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Ace Austin makes his DEBUT on "The Irish Whip Podcast. (@3irishboyz)

Since his first training May 27th 2014 with the Wild Samoans it has been 100% full go for Ace Austin. Born in Redding PA and making his debut on iMPACT Wrestling's "ZERO FEAR"/ One Night Only the rest of the world got to see what we have seen for a while now......An incredible athlete, a humble human being and a hungry hungry hungry professional wrestler.

We talk about his beginnings through his debut on IMPACT Wrestling and what it all boiled down to is always being the hardest worker in the room no matter where Ace Austin calls home. Right now, calling RockStar Pro Wrestling Home (Also where Brian Pillman the 2nd is currently announcing) Ace Austin is making a name for himself.

but I fell in love with indy wrestling.  I learned about the kind of life you can have for yourself.  The kind of life you can make for yourself on your own and that idea really was attractive to me. - @The_Ace_Austin

Work Ethic, Dedication, Commitment and always taking the Open Seat.

WE talk about Sami and Eddie both dear friends to each of us in one way or another as well as his IMPACT Wrestling Debut and the events throughout his career that lead to where he is now and where he is going.  The common theme that continued through the interveiw was the dedicaton, work ethic and complete willingness to do whatever is needed to progress his career to the next level.

With positive influences and mentors in his life that have lived the business, made both good and bad decisions we cant wait to see what ACE has up his sleeve next!  What we know for sure is that Ace takes the road less traveled.  He isnt afraid to walk a path alone and definitley isnt shy about taking every opportunity to better himslef and his craft.

Wild Samoans to Dojo Wars to Rockstar Pro

Its been a quick trip for Ace to where he is now.  With his experience in all aspects of training and discipline throughout his life he has been focused and driven towards this goal of being a Professional Wrestler for almost more than half his life.  It was an honor and a privelge to speak to Ace about his career up to this point.  This young man is a star already.   Now its just a matter of how bright it will shine!  #ACESUP!

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