Review Without A Cause Year One!

Without A Cause
Year One!
October 27, 2019
Everett Washington

One year… An entire year has gone by! To say we saw significant change from the very first show to the one year anniversary show is an understatement. The very first show was wonderful expose of talent that showed incredible promise. It was a clear indicator that the folks behind Without A Cause knew what they were doing. Fast forward to WAC Year One, and this fantastic promotion has gone from a promising addition to the regions menu of show options to a must see property. It is becoming a destination both for fans and talent. With this much growth in a single year we can only speculate what’s going to happen in this promotions second year!

As for the Year One show, Max Zaleski, Taylor Bartle and their incredible team constructed one of the best cards to date. Here’s a run down of what happened!

Match #1: Six Way
Dave Turner vs. Eddie Osbourne vs. Kingpin Johnny Flynn vs. Zach Cooper vs. “Cool Dad” Chris Ross vs. Chris Cruz

Wow! This was an incredible opening match. Not only where there six talented men in this match but they didn’t hold back… at all! This was an impressive mix of styles. Dave Turner, Eddie Osbourne, Zach Cooper and Chris Ross have a more brutal powerhouse style while Johnny Flynn is more technical, and Chris Cruz is a spectacular high flyer.

The moment the bell rang there was a lot of posturing. It appeared as though each one of them was waiting for someone to make the first move. Then Johnny Flynn started shoving his opponent around and then this match broke out into utter chaos!

Chris Cruz performs a hurricanrana on Eddie Osbourne while Zach Cooper got a double drop kick on Chris Ross. Dave Turner then picks up Mr. Cooper and throws him out of the ring where Zach crashed through a door and lay motionless for the remainder of the match.

The black sheep then went after Kingpin Flynn and Chris Cruz in a slamwich! There was a lot of back and forth. In the end Dave turner gets the pin on Eddie Osbourne!

Dave Turner wins!

Match #2: Six Man Tag Team Match
Steve Migs and the Voros Twins vs. Jet Knight and Young Muscle (Jaiden & Nick Wayne)

To this day, at the one-year show, the audience at Without A Cause continues to fail in appreciating Steve Migs! One day folks… one day. This time, Migs didn’t come alone. He brought the Voros twins with him to take on challenger Jet Knight.

Jet couldn’t possibly show up to a match without his own back up. The incredible and rising team of Young Muscles came to join Mr. Knight. This threesome represents some of the hottest talent making a name for themselves in the region and they have a made an impressive showing here at Without A Cause.

When the bell rang Steve Migs and Jet Knight went up against one another. Steve managed to dodge a couple of Jet’s clotheslines only to be captured by the talented Mr. Knight who proceeded to give Migs a good old fashioned noogie! Then slams Migs.

Jaiden taps in and kicks a Voros! But this Voros wasn’t going to take that without retaliation and gave Jaiden a brutal chop. Nick Wayne moved in and performed a hurricanrana on the offending Voros brother.

Migs moves in and claims his opponents are too young to be in the ring. Nick responds with a kick to Migs’ face! After a few moments of mayhem, one of the Voros twins moves in and punches Jaiden and Migs slams Jaiden. The Voros then pull Jaiden into the corner when they work him over. Then one Voros gets Jaiden into a Surfboard while the other rains down from the top rope devastating Jaiden.

Migs and his partners kept Jaiden in the corner denying him the opportunity to tap one of his partners in. They executed a series of brutal attacks before Migs slams Jaiden onto the mat, goes in for the cover and gets a two count.

Jaiden rallies and gets a double head slam on the Voros twins and manages to tap Jet Knight in. Without hesitation Jet goes in for the kill, he chops Migs and slams him against the mat. He then turned his attention to the Voros twins. Jet destroys them, goes in for the pin, only to have Migs leap into the ring and break the cover.

The Voros gang up on Jet Knight and beat him down before going in for the cover only to get a two count. Then Jaiden and Nick Wayne fly in wipe out the Voros twins. Steve Migs moves in and crashes Jaiden and Nick’s heads together.

Jet moves in, devastates Migs and manages to take down one of the Voros twins. Jet goes for the cover and gets the three count!

Jet Knight and Young Muscle Win!


Match #3: Triple Threat
Steve West vs. Chase James vs. Drexl

This was a match in the making for a while now. A few months ago, Chase James was the celebrated champion of Without A Cause. He represented the promotion with grace and dignity. Then there was a four-way championship match during which Steve West kept Chase James busy while Chris Bey got a three count on Jordy Taylor. Needless to say, it is a bitter pill to lose your championship belt to an opponent who didn’t pin you, but that is how it went for Mr. James.

But Chase wasn’t the only contestant in this rumble with a beef to grind. Drexl had his own grievances to levy at the feet of Mr. James. They had faced off recently in a death match during which Chase James bludgeoned the devil with a chair and ever since this demonic grappler has been a bit confused about who he has become. Apparently tie-dye and Grateful Dead music doesn’t sit well with the Devil Drexl but somehow his head injury has created some confusion about his true identify.

When this match began, we heard Drexl lament about his mental deterioration into a dead head. This prompted both Chase James and Steve West to join forces and quickly take Drexl out. As the devil lay on the mat Chase didn’t waste a moment of time! He moved in and kneed Steve West in the face and starts working Wests arm.

This match was a fantastic display of wrestling talent. West shot his snot rockets, while Chase demonstrated his technical skills. Drexl changed personalities with every blow, switching between the peace loving, tie-dye wearing dead head and the fiendish devil. This was a highly entertaining match to watch. There was never a dull moment between these three. As Chase James and Steve West duked it out in the ring, Drexl was the wild card who insinuated himself in the match in the most comedic ways.

After an intense and hilarious match, we saw it come down to Steve West and Chase James. These two fought a contentious war. Just when you thought Mr. James would get his revenge, we saw West turn the tables and get the three count.

Steve West Wins!


Match #4: Without A Cause Championship Challenge
Champion Chris Bey vs. Hammerstone

It’s always a pleasure to have Hammerstone in the house. When he comes into the ring, he’s there to tear his opponent’s body apart limb by limb. One need only look at the “Beef Castle” to see, he’s more than capable of ripping a limb off anyone who dare cross him. It is fair to say there is a decent number of people at Without A Cause who would like to see Hammerstone do this very thing to their Champion Chris Bey. However, Mr. Bey isn’t without his fans among the audience.

When the bell rings Chris fly’s out of his corner and begins attacking his opponent with a flurry of strikes. After his vicious attack Hammerstone appeared completely unphased. He then proceeded to pick up Chris Bey and slam him against the mat, twice. The tenacity of Bey was evident by him bouncing back and getting Hammerstone in a head lock.

Hammerstone choked Bey on the ropes, threw him around like he was a sack of flour and brutalized the Champion. At one-point Bey attempted to flee the ring but Hammerstone wasn’t having it. Instead the challenger got a hold of Bey and began punching Bey in the face as the audience counted the strikes to ten.

Bey got a reversal and kneed Hammerstone in the face and quickly moved into the ring as his opponent remained dazed. The referee began the count out. It looked as though Hammerstone was going to lose by count out. “Eight,” Referee Jamie Smiles called out. Still Hammerstone lay motionless on the ground. It seemed as though world and time fell away as the audience watched closely to see if life would return to the “Beef Castle.” Jamie called out “Nine!” Hammerstone managed to leap into the ring before our fabulous referee came to the count of ten.

Things only got even uglier from there. Hammerstone devastated Chris Bey with one brutal attack after another. Bey wasn’t completely down. The Champion was able to get in more than a few strategic strikes.

After a brutal contest Bey climbed to the top of the ropes. He leapt down only to be caught in the clutches of Hammerstone who proceeded to slam Bey against the mat. Chris shook his head slightly dazed by his body making impact with the mat with such velocity you could feel the shock wave move through the room. The champion then turned and landed a cheap shot right to the “Beef Castles” family jewels! Hammerstone buckled over and Chris Bey took the opportunity to roll up his opponent and got the three count.

Chris Bey wins and retains!

Chris Bey’s victor was short lived, however. As Hammerstone recovered from the excruciating pain of both his testicular trauma and the sting of his loss, he began to stand. Chris Bey decided it was time to cut his victory celebration short and retreated into the locker room.


Match #5: Singles Competition
Tony Deppen vs. Daniel Makabe

When Tony Deppen came out into the ring the audience roared with pride. His debut has been one of the most highly anticipated events since the announcement was made last month. To see such a beloved fly in enter the ring was particularly fantastic. He came to face someone he’s shared the ring with before; one of our local favorites, Daniel Makabe!

When the bell rang these two amazing wrestlers locked up and we saw some of the most impressive mat work of the show. Tony quickly gets the upper hand and begins working Daniels ankle before getting him in a figure four leg twist. It was a brutal hold and it looked as if this was going to be a brief match.

After escaping the hold Daniel Makabe gets a reversal and gets Tony in a hammer lock. Tony demonstrated incredible technical skill by getting a reversal with a back-slide pin on Makabe for a one count. You could see the hunger and drive in these men’s eyes.

There were punches and strikes, some amazing foot work and the technical display between these two was worthy of the top performances we’ve seen at Without A Cause or any other promotion for that matter.

There were multiple two counts on one another. Makabe executed his Octopus stretch and Deppen managed to reach the ropes. Tony head butts Makabe sending him reeling in pain. There were stomps, dive bombs and cross face stretches. It was anyone’s match. Neither opponent could hold the initiative for long before the other executed a reversal.

These two struggled on the mat and then Makabe locked in on one of Tony’s arms, and then the other. A slight twist of the body and Makabe executed a Double Chicken Wing Pin and gets the three count!

Makabe wins!


Match #6: Singles Competition
“Dirty” Andy Dalton vs. “Golden Boy” Travis Williams

As “Golden Boy” Travis Williams entered the auditorium the audience began chanting “Justin Bieber!” While he wasn’t particularly fond of the comparison, being the consummate professional he is, he ignored them and prepared to face his opponent.

“Dirty” Andy Dalton was ready to destroy his pretty boy opponent. It was clear he planned to toy with his opponent like a cat toying with their prey. The bell rang and Andy lunges towards his opponent ready to start the beat down, however, Travis had other plans. Instead Travis Williams fled the ring and out of Andy’s grip. Dalton wasn’t about to let his opponent escape and went after him. Travis quickly fled back into the ring. As Andy Dalton reentered the ring Travis attempted an opportunistic elbow drop. Andy managed to dodge, and Travis’ elbow made contact with the mat. The Golden Boy wasn’t feeling so golden at that moment.

Our out of town guest, Andy went after Travis with a vengeance. At one-point Mr. Dalton is outside the ring and Travis Williams dives out. The two crashed threw three rows of chairs. Andy spit clawed and struck Travis. The vitriol between these two was tangible.

Andy got a hold of Travis and slapped him repeatedly. Travis then pushes Andy out of the ring and Travis gives chase. They brutalize one another and lay motionless on the ground. The ref reaches the count of seven before they get back in ring.

Travis goes in for a pin but uses the rope and the ref stops the count. Andy performs a reversal. He goes for the cover and uses the ropes for leverage. The ref doesn’t see Andy’s tactic and counts to three.

Andy Dalton Wins!


Match #7: Singles Competition
Riea Von Slasher vs. Christina Von Erie

When Jessicka Havok was unable to attend we were treated to a spectacular replacement, talent hailing from the north, Christina Von Erie! This is more than a suitable replacement for Havok and a worthy opponent for Riea Von Salsher who has been making an impressive showing in this region at promotions such as DEFY and Vancouver Island Professional Wrestling.

When the bell rang Von Erie slaps Von Slasher across the face and immediately goes for the hair. You can tell already this is going to get ugly! Christina went for the jugular, almost literally, and delivered a devastating head butt. She pushes Riea into the corner and delivers a series of chops and strikes.

Riea manages a reversal, trips Von Erie and slams her in the corner. Christina wasn’t going to take that lightly and clotheslines Riea before kneeing her in the face. Von Erie went after Riea performing a series of brutal strikes on Riea as she lay on the mat.

These two didn’t hold back in the least. Riea managed to twist Von Erie into a pretzel and in an impressive display of endurance Christina managed to pull herself out. Christina then throws Riea into the turnbuckle. She crumbled to the mat and Von Erie moved in for the cover only to get a two count. Christina frustrated she didn’t put her opponent away managed to get Riea into a figure four hold, however Von Slasher made it to the ropes breaking the hold. These two exchanged strikes as they grew desperate to beat their opponent into submission.

Riea throws Christina across the ring and these two climb to the top rope. They exchange strikes and you could see these two wrestlers were battle weary. Christina went down. Riea jumped down and performed a devastating spine buster. She moves in for the cover only for Christina to get her shoulder up. Riea climbed to the top rope and dived down from above. She goes in for the cover again and gets the three count!

Riea Von Slasher wins!


Match #8: Best 2 out of 3 falls
The Strays (Judas Icarus & Tyler Elliot) vs. 4 Minutes of Heat (Ricky Gibson & Eddie Pearl)

Few matches were more contentious than this one at WAC Year One. These two terrific teams have faced off before, with 4 Minutes of Heat taking the win, despite being exposed to toxic foot fungus. This is a rematch between the two top tag teams at Without A Cause and there wasn’t any question neither team wanted to win, they wanted to destroy their opponents.

The moment the bell rang, the Strays, Judas Icarus and Tyler Elliot went after Eddie Pearl and Ricky Gibson with prejudice! They moved in and began pummeling 4 Minutes of Heat with a flurry of blows. 4 Minutes of Heat get a reversal and after landing a devastating slam on Judas Icarus Eddie Pearl gets a three count! This is the first of three falls and only after approximately two minutes… It would appear 4 Minutes of Heat has issues with delayed gratification!

Tyler Elliot moves in and locks up with Eddie Pearl. Ricky Gibson sneaks in and gets his hands on the Stray. Ricky executes an ugly slam. Tyler recovers quickly and throws Ricky Gibson out of the ring. Tyler then returns his attention to Eddie Pearl. After laying on the hurt, Tyler rolls Eddie up and gets the three count! The second of three falls goes to the Strays!

In a fit of fury Eddie Pearl get his hands-on Tyler Elliot and performed a back breaker over his knee. Then Ricky moved in and got a choke hold on Tyler. After escaping from the choke hold Tyler was treated to a double drop kick from Gibson. Tyler pulled double duty against 4 Minutes of Heat as Judas Icarus is reeling on the floor in pain.

As Judas recovered, he was able to rally and flew into the ring and utter mayhem broke out. As Eddie and Tyler lay devastated in their respective corners both Judas Icarus and Ricky Gibson climbed to the top rope on opposite corners of the ring. Then in an act of incredible athleticism and skill, these two men launched themselves from the top rope towards one another, their bodies colliding and crumbling to the mat.

Then in a stunning coordinated act, the Strays kick Ricky Gibson and then Eddie Pearl out of the ring. The battle continued in the audience. At one-point Tyler Elliot found some duct tape and taped Eddie Pearls hand to the turn buckle, before beating him severely.

Seeing his tag partner incapacitated, Ricky Gibson went bezerk and decimated the Strays. However, these dumpster diving scamps weren’t about to go down. With the referee distracted Tyler Elliot got his hands on a chair and beat Ricky severely. After Ricky is laying on the cusp of unconsciousness Tyler moved in for the cover and the three count.

The Strays Win!

Despite the Stray’s win, the audience wasn’t terribly pleased with the less than… honorable tactics employed by Tyler Elliot and Judas Icarus. What honor code did they expect from feral children all sugared up from living in a dumpster behind Tim Hortons?


That’s a wrap for the Year One show! On November 30th we have Without A Cause Daddy’s Home! Let the good times keep coming! With a card that includes every one’s daddy, Effy, you know you aren’t going to want to miss this one!

Review Without A Cause EGO

Without A Cause
September 15, 2019
Everett Washington

On Sunday September 15 wrestling fans in Everett Washington were treated to a fantastic show! Without A Cause continues to build from one show to the next, and just when you thought they put on their best show ever, they manage to pull off an even better one the very next month.

The roster of talent at WAC is an impressive representation of local talent. It is a must see show and their growing reputation is starting to attract some of the biggest names on the independent scene.

WAC Ego was the last show before the one-year anniversary event in October. Here is what happened…

Match #1: Singles Competition
Eddie Osbourne vs. Daniel Makabe

Photo / Roving Photography

Our opening match saw two spectacular talents going at it and no one held anything back! This match set the tone for the entire evening. Eddie came out to taunts from the audience who clearly liked tormenting this giant of a man with insults. He had no problems taunting the audience back with his own set of insults and mockeries. Daniel Makabe effortlessly won the crowd over with his entrance, his opponent handed it to him.

From the very beginning Eddie Osbourne put Makabe on the defense. He seemed impervious to Daniels attempt at bumping his larger opponent to the mat. Osbourne didn’t waste any time, before unleashing his arsenal of larcenous moves. Face rakes and other cheep shots were employed to devastate Makabe.

Photo / Roving Photography

Our wrestling genius eventually turned the tables on Osbourne with a Missile Dropkick and eventually gets this giant of a man into the Octopus Stretch. Makabe climbed the ropes and Eddie moved in and slammed him on the mat from the top rope. It looked like it was done for Makabe.

Then Daniel got a cross face stretch on Osbourn. Eddie managed to pull out. As he tried get away, Makabe executed a German Suplex and bridged for a pin. Referee Christopher Samuel counts to three.

Daniel Makabe wins!

After the match Daniel took the microphone and paid his respects to the audience and made a rather interesting announcement. Next month, at the one-year anniversary show, he will be facing a former opponent Tony Deppen!

Match #2: Singles Competition
“The Black Sheep” Dave Turner vs. Chris Ross

Photo / Roving Photography
Photo / Roving Photography

When Dave Turner enters the ring, everyone watches to make sure he doesn’t make any sudden moves. He could kill anyone in the audience with ease. One doesn’t want to draw the attention of the Black Sheep when he passes by. Chris Ross came out wearing mismatched socks, sweatpants and a Chase James t-shirt. It would appear our down and out “Cool Dad” is still in a funk.

The bell rang and the audience was settled in to watch a slaughter. The moment the bell rang, these two men went at it and there wasn’t an ounce of back down in Chris Ross. They engaged in some of the heaviest hitting we’ve seen in the ring at Without A Cause.

Chris takes Dave Turner down with a brutal Clothesline. It is clear, “Cool Dad” Chris Ross is getting his Mojo back! While Dave lay prone on the mat Chris climbed to the top rope and executed a Frog Splash onto the Black Sheep himself.

Photo / Roving Photography

These two struggled for supremacy and Chris Ross made Dave Turner work for every move he made. Chris Ross gave as good as he got. There was never a moment when one opponent was dominating the match. It was nail biting suspense all the way!

The match came to an end when the Black Sheep climbed the ropes and does a cross body slam on the Cool Dad. Dave moved in for the pin and got the three count.

“The Black Sheep” Dave Turning wins!

Even though Chris Ross did not win this match, I think it is very clear, he’s back!


Match #3: Tag Team Competition
Boarder Patrol vs. The Strays

Photo / Roving Photography

This match started before anyone made it to the ring. There was a commotion near the entrance to the building and the crowd parted as Boarder Patrol chased the Strays into the auditorium. If there was a bell, no one heard it. This match was already going, and Boarder Patrol was determined to return these Canadian scamps back to the prison cell they no doubt had ready for them.

Photo / Roving Photography

Judas Icarus and Tyler Elliot had their hands bound! Despite their bondage they dived out of the ring onto their opponents in a coordinated attack. They quickly made it to the administrative table where they were released from their restraints and reentered the match. Officer Nick and Large Sarge were ready for them.

Photo / Roving Photography

These two teams had a hard-hitting match with the Strays doing their high-flying style off the top rope laying on the heat from the sky! At one-point Large Sarge got the Strays in a choke, one in each hand, and then slammed them against the mat.

We saw a lot of coordinated moves. Both these teams are well oiled deliverers of devastation! At one point the Strays got Boarder Patrol on the defensive and Large Sarge stood up against the wall near the flags saluting and pretending to be a mannequin. His plan nearly worked.

After a fair amount of bath and forth Large Sarge moved in and pinned Judas Icarus for the three count.

Boarder Patrol wins!


Match #4: Championship Challenge
Champion- Chris Bey vs. Challenger- Jake Atlas

Photo / Roving Photography

In one of the most highly anticipated matches of the evening, Jake Atlas made his Without A Cause debut. He received a very warm welcome and there were more than a few audience members who were looking forward to seeing Mr. Atlas walk away from this match as the WAC Champion.

Photo / Roving Photography

Chris loves being a champion and he had three title belts with him to show his affection for fantastic fashion accessories. Chris is a wrestler with one of the best saunters in the business. Met with a mix of cheers and jeers he basked in his mixed response, unphased.

These two locked up and started the match with some fancy mat work. They are both clearly masters of their craft. At one-point Jake performs a hurricanrana on Chris off the top ropes. This impressive move was followed by a horrifying exchange of chops.

Atlas kept Chris Bey on the defense through most of the match. Jake softened up his opponent with a vicious German Suplex. Chris managed to counter with a DDT. Atlas began slapping himself to bring himself back into the moment. This is when the tides of this match turned. Chris moved in for the pin and got the three count.

Chris Bey wins and retains his title!


Match #5: Four Way Competition
Spyder vs. “Golden Boy” Travis Williams vs. Jet Knight vs. Andy Dalton

Photo / Roving Photography

Whenever there’s a four way you know it’s going to be a fantastic spectacle! Both Spyder and Andy Dalton were making their WAC debut, however Travis Williams and Jet Knight have faced one another before. In fact, it would be fair to say there is some bad blood here.

Photo / Roving Photography

Right out of the gate this turned into an incredible display of well-trained chaos! Spyder is fast and knows how to use the ropes to his advantage. Andy Dalton is a fearless monster in the ring. Even when he had blood running down his face, he was like a Norse Berserker devastating anyone daring to come near.



Photo / Roving Photography

Jet Knight went after Travis with a passion, at one point he flew out of the ring and wiped out three rows of chairs going after his arch nemesis, the Golden Boy. Travis held his own and the match continued in the ring.

On the mat Travis Williams went up against Spyder and Andy Dalton. Dirty Dalton laid a world of hurt on Jet Knight. He moved in for the pin and “Golden Boy” Travis Williams, ever the opportunist, went in, threw Andy off and took the pin for himself. Travis held Jet Knight down to the count of three.

Travis Williams wins!


Match #6: Hardcore Singles Competition
Chase James vs. The Devil Drexl

Photo / Roving Photography

You never know what’s going to happen in a hardcore match, this one was no exception. Chase is out to destroy every opponent he faces to claw his way back to the top. Losing your title without being pinned is a hard pill to swallow. Drexl no doubt wants his own chance for the belt. A Championship Title likely carries a great deal of weight in the bowels of Hell!

Photo / Roving Photography

This started out as a down and dirty match. Within seconds Chase James was throwing trashcans and kendo sticks into the ring. He then put Drexl in the trash literally. At some point a banana made its way into the ring. Drexl proceeded to violate Mr. James with said banana… and this was only the beginning folks.

Photo / Roving Photography

Much of this match description has been redacted by my editor. As a result, I will summarize the absolutely horrors witnessed on September 15, 2019. The banana made several appearances in this match in the most horrifying ways. Chairs were destroyed on mass, proving the chair budget at WAC is likely their largest expense. Then Chase introduced Drexl to the kendo stick in very intimate ways.

After what could have only been the result of a head injury, Drexl wanted to play Twister. Apparently, Twister is a thing in Hell. Humanity will never be the same for those present to witness this match.

Chase took advantage of Drexl’s distraction and laid out the Devil himself. Chase James moved in for the pin and got the three count.

Chase James wins!


Match #7: Tag Team Competition
4 Minutes of Heat vs. Young Muscle

Photo / Roving Photography
Photo / Roving Photography

If you haven’t heard of 4 Minutes of Heat yet, clear the wax out of your ears and start paying attention! There is little doubt these two young men from Portland Oregon have a huge future in front of them. Eddie Pearl and Ricky Gibson are unquestionably incredible talents. Their opponents Young Muscle, consisting of Jaiden and Nick Wayne, are very much the same in their career trajectory. These incredible wrestlers are the kind of people we’ll be talking about in a few years. We’ll say how we saw them back when, as they amaze fans across the world.

As this match began Young Muscle came in strong. Nick Wayne executed a hurricanrana on Ricky Gibson sending the mullet endowed talent out of the ring. Then Jaiden came into the ring with his phone. He proceeded to perform his own hurricanrana on 4 Minutes of Heat while he filmed the whole thing on his phone. With Eddie Pearl and Ricky Gibson outside the ring Nick Wayne went for a dive and wiped out 4 Minutes of Heat.

Photo / Roving Photography

This is when our mullet aficionados resorted to their bedlam tactics! There were eye pokes between chops and some discrete use of the ropes to choke their opponents. Young Muscle rallied and Nick Wayne went in to perform one of his signature cutters. His opponent pushed Referee Christopher Samuels in the way and Nick accidentally performed the cutter on the good ref. As Mr. Samuels lay unconscious on the mat, mayhem brook loose.

There was confusion the wrestlers continued their match but there was no ref to officiate! The bell rang and the match was declared over.

No Contest!

4 Minutes of Heat were not pleased with this outcome. They went after Jaiden and Nick. Then the Stray’s came out and chased Ricky Gibson and Eddie Pearl away before embracing their friends Young Muscle.

It was announced at the one-year celebration in October, 4 Minutes of Heat will face The Strays!


Match #8: Main Event Twitter Championship Challenge
Twitter Verified Champion- Steve Migs accompanied by Officer Cooper
Challenger- Ethan Page

Photo / Roving Photography

As Steve Migs came out into the audience, he was accompanied by Officer Cooper. Sadly, the audience still fails to appreciate the masterful work of our Twitter Verified Champion. It is a sad day when this “Local Celebrity” must resort to hiring a bodyguard to escort him to the ring. Hopefully the WACer’s will rethink their poor taste and come around.

Photo / Roving Photography

Needless to say, this audience was thrilled when the Ego himself Ethan Page entered the auditorium. He made his way around the ring only to meet one of the youngest members of the audience. A little boy holding a small championship belt. Ethan picked him up and put him on his shoulder before taking this little champion around the ring amidst thunderous applause.

Photo / Roving Photography

Upon entering the ring, Steve approached his opponent and stated if he’s putting up his championship then Ethan should do the same. The problem is, Ethan’s title is one half of a tag team championship. Steve didn’t seem to have a problem with this minor detail; however, his opponent didn’t fall for Steve’s antics.

Photo / Roving Photography

The match started out with hesitation as Ethan took Migs down with a devastating clothesline, throws him out of the ring and begins punching the ‘Local Hero’ repeatedly. Ethan then sets Migs up and ran around the ring only to lay a world of hurt on the Twitter Verified Champion.

Steve managed a reversal and raked Ethan across the face. Then Migs goes to work on Ethan’s leg. As Ethan attempts to recover, Steve engages in a very important discussion with Referee Aubrey Edwards. Unbeknownst to those in play, Officer Cooper begins beating Ethan.

Photo / Roving Photography

Migs then knees Ethan in the back and the audience begins chanting for Mr. Page. Ethan manages to flip Migs and slams him on the mat so hard the skirt surrounding the ring fluttered. Ethan follows up by kicking Migs in the face and goes in for the pin. The count of three came and for a brief moment the audience cheered for Ethan Page’s victory. But it was a short-lived triumph. Steve Migs’ foot was under the rope.

Photo / Roving Photography

The Ref restarted the match and Ethan was beside himself and Migs took the opportunity to heroically dismantle his opponent and tossed him out of the ring. Ethan Page lay motionless on the floor and Referee Aubrey Edwards began the count out. To everyone’s surprise the ref reached the count of ten. Ethan Page lost, Steve Migs wins and retains his Twitter Verified Championship!

After the match Steve Migs and his cohort Officer Cooper began a brutal beat down on The Ego Ethan. Our distinguished fly in was a brutalized carcass trying to defend himself, then the unthinkable happened! Darby Allin flew out of the locker room and beats down Migs and Officer Cooper.

With Migs and Cooper on the floor reeling in pain, Ethan picks Darby up and throws him out onto their opponents. As Steve Migs and Officer Cooper retreated back to the locker room, Darby Allin took the mic.

Darby told us a story about how Ethan Page had taken Darby under his wing and helped him get his start at Evolve. Ethan graciously returned the honor to Darby, and congratulated him on a bright future at AEW.

Bet on Darby Allin, like I did!” – The Ego, Ethan Page

Photo / Roving Photography

After a tense Main Event and a heart felt exchange between two great wrestlers our master of ceremony came out and made a few announcements about the next WAC show, which marks the one-year anniversary of the promotion!

At YEAR ONE we will see the return of Hammerstone and Andy Dalton. The debut of Jessica Havok and Tony Deppen! With only a handful of announcements Year One is already shaping up to be a spectacular event!

Then as the final announcements were made, Max Zaleski came out and gave Referee Aubrey Edwards a fantastic bouquet of flowers to commemorate her last show before embarking on her own fantastic journey at AEW. Farewell Aubrey, you have been the heart and soul of this region and even though you are moving onto an incredible journey you will always be with us.