as they move forward in the colossal fun that is INTERNET WRESTLING RADIO!

Josh Richards
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The Original YETi is back. I love my kids, my main rescue dog Opie and my beautiful wife. Pro Wrestling, Metal Music and living rather thn existing.

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