DEFY: Dia de los Muertos

DEFY Dia De Los Muertos
Washington Hall, Seattle Washington
October 27, 2018

Tonight, is particularly exciting for me. I am introducing three of my closest friends to DEFY. Melinda, Sarah and Kathy joined me this evening, first row, front and center. Their experience with wrestling is varying, from an established fan in Melinda, to Kathy who has never watched a wrestling match in her life. All three of them were excited and I was anxious to show them what I’ve been up to these last few months.

Dia De Los Muertos! Day of the Dead… As I watched the incredibly talented team behind DEFY release the matches for this event in the week leading up to October 27, I knew this was going to be an exceptional show. Jeff Cobb, Brody King, Rey Fenix, Mexablood, and MJF… These are all names, you want to see on a card, and DEFY has shown us they have been able to recruit top notch talent from across the country to make their way to Seattle and take on the best home grown talent in our region.

The evening was kicked off by local celebrity and ring announcer Steve Migs! It would be a mistake to underestimate the impact Migs has on the audience. I believe he is largely responsible for conjuring the energy one feels at every DEFY event. It’s very much like the sport of Volleyball, Steve Migs sets the ball for the wrestlers to spike!

1st Match: Singles Match
Randy Myers vs. MJF

MJF came out to the ring amidst a rain of toilet paper. This did little to stop him from engaging in a never-ending tirade about how much better he is than everyone else and how the audience was little more than poor trash. As MJF spewed his verbal diarrhea, Randy came out and ended the audible horror being inflicted on the audience.

Randy did his rounds with a crowd who truly loves him. Then, suddenly he pointed at me! ME! He asked if he could kiss me… Well, you don’t have to threaten me with a good time… I stood, opened my arms and Randy Myers, the Weirdo Hero, the Ravenous One, gave me one of the best smooches I’ve had in a while. I was already a big fan, now… (Fanning self)

Anyway, this match was very humorous. The audience was clearly on Randy’s side. Through out the competition the crowd shouted several chants encouraging Randy to… abuse… MJF in various humiliating ways. MJF was not about to be defeated so easily. Randy quickly proved he was a superior wrestler, thus MJF resorted to pandemonium tactics, including eye pokes and other treacherous and questionably legal moves. These attempts proved futile. After several near falls Randy put MJF away with a pin fall.


2nd Match: Tag Team Match
Sonico and Leon Negro vs. Drexel and Dr. Kliever

DEFY always has at least one unannounced match that almost always ends up being one of my favorites of the evening. This match was no exception. Sonico, a regular at DEFY and 321 Battle! Came out with a wrestler who was new to me, Leon Negro! Then like a nightmare made real, Dr. Kliever emerged from behind the curtain wearing a flesh mask, followed by Drexel who was wielding a chainsaw. It was like something from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre flooded into Washington Hall terrorizing the crowd!

Leon Negro and Dr. Kliever started the match. Even though the Dr. of Horror proved to be stronger, Leon Negro proved he was quick and not to be underestimated. It wasn’t long before Drexel and Sonico ended up in the ring. These two have a long history that has played out at several promotions in the region. Sonico put Drexel on the defense and tapped Leon Negro into the ring. Dr. Kliever and Drexel brutalized Leon Negro and kept him on the far side of the ring where they inflicted pain and prevented him from tagging out. It wasn’t long before Drexel ad Dr. Kliever took the match with a pin fall.


3rd Match: Tag Team Championship Title Challenge
Amerikan Gunz vs Mexablood
Ethan HD & Mike Santiago vs. Bandido & Flamita

This was the first Title Defense since the Amerikan Gunz won the Tag Team Championship in early September. When they entered the ring they paraded their belts, the first time we’ve seen them since they won the championship! Challenging them this evening is Mexablood! Two beloved luchadores who have made a name for themselves all over the US, England and Mexico!

This match was a viciously fought competition. The Mexablood laid a world of hurt on the Gunz and this match ended up outside the ring on several occasions. Both Ethan HD and Mike Santiago showed their metal against these two talented luchadores. The Gunz have learned a masterful arsenal of devastating moves and despite several near falls they failed to finish off the Mexablood team. Bandido and Flamita managed to pull out and turn the tables on the Amerikan Gunz. It would seem their championship would not last through their first title defense. Neither team held the advantage for long. In the end the American Gunz got the pin on Mexablood and retained their championship in a hard fought battle!


4th Match: Singles Match
Artemis Spencer vs. Rey Fenix

DEFY was divided between one of their favorite locals, Artemis, and a rising star in the lucha world, Rey Fenix. This was a highly technical match which included a great deal of foot work, head locks and jockeying for advantage. There were some chops and then Rey went for the ropes. This is when the match took a grizzly turn. With a devastating kick, Rey’s foot made contact with Artemis Spencer’s jaw. Artemis lay on the ground motionless, the ref moved in and moments later blood was seen pouring from the fallen wrestler’s mouth.

It was unclear for a few moments if the match could continue. Artemis appeared disoriented and he was obviously injured. Like a true champion, Artemis Spencer got up and continued with this brutal match. There were several near falls and the contest came to an end with Artemis Spencer barely pulling out a pin fall on Rey Fenix.

This was perhaps one of the most impressive matches, of all the matches, I’ve watched at a Defy show. These men were evenly paired, impressive and performed incredible feats, even while grievously wounded. By the end of the match there was a great deal of blood on both opponents and it was revealed later that evening, Artemis Spencer was taken to the hospital to receive stitches. So impressive was this match, that fans threw money into the ring, a symbol of their appreciation for performers who went above and beyond.

Best of luck Artemis Spencer! I wish you a speedy recovery. Especially since you’ll be making a title challenge against Shane Strickland on December 14, 2018.


5th Match: Singles Match
Brody King vs. Jeff Cobb

Jeff Cobb entered the ring with three championship belts. He is fresh off winning the BOLA championship and continues to prove his star is now one of the brightest stars in the pantheon of Independent Wrestling. Brody King stood unimpressed. These two have never faced off before and though they were opponents in this match, it was obvious Jeff Cobb and Brody King had a great deal of respect for one another.

This powerhouse contest was so brutal and devastatingly fierce, the DEFY staff had to move the ring back into place after the match concluded. It shifted out of place as these two men destroyed one another. There were German Suplex’s, Spine Busters, Chops so brutal you could feel the entire building shudder. Inside the ring and outside, these men were engaged in a war so impressive and uncertain, I found myself sweating with anticipation. There were multiple two counts and it was anyone’s match. It came to an end when Brody King got a pin fall on Jeff Cobb.

After the match concluded Jeff took the microphone and told the audience this would be his last match with DEFY. Though he did not express exactly why he wouldn’t be back, there have been whispers that Jeff Cobb is being scouted by a major televised promotion. This is no surprise considering the impressive and admirable career this man has built. “Don’t Sleep on DEFY!” he said before making his way back to the DEFY locker room one last time.


6th Match: Main Event, Championship Title Match
“Swerve” Shane Strickland vs. Schaff

Schaff, our local hero, has stepped up to Challenge the DEFY Champion, Shane Strickland. These two men come from the same wrestling pedigree, mentored by A.R. Fox a trainer and highly respected professional in the industry. Both men are incredibly talented and DEFY was a house divided between these outstanding performers.

There were a lot of chops and slams from the beginning. Swerve attempted to get Schaff in an arm bar but was unable to lock it in and his opponent made him pay with a near fall. With superior strength, Schaff was able to throw Shane around, working him over on the ropes and throwing him around some more. They punched one another with devastating blows. Shane managed to throw Schaff off the ropes and went for his finishing move, the Swerve Stomp. Schaff put his legs up, causing the champion to land directly on his feet. Shane unceremoniously crumpled to the floor.

This was a savage contest and just when you thought one or the other was going down for the pin, they kicked out a millisecond before the third count. These men were barely able to stand as a result of countless devastating moves they inflicted on one another. Swerve put Schaff on the defense, and performed the Swerve Stomp, a move that has put away countless opponents. In a stunning display of resilience Schaff pulled out.

The two of them were so worn down they could barely function, and each move was becoming increasingly desperate. I was beginning to wonder if this was going to end up with a count out. Shane Strickland rallied and went to work on Schaff’s arm. He got him in a submission hold and stomped on Schaff’s vulnerable arm. There was an audible snap and the audience cringed at the horrific sound. Swerve twisted and turned Schaff’s injured arm, contorting it in ways that are not natural for any appendage to be turned and bent. The match ended when Schaff tapped out.

After retaining his title, Shane showed respect to his opponent by acknowledging Schaff has a bright future not only at DEFY, but as one of the great wrestlers in the Pacific Northwest region.

In Conclusion

This is one of the strongest entries in the history of DEFY. There wasn’t a single match that didn’t hold the audience. It was thrilling, stressful (in a good nail-biting kind of way), and at times touching. It was an emotional rollercoaster that took us from fear for someone’s well being, to inspired when they pulled threw and finished the match. I have been to multiple DEFY shows over the last few months, this show pulled me in like no other.

As for my friends, Melinda, Kathy and Sarah… DEFY has three new fans, and I’m certain you will see them again, soon. Don’t worry, I’ll be bringing a few more friends in the near future.

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