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Legend vs. Legacy

Brian Pillman II

Brian Zachary Pillman II, the son of Brian William Pillman, an ECW Legend as well as WWE and WCW Superstar took time out of his busy schedule to sit down with us last week and discuss pro wrestling, his training and where he wants to take his career in the very near future.

The future so far..2018

  1. Sucessfully called out Stone Cold Steve Austin on the show for busting up is pool with no remorese or recourse!
  2. Recently competed for the X Division Belt against Matt Sydal at Imperial Wresltling Revolution on 2/24/18 in which Pillman lost the bout but received much praise and respect from Matt.

The Pool and Stone Cold

On possibly one of the most memorable episodes of RAW we get the backdrop to the tweet to Stone Cold and the reason behind the tweet itself.

“Hey bud, I gotta sell these T-shirts now to make up for the pool that you belligerently destroyed.  Clearly drunk, coming onto my porperty, beatin’ up people in my yard and breaking my pool, and I never saw a dime out of it!

Brian Pillman II on the destruction of his pool and the aftermath. We get in depth on the green turtle pool and cover what that antique could be worth today.

On Matt Sydal

Irish Whip’s sister show TotalNonstopRadio was fortunate to have had Matt Sydal before he made the big time.  This is what Brian Pillman II had to say about the professional of professionals, Matt Sydal.

” There’s nothing better than being in the ring with somebody like Matt Sydal. Somebody who is just so fundametally sound that they dont even have to think they just breath wrestling.”Brian Pillman II

..the rest of II

Josh (Yeti) and Brian went further in depth about his newly revitalized wrestling family as well as his one and only Aunt Linda (MOM), his sister Britany, Rip,  Lance Storm, and himself, Brian Pillman II.

Brian Pillman II is a humble yet hungry young man.  He’s lived on his own.  He’s been there and done that. In the interview you will hear how hungry Brian is to become a Legend from the legacy his father, Flyin Brian Pillman has amassed.  That’s a huge goal and we are proud and honored to have added Brian to our list of up and comers.

The Irish Whip Podcast wishes our new family member, Brian Pillman II all the best.  This young man has taken the path less traveled and it shows thoughout the interview.  His integrity, humility and charismatic aura are palpable and it wont be long before we see him somewhere we all want him.  ON TOP!” Josh(Yeti), JP, Big Joe and BenIrish Whip Podcast


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