Beyond Wrestling #UnchartedTerritory EP. #16

Beyond Wrestling – #UnchartedTerritory EP. 16

RESULTS – Irish Whip Podcast – 2018 – Paul Crockett and Sidney Bakabella on the MICS.

Match of the NIGHT

In the opening match we see the return of the #LegitLariat in Leyla Hirsch vs. #RawDawg John Silver.  The amateur wrestling warmup was the typical Beyond fun from leg locks to muscle flexes to rope grabs and mutual respect with the chants, mat bangs and from the Beyond MOB.

After the muscle flex from Hirsch, shit got real, FAST!  The shoulder block that Silver delivered after the flex was BRUTAL and sold to a T by Hirsch.   This match and that shoulder block set the tone for the rest of the match, and the night.

The amazing Power bomb by Hirsch followed by the suicide dive and some amazing corner work again proved to the BeyondMOB that she really is the #LegitLariat, however after Leyla’s run and a kick out after a one count Silver catches Leyla and lawn darted Hirsch into the second rope… you can audibly hear Silver tell the ref…

Check her….shes dead!” – John Silver in match

Followed by Leyla calling the #RawDawg out…with arms on the first rope, back on ropes,

Come on MOTHER FUCKER!” – Hirsch to Silver in the corner.

The kicks and the amazing work that both John Silver lays into and Leyla Hirsch takes is EVERYTHING that Beyond Wrestling is about.  This match could open up any Americanrana at any point.  The kicks that Hirsch endured were literally stinging and Silver can deliver a kick comparable to any Bryan Danielson kick….ever!

Hirsch almost gets Silver to tap with an arm bar until Silva can reach the rope with just the tip of his toe!  After the rope break, John Silver continues to literally “KICK the SHIT” out of Leyla but Hirsch gets two german suplexes on the Apron and a moonsault as Silver Kicks out of a two count!

The back and forth, perfectly timed false counts all culminating into a perfectly executed Blue Thunder Bomb by John Silver, with an obvious 3 COUNT called a 2 COUNT by referee Kevin Quinn! (Let the masses debate).


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