Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some of the common questions we get from talent and others in relation to the podcast and being a guest with JP and Yeti.

How do I get on the show?

Its pretty easy.  Simply send us and email at info@irishwhippodcast with some of your basic information and your work and we will do all we can to make time and accommodate.  Please know we get many requests each week and our talent coordinators and producers are in charge of selecting the guests they feel meets our audiences needs.  No, not everyone gets to be a guest, but that's whey we are where we are.

What is the #TIWMafia?

The #TIWMafia is our PWC fam.  The men and women in our lives that share our love of pro wrestling and are passionate about the entire umbrella that the label "Pro Wrestling" covers.  We have friends and family in the business, but, that does not stop us from calling it like it is!

Do you have customer service?

Fuck no.

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